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name: villematiash
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hometown: [unknown], Finland
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Artist: Hits By Jude
Title: Sigh (Desiigner Type)
Back in the dayz: I have watched various old electronic music documents.At the late 80's acid house came and it was the starting point on big musical revolution.I 'm very interested in the history of electronic music. I love watching edm documents, because them teach me how edm culture started and how it has developed to nowadays styles. One german document inspired me a lot. I learnt how cool atmosphere was in tresor and bunker at the early 90's. The fact is that everything has changed and now techno is still techno,and dnb is still dnb, but some genres are sounding so different than yesterday. I like music which sounds same it was many years ago. I respect music which has elements from times it has been bui
Music is life: I have listened all kind of music since I was 15 years old. I didn't find interesting genre earlier. When I was listening local radio station I heard something new. It was drum'n bass. I fell in love the this new style of music which I was not heard earlier. I started to listen that radio program every friday and found new genres. I got inspiration to make my own music and collecting cd's and some vinyls. At the late 90's I owned hundreds of cd's. Almost all were electronic music stuff.I have produced music since those days and could say that music keeps me alive and is important thing on my life. Nowadays I like producing music. It's like my lifestyle. I make all kind of electronic music an
Hey dude !
I've been checking your project cause I was curious, you are making very classic psytrance in my opinion...I have a lot of psytrance records I downloaded on Ectolplazm site, they sound close to your work....I love psytrance too...As you could see on my page I'm a fan of Astral Projection and Man With No Name...Old psyheads ! Keep on making music dude, and post more songs on your page, they are decent ! Keep on grooving !
:: posted by butterfly flew away on Thu May 11, 2017 @ 07:33 AM     
Johannes Roussel
Johannes Roussel
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Electronic - Trip Hop
Falso Simulacro
Falso Simulacro
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