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elizabeth ludwick
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elizabeth ludwick's SoundClick station - 30th CC Contest - Finals - April 2011
 this station features 9 songs | 9 bands
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artist:    henwrench play hi-fi download mp3  Alternative
title:    Pullin' Teeth Alternative General
  user rating:5      
artist:    Road Apples play hi-fi download mp3  Alternative
title:    My Take on Your Take Indie
  user rating:5      
artist:    Jon Solo play hi-fi download mp3  Pop
title:    Elephant In The Room Power Pop
  We think specific issues appear as elephants in the room when in reality it is your whole life and what you do (or fail to do) that is the Elephant in the Room.
  user rating:5      
artist:    Ralph Atkinson play hi-fi download mp3  Pop
title:    Throw the TV Out the Window Pop General
  pop with a little jazz swing, harmony vocals and subversive lyrics
  user rating:5      
artist:    Thomas J Marchant play hi-fi download mp3  Alternative
title:    Everyone That's Someone Alternative General
  Rework of 'I Am Really, Really Tired'
  user rating:5      
artist:    Refrag play hi-fi download mp3  Electronic
title:    Nothing to See Here Ambient
  it's more like two tracks
  user rating:5      
artist:    cinnabar play hi-fi download mp3  Acoustic
title:    Restless Woman Acoustic Vocals
  cinnabar un-plugged
  user rating: not yet rated      
artist:    this modern empire play hi-fi Alternative
title:    Tom Roberts Indie
  user rating: not yet rated      
artist:    Gabriel Sabadi play hi-fi Rock
title:    White Sky Dark Earth - feat Chris Moore and Kephas Progressive Rock
  Chris Moore: Vocals Kephas: Guitars
  user rating: not yet rated      
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