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name: Dreamlight
age: your guess
hometown: [unknown], USA
last login: 04/06/2014
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marital status: Frustrated
sexual orientation: Bi
smoker: I smoke but I should quit
drinking habit: I drink socially
socially: I'm shy at first, but warm up quickly
ethnicity: Interracial
body type: Slim / Slender
self-rated hotness: 6 - Still hot, stands out of the crowd
religion: Paganism
political: Very liberal
humor: Campy / cheesy
lovestyle: Spontaneous
children: Someday maybe / undecided
education: Some College
income: < 25,000
living: Alone
employment: Student
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Artist: Hecate's Wheel
Title: Elemental
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Balance of the Equinox, Balance of Life:
Current mood: pensive
Current weather: clear
Current listening: Hecate's Wheel

Spring has sprung, at least here, at least for now. We'll be vulnerable to late cold snaps for a while, but for now, all is alive and flourishing.

This is the time of balance, as the northern hemisphere comes into the light and the southern hemisphere comes into the dark. The depth of winter is just as much part of the balance as the height of summer. Now, at the equinox, is a time to honor that balance within yourself, even as it is expressed in nature in the world around you.

Balance is essential to living well. This means seeking a happy medium in all things. Can you pursue your job, your ...
Three Chinese Curses:
Current mood: moody
Current weather: clear, windy
Current listening: Michelle Mays (via a Soundclick listening station)

A point to ponder is the Chinese curses and their relevence to the world at large. You might know them, especially the first one. There are three well-known curses, attributed to Chinese lore. These are, in ascending order of severity:
  • May you live in interesting times

  • May the government be aware of you

  • May you find what you're looking for

So, what of these?

May you live in interesting times. There's no doubt of that. Everything is changing at a boggling pace. Technology is advancing at a pace that makes t...
The Wheel Turns:
Current mood: pensive
Current weather: overcast
Current listening: Hecate's Wheel

Hey, I'm actually early this time.

The northern hemisphere is approaching Imbolc--the midpoint between the solstice and the equinox. As the winter passes, life prepares to burst out again in the spring. So it is with my personal life; life is in a state of renewal for me, as things come my way. Coincidence, maybe, do such is as it is naturally; this is a time for looking forward to the prosperity to come as life returns.

As usual, I take into consideration the cycle of the southern realm; so many of us children of the north need reminding that the seasons are opposed in opposite hem...
Current mood: pensive
Current weather: clear, unseasonably mild
Current listening: Hecate's Wheel

2013 is drawing to an end, and 2014 is coming. Another year has come and gone, and every year it seems more miraculous that the world has survived.

Time seems to be racing onward to me. Every year seems to flash by more quickly than the last. It scares me. It only reminds me that there is not enough time in a human lifetime to do all the things that I have wanted to do. It also reminds me of the finity of life, as finite creatures we are, limited in time to a few decades in this world, with mortal fallibilities and mortal limitations.

Such limitations, it would seem, should...
December Solstice:
Current mood: pensive
Current weather: rain
Current listening: various Soundclick big grin :D

The winter solstice comes to the northern hemisphere. As always, I feel, and appreciate, the time of withdrawal and introspection, of inward-turning thoughts. This is one of the reasons for my being at my best in the winter.

The seasons have reached the depth of the solstice now. Call it Yule, call it Alban Arth(u)an, call it whatever, this is the darkest point in the cycle, what has fallen will rise again, as the sun god rises again. Of course it is now known that the sun always returns, but observing the cycles of nature all the more keeps us in touch with the universe. It is a thing of ...
Veterans Day 2013:
Current mood: pensive
Current weather: unseasonably warm
Current listening: erm, nothing right now, but I may put on some Soundclick stuff shortly

Veterans Day, or Armistice Day or Remembrance Day: whatever it's called in your country, it is a day to honor military veterans. Veterans Day comes at various time of the year in various parts of the world, but in many countries it is celebrated in November, originally commemorating the armistice of World War One in 1918.

Though not a military person myself, I do very much understand that thought must be given tot those who have placed their lives on the line. Whatever your opinion may be of any past or current wars waged by your...
Samhain (and Beltane) 2013:
Current mood: pensive
Current weather: mild, clear
Current listening: Hecate's Wheel

The seasons are progressing, and though the the darkest and coldest depth of winter is a way off yet, I feel the light waning. A sensitivity to the cycles of nature comes all the more naturally to me as time goes on in my own life. Samhain is upon us here in the northern hemisphere, and, with the last of the summer and autumn harvests in, we turn our thoughts to the coming winter, when much of life has retreated from the world, when there is less to which we need to tend, and, in the old world at least, we endured the cold and the dark until the return of life in the spring.

Endurance. For e...
Hello can you please check out our new track two step by eagle thank you feel free to comment love the feedback keep the grind
:: posted by GUTTA GUTTA INC ent llc on Sun Apr 13, 2014 @ 10:47 PM     
Stepping out with Saucer to Go, the new cosmic number from the Cat.
Movie and song . . . you can't go wrong.
:: posted by Grahams Cat on Tue Apr 1, 2014 @ 04:08 PM     
Hey how you doing??

wanted to stop by and show sum support... keep in toucc!

also, brand new beatz, riddims and beats w/hooks available...

go take a listen and see what you think... thanks again!
:: posted by Official LABeatz on Tue Oct 15, 2013 @ 10:51 AM     
[last edited on Wed Jan 2, 2013 @ 03:28 AM]

I hadn’t imagined to hear from you this night--or when the message was sent--but tonight for me….I suppose that is the beauty of posts and retroactive collected when ready replies, where weeks, months, even years, and then suddenly—surprise! 8DDDD

Happy New Year! (I know this is your season…enjoy!!!) big grin :D
:: posted by sum7 on Wed Jan 2, 2013 @ 03:23 AM     
Hey DL...cant say I have been stuck on Facebook for the most is true that I have been sick quite alot but I have no good reasons for why I havent been here....short term memory loss etc....Hope all is well with you..........Peace Owl
:: posted by owl319 on Sat Oct 20, 2012 @ 04:02 PM     
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