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eg music's SoundClick blog - Sphinx Tale enters Top 10 on Classical Charts
Sphinx Tale enters Top 10 on Classical Charts
It's really pleasing that some musical work could join the top 10 in a main genre. It simply means it could stand for its sub in the main.
I am not sure how new symphonic music may be perceived by listeners nowadays. We used to "define" symphonic works as those extended works by the great classical composers in the last centuries.
However, as a type of music, I feel the symphonic structure is one of the best to give the music full dimensional expression, hence it shouldn't really disappear from our musical experience. After all, music is known to be the universal language of the world and that is a good reason to give it all the tools & means for true & fulfilled expression.
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Hey -- how are things? Just curious, given recent news. I hope all is well.
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