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name: Al Massey
age: 11 years old
hometown: Ascenzion, NV, USA
last login: 01/14/2017
Broken Frames
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smoker: Non smoker
hobbies:Hmm...Let's see...listening, composing and recording music
favorite bands:Many of the Soundclick Artists
favorite movies: Good Fellas; The Day The Earth Stood Still; King Kong (1933)
favorite TV shows:Anything on The Sci- Fi Channel or The History Channel.
favorite magazines:Computer Music Mag. Sound on Sound mag. Music Tech. Future Music Mag. Mag You get the idea.
children: Proud parent
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Artist: Ascenzion
Title: Thank You Too!
Musician...Songwriter...Producer creating music driven by distinctive melodies and groove styling.... Sound changes the way we see...

Music - Joy of the heart.: The positive effect music has in our lives is understated. It can influence mind-state and motivate us to reach for the stars. Music has infinite power to reach the gap between the heart and the soul to create infinite and ineffable joy.
Hi, Al! I decided to join "Clickers Club" due to advice of Michael and I have found that there are many of my friends here! smile :)
PS: Thank you for congrats with my "Fulcrum's" #1... smile :)
:: posted by Andrew Negoustorov on Mon Jan 16, 2017 @ 11:15 PM     
Hope you've been doing well Al smile :)
I'm just dropping by to wish you a wonderful week, and listening to your great sax on our collab smile :)
:: posted by Michael Duran on Mon Jan 16, 2017 @ 02:55 AM     
Hi Al,

Hope all is well. Just sent you a PM...Alan.
:: posted by Alan L Cole on Sun Jan 15, 2017 @ 02:13 PM     
[last edited on Sun Jan 15, 2017 @ 02:34 PM]
But originals are always better.......
Yes, I noticed the repeating too, but I thought that film went faster than the original. Did you notice that too?
Hi Al,
I saw the original of "Stormy Weather". So they really jumped down on the stairs like that. Unbelieveble!

It was not only tapdance, but acrobatics as well. A unique combination.

And I read as well how life was, being black in the 50's. Discrimination. Such a pity that still exists and not only in the USA.

Have a nice Sunday and thanks for the information about the Nicholas Brothers.
Now I understand why you didn't like the WE tip and I agree.

:: posted by alexanderport on Sun Jan 15, 2017 @ 07:50 AM     
Andrew and I thank you Al wink ;)
:: posted by redeyec on Sat Jan 14, 2017 @ 08:02 PM     
[last edited on Sat Jan 14, 2017 @ 02:37 PM]
hi Al...Thanks for listening and commenting on my newest traditional tune, The Wreck of Old '97 and for taking the time to read the history. It's an interesting story. Thanks for the station add as well...your comments and support mean alot.
:: posted by Pine on Sat Jan 14, 2017 @ 02:36 PM     
Hi Al,
This time it was not that I found the track so extremely good, but I found that opposite video just interesting and wondered how they have synchronized that. Old meets new.

Maybe interesting to see a few times, but not more. I didn't know they are the Nicholas Brothers, the famous tap dancers (American, I suppose). Maybe it's interesting to get to know more about them and their original work.

:: posted by alexanderport on Sat Jan 14, 2017 @ 12:20 PM     
Hi Al!

Please have a fantabulous and music-fruitful weekend!! big grin :D

I am doing the last fixing on my Studio-Room: bought a new PC-keyboard and mouse with Bluetooth technology, so I could save ( put away ) 2 cables: now even more place on the desktop ( and under it of course...! LOL).

Cheers my friend. -Spin-
:: posted by spinaceto76 on Fri Jan 13, 2017 @ 03:15 PM     
Have a kick ass weekend Al !
:: posted by Swampman on Fri Jan 13, 2017 @ 02:52 PM     
Hi Al,
Here is my WE tip:


And enjoy your weekend as well,
:: posted by alexanderport on Fri Jan 13, 2017 @ 02:19 PM     
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