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MY LINKS TO MY VERIZON COMMERCIAL AND MY WORK AS A DANCER AND PRODUCE: https://soundcloud.com/chinxdadon/teen-spirit-dont-come-close YOUTUBE.COM/HITMAKERCHINX https://soundcloud.com/chinxdadon    
Elijah Divine
3D: Hardcore Lyrical HIPHOP New music from Elijah Divine. Feat production & ryhmes from Mistah Fitzgerald, I-Cue, Haze, Bobby Milk, Busted Fuse, Nu Element, Miztah Lex, Bandit, Serious, RawKause, Lionheart, DOS Luxury, Joe Blaxx. 3D available @ www.ElijahDivine.Bandcamp.com    
Prod By RayOntrez
Mixing and Mastering Services: If you need Professional Mixing/Mastering services, Please Email Me at RayBrown1718@gmail.com . Prices start at $25 per song    
iTUNES Top 100 R&B/SOUL After Love Is Love by Matell #59: Check Out the Hot ITUNES link just for you for After Love Is Love by Matell! Say Yes to Playing it and clicking the link http://search.itunes-charts.info/?country=US&type=all&search=AfterLoveIsLove-Matell    
Nowledge DRS
check,check: Working on new music... making sure vocals are tight and always on point. I just wanna lay em down on new beats.    
yet another Epiphany!: when i was young i got twenty gallons for five bucks now i get five gallons for twenty bucks.......... i think i am going to write that into my next tune?    
fire it up: my horn is actually a cornet, a 1958 Conn Connstellation which goes back to my music college days. It was given to me. Back then it was in good condition but when I was a band director years ago, I got a little pissed off at the band and threw it on the floor just to make a point. The bell is all bent and beat up. Even the finish is worn off on the entire instrument. I never bothered getting it fixed. Then I would also have to have it refinished altho that wouldn't be a bad thing, expensive thes...    
Album download: A new album download i available via "Skeletal Future" at BANDCAMP. It features 10 songs, a mix from both "Skeletal" & "Drondamus" is a free download entitled "DARK MOTHER".    
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first name:Charis
user name:mothernature
age: 39 years old
hometown: Raleigh, NC, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: I love to write... anything.. thoughts, feelings, ideas, whatever, just write. I sing, rap, play a little guitar and in my spare time I make candles
favorite bands: Method Man goes down as the best. (Biggup R69 & Ska Mutiny Tour 2007)L Boogie (always), Wu Tang, KRS, India Arie, right now into Amy Winehouse hard.
favorite movies: The Five Heartbeats, The Color Purple, How High, Half Baked, Shottas, Harlem Knights, Belly, Rude Boy, Lady Sings The Blues, Mahogany, Set It Off
favorite TV shows: Scrubs, The Cosby Show, Different World, Hell's Kitchen, America's Next Top Model
favorite books: The Color Purple, Waiting To Exhale, Roots, The Lost Books of The Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden, Ancient Evenings, The Da Vinci Code
favorite magazines: The Source, Vibe
Where I Come From -- I was born under water. Cancer. Moonchild. 7th month, 16th day (1 + 6 = 7). I grew up in a very small house, in a very small town with a lot of family that loved me (some just a little bit too much). Labeled Gifted and Talented in the 4th grade, I let a lot of things bother me - and just me - never sharing my pain with anyone for fear that they wouldn't understand. Poverty and anguish bred my skills and capabilities to talent. I can remember being chased by black snakes and beaten by black men. I can remember the name of every animal I ever had, their personalities, their likes and dislikes just like I can remember the name of every man I've ever been with and the hurt I felt behind each breakup and every circumstance that made it tangible. I can remember saying I Love You many, many times to several different men, but I can only remember really feeling it with one. (Nache, my all, my heart) I've been raped physically, mentally and emotionally, even of my spirit once or twice. I love my Father Allah for pulling me through each change and for teaching me how to be who I am and loving myself regardless of life and how cruel it can be at times by spreading my wings. My youth was taken from me a long time ago, but I took it back and will forever possess it so that no one will ever hold my fate, again. To every woman in the world, know that you are every woman in the world. Love and respect yourself and say it everyday!
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