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It was a gas sitting in with a 20 piece jazz ensemble for the last month. I have to admit that I didn't think that I would be able to play an entire jazz composition all the way through without the fingers cramping up on me. They did due to some damage caused to my nervous system from many years of exposure to toxic mold. Once they brought out a synth, it was much easier to play. Pounding on piano keys are much tougher on the fingers and hands than gliding along on a synth keyboard that has very little resistance. The percussive aspect of playing piano was lacking but the sound was there irregardless and that's all that mattered for the ensemble.

I was planning on going up to the north woods to do some recording in my studio but I had to cancel that. I had the place on the market for 6 months and it was sold last week. I have to turn in the keys at closing which is in a couple of weeks. I still have some of my stuff there which I need to get. The rest of it along with the studio equipment, furniture, appliances etc. stays saving me from having to move it. So, everything I do from now on will have to be recorded at home on the old computer.
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