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MusicDish's SoundClick blog - MusicDishTV Presents "La Messe Est Dite" By Jacques Pellarin
When you hear the accordion played for the first time, it's both a novelty and interesting. But when it's skillfully done the way Jacques Pellarin does it in his video and track "La Messe Est Dite", which is interpreted to mean (the mess is known as), it is a pleasure. The video provides visions of the beautiful French countryside with fields of grain and Jacques walking the land, with his accordion on his back. Scenes sometimes alternate to just a quick up close shot of the accordion being played. The music has passion, and yet it is simply a waltz, with Pellarin playing the lead, and accompaniment to a sad, but beautiful refrain. The impact and concern about nature is clear in tying the video imagery to his composition. His timing is impeccable, and his playing will impress you.

posted by MusicDish on Wed Aug 8, 2012 @ 06:13 AM     post a comment
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