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Just wishing you a great day big grin :D
:: posted by tsand19151 on Sun Dec 4, 2011 @ 03:32 PM     
:: posted by tsand19151 on Thu Mar 31, 2011 @ 02:40 PM     
Thank you for the add, I really appreciate your friendshipsmile :)
Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,
Regards, John
:: posted by ganimead on Wed Mar 9, 2011 @ 09:23 AM     
Just wishing a pretty Lady a GREAT day!!! big grin :D
:: posted by tsand19151 on Tue Mar 1, 2011 @ 04:11 PM     
Thanks for adding me
:: posted by lildwayne mpc1000 on Wed Feb 2, 2011 @ 12:01 PM     
Just wishing you a GREAT day!!!! big grin :D
:: posted by tsand19151 on Fri Jan 7, 2011 @ 09:12 PM     
Thank you for adding me and I really wish you luck in life and beyond....much love and respect
:: posted by Isreal Loman Harlan on Tue Aug 24, 2010 @ 11:50 AM     
Thx for the add.
:: posted by invisibleman tsu on Sat Feb 28, 2009 @ 01:45 PM     
thxs for the add marie
keep in touch

:: posted by nrmusicfactory on Tue May 27, 2008 @ 08:18 PM     
Hi Marie,I wanted to drop by and thank you for having me as a friend.Its nice to meet you.I really like your songs,you have alot of songwritting talent.I really like the lyrics and the way you word your phrases.The Life You Lead has alot of potential.I would love to re-record this song somtime and add some bells and whistles.Let me know what you think.I hope you find a tune or two of mine you like,feel free to drop by and let me know what you think.Thanks again for the friendship.Keep in touch.
/////////////////////////////P E A C E\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
:: posted by DEADWATER MONK on Mon May 7, 2007 @ 07:58 PM     
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