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mezcel's SoundClick blog - ENGINEERS: graduate school is not for you (if you don’t mean it)
ENGINEERS: graduate school is not for you (if you don’t mean it)
Recently I was asked a question regarding going to graduate school.

The Indian friend asked the following:
“listen my frnd has appeard 4 GRE
he wants to noe wh subject vll be gud to do his masters???
he has done his engineering in ELECTRONICS...so..
he vll be cmin down to ur COUNTRY DER..”

My reply goes out to Indians and all recently graduated engineers.

That’s a tough question to answer. Your friend needs to focus on getting his P.E. you do not need a masters for that.

Masters should be to pursue your passions in study. As an undergraduate I took masters level classes and one of my works is published. I don’t recommend going to school just to get another degree. Engineering masters is an extension of engineering, not some magical trade school for technical skills.

Your friend needs to take time to discover his/her passions. If your friend is just working for money then it doesn’t matter. Get an MBA then.

Engineering is NOT a degree. Engineering is NOT a social status. Engineering is a way of life. It is a shame that arrogant people and arrogant employers put too much emphasis on “prestige”.

IN CONCLUSION: If your friend is following his/her passions, then the right job will be available. The right field of study will be revealed. If it just a job, then I say don’t come to my country and take our jobs.

Its because of people collecting empty degrees and certifications that is getting increasingly harder for normal engineers to get interviews for jobs.
Engineers are problem solvers and throwing flashy degrees at your problem is not the solution.

The people I am really mad at are the friends and family that pressured us to live up to their Engineering and Doctor dreams to begin with.


This goes for other aspects of life too.
posted by mezcel on Thu Aug 23, 2007 @ 10:13 PM     post a comment
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