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uploaded on 08/26/13
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duration: 08:38
category: Music
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Brand New Astral-Blues/Funk for summer 2010.

Lyrics: Lawrence Wise
Music: Lawrence Wise
Cosmic Funk Music, Ltd.
(c)2010 Starcase Rec. Co., Ltd.

UPDATE (Monday, April 16, 2012):

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uploaded on 08/26/13 @ 12:34 PM     [post a comment]
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description: The follow-up single to 'BLOOD-SUCKER BLUES', and the sequel single to 2007's 'FRANKEN-Funk (It's Dark In Thar!)'. This (along with 'BLOOD-SUCKER BLUES' and 'Cosmic Slop') will be on the new OSMOSIS MP3-Album, '66.6 WGTH (Satellite Radio From 'Down
uploaded on 08/26/13 @ 12:31 PM     [post a comment]
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description: 4th Single from the new OSMOSIS MP3-Album, '66.6 WGTH (Satellite Radio From 'Down Below')'. The MP3-Album is available for FREE DOWNLOAD via MediaFire:')'.zip So, N-Joy The Funk!!
uploaded on 08/26/13 @ 01:00 PM     [post a comment]
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description: Montage video for my new Novelty Tune Single, about a Modern Vampire-American who can't seem to catch a break. Artist: OSMOSIS Title: 'BLOOD-SUCKER BLUES' Composer/Writer: Lawrence Wise Producer: Lawrence Wise Publisher: Cosmic Funk Music, Ltd.
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