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Ah-sha's SoundClick blog - Pioneering artist in Reggae for Korea!
Pioneering artist in Reggae for Korea! - SKULLS Myspace site. Music, videos, and more! - Skulls petition. Help him stay in the music business! He's a great talent and bright star that cannot be forced to go before his time!

Recently a friend of mine came to me with an artist she said I had to check out. She knows how much I love Reggae...Bob Marley...and more recently Matisyahu, and RedRoc. Your typical un-conventional artists~ But anyway...She had me listen to Skull and I fell IN-LOVE! His music and vocal talent is amazing! He's done so well in his little time it's so ashame to see him have to go into the shadows of the military for two years. If you experience just a little bit of this mans music...or his he embodies the true emotion and feelings of his wouldn't want to see him go either. So please...if your interested sign the petition to try and keep Skull in music.
- Ah-sa
posted by Ah-sha on Fri Mar 21, 2008 @ 01:24 PM     post a comment
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