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Scarry Barry
name: barry321
age: 65 years old
hometown: Somewhere down that CrazyRiver, FL, USA
last login: 07/25/2016
marital status: Married
sexual orientation: Straight
smoker: Non smoker
drinking habit: I do not drink
socially: I'm fine being by myself
hobbies:Due to global warming I shave penguins on weekends, due to o bama nomics I eat baby seals!
favorite bands:Yes, Beatles, John Lennon,The Edisons and some lesser bands- and Jon and Vangelis
favorite movies:Breaker Morant- the best film ever- 100% true story
favorite TV shows:Naked and Afraid
favorite books:Lord of the Rings-Hobbit- WW2- Lucky Flucky Captain of the USS Barb a submarine that sunk a jap railroad train!!!!
favorite magazines:357
ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
body type: A few extra pounds
self-rated hotness: 10 - Total knockout!
religion: Not religious
political: Conservative
humor: Clever / quick witted
children: Proud parent
education: Some College
income: 75,000 - 100,000
living: With partner
employment: Retired
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Artist: The Jay Dyall Project
Title: Falling Tears Meadow (2015 Instrumental)
My life partner is a girl! The same girl for 43 ( 40 married) years! We have been married so long..... My old lady is an old lady!!! It is a good thing. She is so hot, she still has the NEW GIRL smell! The girl of my dreams! Debbie Anderson ASS DIALS Donna once a year. Hi Deb!!!
Liar Liar pant suit on fire: Trump says, tongue in cheek, that the Russians should hack hillarious’ emails. Thirty three THOUSAND emails. Now the dumbocratz will jump on any utterance pretending it was meant as a policy statement rather than a little dig at their loser twit with deplorable ethics and history.
So the dumbocrats take that on face value. Never mind they can't see that they are being reminded of their past crimes.The Russians have hacked hillarious' emails as has been proven buy the hackers. They've posted some of them online.
Hillarious swore under oath that all 33,000 emails are about recipes and grandchildren and not sensitive Government material. So how is Russia breaking into our sensitive eyes onl...
none needed: none needed
Pyott Road bus: Anita McCoy
Hi to Loretta, Doretta, and Anita McCoy. We rode the Pyott road bus to school with Pam Z, Sandy B, Alice Eich, Big Ron, Gordy, Peggy, Jeanie, Wendy and Tony Kakianis. Anita is, my guess, the FABULOUSLY wealthy matron of her family and still looks like she is 28 years old.
The Beatles: The problem with The Beatles was John Lennon thought he was a genius and he was right.
barakhnaten the heretic pharaoh: According to the dumbocrats Hitler, Mussolini, and tojo are disgruntled employees. 50 million dead due to disgruntalism. More madness in France (on bastille day the army had to retreat again, way to go Frenchie. The one day you used to march forward!!) and nobama wants us U.S. to be more like Europe. A pox on Europe. ALL THE SMART ONES CAME TO AMERICA 100 YEARS AGO!!!! That is why we are great and Europe sucks! The dummies stayed there. They hate us because they are not us.
People marching in the streets DEMANDING this and that, all for free. The one thing they are not demanding is a job. They could buy what they want and/or need but it is easier if I get a job and give it to them.
2003 Sport trac turn signal
2003 Sport trac turn signal
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Hi Maddy, I have some cool stars for your new guitar. You can put it on when we see you!
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Google Australian bully
:: posted by barry321 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 @ 06:28 AM     
Gregg Koval
Gregg Koval
Colin Kennaugh
Colin Kennaugh
Pop - Power Pop
Diane Barnes
Diane Barnes
Rock - Christian Rock
The Jay Dyall Project
The Jay Dyall Project
Alternative - Alternative General


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