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Her laughter pierced through the night,!!! TIN STARS AND COPPERS: CHECK THE VIDEO OUT, Her laughter pierced through the night,!!! TIN STARS AND COPPERS and the mp3 single leave comment would be great to hear from you , believe in love trevor sizzle    
swerve tweeter
Feel the Evil: Hi everyone, so at the moment I am in the process of uploading a trio of what can only be called evil music. First in this trio is PSYCHO II, an absolute balls out foray into the soul of a madman, composed purely as a cathartic tension release lol. There are two others upcoming which arguably are even more tense and that are dripping with evil. I'll let you decide if this is a route I should go down more often. Ill warn you though they are quite on the edge of what is acceptable, swerve tweeter ...    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Stream of,... poetry or prose or none of those: it's the sharpest trick in the toolbox, to have four and seven and then to bring the darkness to light. the words stream from my head and more stream in. There are no rocks or pebbles on which to stumble. The path is marked by a trail of shiny snail film which glistens even in tonight's moonlight. The smell of baking bread winds through the city streets as soft jazz makes the country music sound spliced and modulated. The carburetor lets in a bit more air. The fire burns a bit brighter and the d...    
Patrick Lew (Official SC)
Official engaged as of August 20th, 2015.: Speaking of my fiancee and girlfriend. I met her on Facebook during late April. Right around the time I started my job at Whole Foods. I was taken and so was her. I remember that day when that weird British girl played me, she showed empathy for me. It's somewhere on my Facebook. But that time, she was dealing with someone else. And I had my own fair share of hell to deal with. There's a lot of coincidence regarding the origins of this engagement and relationship. But it was more of a tragedy a...    
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first name:Perf
user name:perfektus
age: 41 years old
hometown: Azusa, CA, USA
my page:
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I am a 10 String Classical Guitarist with a Rock N' Roll past. I am considered one of the best Guitarists of my generation in the Philippines, having toured the country playing countless shows as part of some of the biggest Philippine bands in the '90s. Now I have entered a new phase in my career, going back to Classical, Flamenco and World Music played on 10 String Classical Guitar. I have also relocated to Los Angeles, CA and am currently taking my career to the World Stage. You can find out more about me from my website: WWW.PERFDECASTRO.COM
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