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play hi-fi 37 seconds Hard Rock
Melodic modern hardrock
play hi-fi 5th dimension Gangsta
my beats are always different
play hi-fi 902PAYDAY Hardcore Rap
rap hiphop soul r&b rock blues jazz funk west coast east tu pac scarface anthony hamilton dwelle geto boyz dpgc scotia crunk snap bang boom bap crash smash shabam
play hi-fi A'drian S. Beats General
play hi-fi Aaron Judge Beats General
The band is Rock/Folk/Blues/Funk we all have different styles and it comes out in the band.My personal shit is just random freestyles off the top of my head.
play hi-fi B Bizzy Hip Hop General
play hi-fi BENZ (NORTH PRESTON STAND UP) Hardcore Rap
play hi-fi BillKidney and Complete Contro.. Rock n Roll
Original Rock music.
play hi-fi Boh Productions Hip Hop
sick beats
play hi-fi Capital K Productionz Bass Rap
play hi-fi Ceejay1234 Beats General
play hi-fi Centrefold Rock n Roll
We love music, and everything about it. We are in it for the fun of entertaining our friends and family, and making great music.
play hi-fi CICADACORPS Heavy Metal
play hi-fi Clem and Clem Progressive Rock
Songwriters Greg Mucin and Peter X Anthony. Unrehearsed and un-scripted.
play hi-fi cmacakaco45 Hardcore Rap
yeah this da nigga C-mac AKA Co-45 best recanize
play hi-fi comprehension Hip Hop
play hi-fi CoolNFlyBeatz Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi Coppa City Productions Beats General
wat da business be it's coppa on a whole new motha fuck'n tip
play hi-fi Coppa Da Kidd Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Crown WSG Hardcore Rap
Crown Concept T-dizz & CaM T-dizz my cuzin Concept my uncle CaM my brotha from a notha motha.
play hi-fi D-Maifa Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Da Gudda Boyz New School
we dem new gudda n*ggas on da block
play hi-fi Da Leagen Hip Hop General
it's da leagen of doom
play hi-fi Da new Beginnin Of Dat Squad Alternative Hip Hop
play hi-fi Darksidenme Hip Hop
I ain't nerr band Im just a young fella gettin mah shit on da streets tryna get mah name n let ppl kno who I am n wat I do.
play hi-fi DL The Fireman Hip Hop General
I put the FIRE down like no other...I been rapping for 15 years and I love it its who I am its in my blood I live & breath hip/hop....I write ALL my material and I speak it from the heart and I spit it with nothin but passion!!!!
play hi-fi Doc Smurf Hip Hop
play hi-fi Down4Doe Hip Hop General
play hi-fi efffect Grunge
Alternative band from Nova Scotia.The bassist is 11 for gods sake. The others are 15.not bad EH!
play hi-fi Engles Hip Hop General
A one man army but I spit lyrical heat.
play hi-fi FLUKIE Freestyle
play hi-fi Gary Hartlin Jazz General
play hi-fi Geoff Kennedy Pop Rock
Its a blend of acoustic guitars and story telling. I use music to convey a moment or emotion that I hope to get across and make it mean something to the listener.
play hi-fi Ghetto C Hip Hop General
One man,alot of songs,1 heart, And Recorder
play hi-fi Gizzmmo D99B Spoken Word
play hi-fi God-King Hip Hop General
play hi-fi HBHoodBeatz Hip Hop
play hi-fi Highwater (NS) Guitar Rock
play hi-fi Horror Show ENT Alternative Hip Hop
The dynamic duo of the rap game
play hi-fi jakesmith Beats General
play hi-fi jhood repin peg Gangsta
play hi-fi Jocka Jazz Hip Hop General
play hi-fi kamara karma Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic girls. Yeah.
play hi-fi Kidd Coppa902 Hip Hop General
what da buisness be it's kidd coppa but y'all knwo me as coppa aka dat gudda boy on da block y'all already know what it is
play hi-fi Killa Kais Beats General
play hi-fi Killa Keel Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Kirk Beazley Rock
Rock and Hip hop influenced instrumental tunes.
play hi-fi L.I.M. Mr. 1-0 Hip Hop General
play hi-fi leftsidewing Hip Hop General
play hi-fi Linx aka L-Jiggy Hip Hop
beats just beats right now

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