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big bang or tiny piff?
scientists believe that once upon a millinium of milleniums ago something went bang. they call this thing that went bang a singularity. before it popped they say that there was no time space nothing. this sets off alarms in the back of my head if there was nothing where the hell did the thing that went bang come from. i read steven hawkings book and the only part of it where it gets fuzzy is where the thing came from. especially since there was no place to come from. this is why i propose the lenny theory of the begining. me thinks the thing we live in is really big a lot bigger than they think. in my theory there are little piffs like the one that started our universe happening all over the place. it's just that the thing we are trying to look at is way big and the other tiny piffs are very very far away so far away that we will never be able to see that far into other universes way out there it's like we are as small as an atom trying to get a look at the dog we are riding on. while everything we know started with our big bang or little piff as it were.
i propose that there are countless little piff's happening all the time all over the place and other time is being created for each one as it happens way out there. universes decay and the stars spread out so far apart that they are individual entities unconnected to any visible universe they burn out and crumble into star dust and are gone. all the while more little piff's are happening in other places in this manner time and space are circular with no start and no end. endless vastness and a very real forever. but i am just a nut case and you should never listen to nutty people.
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the big bang theory is what they keep calling it btw check out
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