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Just Another Soldier !!
I'm just another soldier
Stomping in my boots
Doing all my duties
Training new recruits

Carrying a rifle
Carrying a wrench
Standing at attention
Digging out a trench

I'm just another soldier
Serving out a tour
Readying for chaos
Readying for war

I'm just another soldier
Tossing a grenade
Holding off an ambush
Going on a raid

I'm just another soldier
Laying here in wait
Setting all my traps up
Putting out the bait

I'm just another soldier
An officer of rank
Armored like a Hummer
Armored like a tank

I'm just another soldier
Standing at my post
Waiting for a signal
Quiet as a ghost

Putting on my helmut
Putting on my tags
Looking through my gunsight
Filling bodybags

Jeffrey Michael Miller
Copyright 2008
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