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A Time to Remember: Luke 22:14-23 The Passover meal celebrates Israels deliverance out of Egyptian bondage, and the Lords Supper looks forward to the final redemption we will experience when we are gathered together in Christs presence. The Lords Supper is and observance that remembers the great price Jesus paid that we might be free from sin and death. The price that Jesus paid was the shedding of blood, for he has washed us from our sins in his own blood. The blood has always played a powerful symb...    
YET ANOTHER NEW VIDEO - CONTROL: You can find it on the DBATU band page or copy/paste this: New video. Control. Watch.    
Winter twilight - forever: Winter twilight - forever Long walk in the snow. So long to go under the snow. Not stopping until the time fails. When the time will break, For snow I will see Bus stop. The bus will arrive, his eyes glittering. Winter twilight - forever.    
Tony Ton
Songs To The Community: Hey community I hope all you are pushing hard to create new sounds that breaks the movement in the industry today. Music is the universal language. Bring us together allowing us to interact with different cultures. I written a few songs that I want each of you to listen and if you like share with friends and family. So browse threw the six that are available and leave comments Thanks Tony!    
Up Coming Artist Hip Hop Check Me Out !: Just Dropped A Music Video Check It OUT    
the solan goose
NEW SINGLE - AIN'T THAT A PISSER b/w PRUNE JUICE: The new release from The Solan Goose: the moody, acoustic "Ain't That a Pisser", recorded December 2014 paired with an old leftover instrumental piece from the "Static and Lint" era, "Prune Juice".    
private beat club Dear friends ! Please check out my new site - Thank you ! Sergey Rostov / Private Beat Club    
THE CANADIAN TWINS-COUNTRY MUSIC SHOW WITH TJWAY & MADONA: THS CANADIAN TWINS New album release October 7th 2014 Latest Projects THE CANADIAN TWINS Thank You for tuning into "THE COUNTRY MUSIC SHOW with THE CANADIAN TWINS, TJ WAY & MADONA from Ottawa Ontario Canada,. This part of our show is all about Country Music, where we feature the hottest genre in the world today "COUNTRY". TJ Way a veteran in the country music genre along with Madona, she also is stranger to the world of radio, it's my pleasure having them be a part of our radio segments, and be ...    
Wide Range Of Sound Studio
I NEED BEATS, AND STUDIO TIME: Looking for a recording studio to call home? Then WIDE RANGE OF SOUND STUDIO is looking for you. We have brand new tracks, from J.RELENTLEZ BEATS, BLACK BEATS, and J-WON TRACKS. Make your next song...A WIDER RANGE.. Inbox for prices, or contact us 440-497-6771 Also like us, share us, grow us: Our Page: WIDE RANGE OF SOUND STUDIO.    
Up Coming Artist Hip Hop Check Me Out !: Just Dropped A Music Video Check It OUT    
another project: came up and haven't had much time to practice the flugel for 3 days now. I get to work fairly early and take maybe one break (lunch around 2.p.m) and quit when I get done with what I planned for the day. This might be anywhere between 7-11:00P.M. It's funny how before I semi-retired (I get full retirement later this year) I had time to practice my guitar sometimes up to 6 hours a day and now, I'm lucky to find an hour or two. I can't complain tho as I'm really enjoying this remodeling project. ...    
richihoffmann working on a new song!: Where you are also I am.genre style Rock Ballad.A song by the Album"Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Mix Vol.12"Read a little by lyric---1) what is it has turned into you in a country now I don't know this the place is tired where you are a better place without pain and sorrow, you still are in the darkness in this world and no more at all or it can be you already are in the eternal bliss--- Special people want to listen to other music! Richi.h. artist singer writer composer ...    
Mixed a new track called : "Trap and Bass #6": Hello there !!! I've Mixed a new track called : "Trap and Bass #6 (Remixed)" - listen now! #djtimeruler #rulermusic #beats #music #hiphop #trapmusic #remix #clubbangers - Please comment, share and like, if you enjoy this track!    
Posted a new song called : "Trap and Bass #5": Hello there !!! I've Posted a new song called : "Trap and Bass #5 (Remixed)" - listen now! #djtimeruler #rulermusic #beats #music #hiphop #trapmusic #remix #clubbangers - Please comment, share and like, if you enjoy this track!    
Posted a new track called : "Trap and Bass #4": Hello there !!! I've Posted a new song called : "Trap and Bass #4 (Remixed)" - listen now! #djtimeruler #rulermusic #beats #music #hiphop #trapmusic #remix #clubbangers - Please comment, share and like, if you enjoy this track!    
Up Coming Artist Hip Hop Check Me Out !: Just Dropped A Music Video Check It OUT    
BUTCH JONES BRINGS BROADWAY TO BROOKLYN: Co-Producing, engineering, and facilitating regional performances since March 2014, Grammy Award winning engineer Butch Jones is bringing home an ardent project to complete. From conception to fruition with long-time industry veteran Dodie Pettit, a true labor of love has helped develop an endearing tribute album like no other. After Broadway actor Kevin Gray's sudden passing in 2013, a sold-out memorial show at The Majestic Theatre in NYC inspired Pe...    
I'm The King Of Alternative Pop Music The Ugly Superstar Announces As: "I know the statement I made was bold, but I feel I am onto something awesome" said the singer, songwriter, music producer, screenwriter, author, poet and human Michael Blaney. "Before CHRONICLES OF AN UGLY SUPERSTAR part one of five, I had done four albums that were folk rock/punk rock oriented. I had some success with songs like WHATS WRONG WITH YOU, WHY, TOMATO, DON'T CALL ME AN ANGEL, RAINSTORM, LITTLE BOY LOST and then a series of personal issues ...    
ÁLBUM-DOWNLOAD: ''NA FESTA COM VOCÊ'' - 12 Tracks In Portuguese: ---- Finalmente terminei as 12 faixas que precisava para fechar o lbum: ''Na Festa Com Voce'', entao ja posso liberar a coletanea. Os Links para Baixar estao logo abaixo, entao por favor facam o Download e compartilhem. Espero que voces gostem das musicas, muitas delas sao bem diferentes entre si. A lista com o nome das 12 faixas tambem estao abaixo. // ------ Finally I finished my project with songs in portuguese, so now I can release a collection. The name of the album is ''Na Festa Com Voce'...    
Mandy Mandolin amor: when I first bought my Mandolin I fell in love. I was going to spend the money partying, but standing in the music store I knew i would have get more pleasure from this small beautiful instrument than any few hours of partying.. I didn't realize how important it would actually become.. Since that day in September 2014 I always have her with me.. I am in no way an expert but i am in love, and she has become a crucial part in my creative process. Slowly i am hoping to save enough money to buy an a...    
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first name:herman
user name:d.i.o.s.
age: 30 years old
hometown: winter park, fl, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: music , tokin , writting , freestyling , sports
favorite bands: Roots as hiphop band, i like various artists like nas ...etc
favorite movies: Blow , Scarface , godfather , goodfellas
favorite TV shows: family guy
favorite books: Bible
favorite magazines: Ballin mags...nada specific
Puerto rican - born raised in nj...been a fan of lyrics and since highschool ive been writtin hip hop currently in florida tryin to finish school of recording and then blow tha f*** up.
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