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visible (the noeis)'s SoundClick blog - The Power of Ink
The Power of Ink

Blankets are heaters where I come from;
Pens bring Peace.
Gas bills climb past infinity
light and electricity climb Mt. Everest
forcing homes to enjoy aromatherapy
where I come from;
Pens bring Peace.

Phones leak rumors of lies and deceit,
tales of the strong and the meek
and life and death from the words we speak.

Light posts tell stories of babies that lived yesterday
as they adorned with flowers, teddy bears and balloons.
"Don't play in the streets,"
they advise,
"Don't play in the streets."

Where I come from,
one slip up could mean a baby in your arms,
lung cancer,
or a pink slip from your job.

Where I come from affliction leads to addiction
which usually causes violence
opening the door to imprisonment to places like Riker's Island;
Pens bring Peace.

Where I come from,
we don't fear gunshots,
drive bys,
and stabbings;
we fear God's wrath
that comes in the form of Aids,
and generational curses we inherit from our daddies.

Pens bring a peace of mind
to a people in a world where bombs rain from the troposphere;
where greed, hate and envy
combine with nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide
to acidly rain invectives far and near.

Homes which are built brick by brick with corruption,
cars which run off the economical, renewable resource of jealousy
and careers pursued to satiate gluttony
as you write your own reality.

Ink bandages your broken home
as you write both parents into your script.
Ball point, felt tip, or fine print;
you have a choice to pick.
There are no more coming out celebrations
or desolations
because naturally everyone accepts you for who are.

Where I would come from
in my script,
the public transportation system is magnificent,
no one puts 4 dollars per gallon in the tank of their cars

Everyone is honest.
There are no killers,
or thieves.
And most importantly
you do not have a sign a prenuptial agreement after you get down on 1 knee
bearing your heart and soul in a ring.

Pens bring Justice.
Families destroyed by inconclusive evidence,
to have their families sent away for life sentences,
are now replaced with family gatherings
in public parks with mucho picnicking and frolicking.

Churches stick to the bible,
Showing how much God loves you
instead of constantly condemning you for your short-comings.

Pro-athletes get paid normal salaries
Models are no longer worried about calories,
and Celebrities become extinct as they are seen for what they really are -
unnecessary commodities.

Communities develop more child prodigies,
equipping urban and poor schools
with adequate books, teachers and technology.

In the world you create, you birth serenity.

Carved from the apple pie of hope
serenity relieves the souls of youngsters and adults
who are afflicted victims
tinted and tainted by tension
who fain for the noose of a rope.

Carved from the demise that comes from the noose of a rope
pens relieve the hearts of youngsters and adults
who feel that no one hears their cry for help, harmony and hope.

Bring Peace
Sometimes a journal is all we have
Peace Pens bring
When the world does not hear us
Pens bring Peace
as they outline the life we plan to have
and the past we plan to leave behind.

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