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joey cutless's SoundClick blog - 2 new tracks up! "Cheif wrecka" & "make em say yup"
2 new tracks up!
Decided to do something totally different....Just uploaded 2 new beats with absolutely no format or song structure: ONLY BUILT FOR DOPE LYRICIST. No BS, no top 40 radio. These 2 track are for true emcees, 1 for east coast style rap...and one for a down-south rapper to go HAM on! Intro/Verse/chorus/verse format gets old! Why does every track have to be built for to 40 radio? I won't confine myself to the norm.. check em out if you wanna hear something off the radar and fresh! PEACE
posted by joey cutless on Sun Mar 6, 2011 @ 07:26 AM     post a comment
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