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BestOfLabelnomics's SoundClick blog - Self acceptance (entry #37).
Self acceptance (entry #37).
Peace world,
My message for this morning is about self-acceptance.
My personal journey to self acceptance started very early.
For starters, I'm my mom's only son so that presented many issues and challenges as a child.
I never felt like I was as important as the girls and that's when I started trying to be accepted.
I felt accepted in my first elementary school.
However at my 2nd elementary school and ALL through jhs
I wasn't accepted by my peers at all. I was teased, bullied, beat up and harassed nearly EVERYDAY. Even the older boys at church teased, bullied and picked on me for being different.
Back then I didn't understand why I was being singled out, because I was pretty "normal" back then.
I had sisters so I'm aware that I wasn't the most macho kid, but I tried to fit in. I even went against my church's orders and listened to rap music, only so I could be able to recite the lyrics to the popular songs with the rest of the class.
When I got to high school I made it a point not to allow anyone to bully me, so thats when I began fighting back. Not just physically, but mentally as well.
I felt accepted in high school, even though I had the occasional haters. Thank goodness I made a lot of friends freshman year because I needed the support immensely.
Back then I learned to accept myself and that's when I began planning my adult life because I didn't like being a teenager.
I thought that if I was grown then I would have less problems.
Even as an adult I still worked on self-acceptance (especially after a few break-ups).
Basically, my message to my readers is to learn how to be happy being alone and become comfortable in your own skin.

Yours truly,
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