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artist:    Paul Cummins and the Lion Dogs play hi-fi download mp3  Blues
title:    Hardly Comes a Day Country Blues
  Solo acoustic slide instrumental with a somewhat reflective theme. Kinda sad, yet hopeful. Played on my National Tricone resophonic guitar "Roscoe". **NEWLY REMASTERED** No more 60 cycle Hum! :oD
  user rating: not yet rated      
artist:    Rich Pirone play hi-fi download mp3  Blues
title:    Vagabond Blues Blues General
  Vocals: Rich Griffin Produced by Gerry Peters, Midi Magic Studio
  user rating:5      
artist:    John Cohmer play hi-fi download mp3  Blues
title:    Crawdad Blues Blues Rock
  John Cohmer plays Slide Guitar and Blues Harp and John Edmunds of the Essex Blues Band from UK plays da blues guitar.
  user rating:5      
artist:    John Cohmer play hi-fi download mp3  Jazz
title:    A Dads Blues Smooth Jazz
  Fathers Day Blues Internet Collbaoration Bob Johnson on Sax,Kyle Whitlock on Keyboard,Peter Kornherr on Bass,Matt Thorpe on Solo Guitar and John Cohmer on Rythym Guitar
  user rating:4      
artist:    Swampman & The Machine play hi-fi download mp3  Blues
title:    Fade To Blue (Remastered) Straight Ahead Blues
  user rating:4.87      
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