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Scarry Barry
name: barry321
age: 65 years old
hometown: Somewhere down that CrazyRiver, FL, USA
last login: 05/03/2016
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marital status: Married
sexual orientation: Straight
smoker: Non smoker
drinking habit: I do not drink
socially: I'm fine being by myself
hobbies:Due to global warming I shave penguins on weekends, due to o bama nomics I eat baby seals!
favorite bands:Yes, Beatles, John Lennon,The Edisons and some lesser bands- and Jon and Vangelis
favorite movies:Breaker Morant- the best film ever- 100% true story
favorite TV shows:Naked and Afraid
favorite books:Lord of the Rings-Hobbit- WW2- Lucky Flucky Captain of the USS Barb a submarine that sunk a jap railroad train!!!!
favorite magazines:357
ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
body type: A few extra pounds
self-rated hotness: 10 - Total knockout!
religion: Not religious
political: Conservative
humor: Clever / quick witted
children: Proud parent
education: Some College
income: 75,000 - 100,000
living: With partner
employment: Retired
  :: barry321 is a member since 08/25/2008 --- this profile has been viewed 102,430 times
Artist: The Jay Dyall Project
Title: Falling Tears Meadow (2015)
My life partner is a girl! The same girl for 43 ( 40 married) years! We have been married so long..... My old lady is an old lady!!! It is a good thing. She is so hot, she still has the NEW GIRL smell! The girl of my dreams! Debbie Anderson ASS DIALS Donna once a year. Hi Deb!!!
Stop the madness!!! SERIAL YACKER FROM the land of stupid-er: She was there again! please read previous blog. She smokes!!!!!!! When does it inhale??? SHU-TUP SHU-TUP SHU-TUP
My Space: My space has fallen from grace, about 10 years ago, but that is where you can hear DAWN OVER ZERO play CATAPULT! A great song done "ever so professionally.
Heckle or Jeckle: To the magpie from green bay.........SHUT UP FOR 5 SECONDS. You yacked for three hours straight about nothing. Go back home to the tundra and never come back to paradise. Take your dancing bear boyfriend with you. If you listen you may learn something about something. Shut-up please!
In Retrospect: Retrospect has been my favorite word since!
Christopher Pine : Christopher Pine is the MAN as Captain Kirk. He has all the charm of the SHAT and the balls of a Klingon!!!!!
[no title]
main album
main album
[no title]
main album
[no title]
main album
Onion Rolls!!!
main album
main album
[no title]
main album
Stuck in the 70s
main album
[no title]
main album
[no title]
main album
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Hi Maddy, I have some cool stars for your new guitar. You can put it on when we see you!
:: posted by barry321 on Fri Apr 15, 2011 @ 10:59 PM     
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Google Australian bully
:: posted by barry321 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 @ 06:28 AM     
Gregg Koval
Gregg Koval
Colin Kennaugh
Colin Kennaugh
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Diane Barnes
Diane Barnes
Rock - Christian Rock
The Jay Dyall Project
The Jay Dyall Project
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