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BestOfLabelnomics's SoundClick blog - Day #14 at number one on the Sound click religious charts!(entry#35).
Day #14 at number one on the Sound click religious charts!(entry#35).
Peace fam, I must say THANK YOU to ALL of the supporters!
I'm so glad that authenticity is WINNING again!
This isn't only a win for me, but for my culture.
I started out writing in notebooks when i was in high school.
I was actually inspired my a classmate named Chantelle. I thought she was pretty, but she was kind of conceited so I decided that writing in journals was a good way to get her attention.
Seriously, I'm glad that the genre of spoken word has been reinvigorated. I took a MAJOR risk by even recording a music project, but I've always been the type of person that goes after my dreams and conquer my fears.
I dedicate this to my Uncle who's incarcerated!
He encouraged me on FB and motivated me.
I'm glad that I can do something positive to make my fam' proud!

Thank you CREATORS!
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