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Christian Accompaniment Tracks Site New Launch May 2016: ChristianAccompanimenttracks.org is a new service providing Christian karaoke-style music for soloists and churches. Newly launched in May 2016, the public will have instant access to purchase and download material to use at-will. Music has been an integral part of most services of worship since the beginning foundations of the church since Peter was appointed to do so in biblical times. Most churches struggle to fulfill this need through employing a music staff, but the economic burden can oft...    
Muhammad crossed way beyond the red line of religious freedom. : The as it already is ethically undefined concept of Democracy is corrupted by information-manipulation also concerning news deceiving with concepts of minority & majority. Mass-propaganda deceives people to assume that Muhammadism wouldn't entail a sadist, anti Afro racist, murderous anti non-Muhammadist law trying to keep those who knowthat Muhammad created a sadist anti Afro racist, murderous anti non-Muhammadist law a minority, deceiving with the word majority. Condemn Muhammad, ban Muhammadi...    
NOW OR NEVER - NEW SONG+FREE DOWNLOAD!: Hello everybody, my new song, ''Now or Never'' is online, please listen and download in the links below. Thanks! Pessoal, minha nova musica, ''Now or Never'', esta online, por favor oucam e baixem nos links abaixo! Obrigado :) DOWNLOAD: MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/k0m67ccekn9zsfa/Now_or_Never_-_William_Drake.mp3 SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/williamdrake/now-or-never-free-download JUMPSHARE: http://jmp.sh/0MSV15S SUA MSICA: http://www.suamusica.com.br/nowornever YOUTU...    
Our Song "PegarLo" featured on the Netflix Original Series "BloodLine: Our Song #PegarLo by Richard Wolf and Patrick Antonian ft Brenda Goggins featured on the #Netflix original series #BloodLine starring Kyle Chandler, Linda Edna Cardellini. #KyleChandler #LindaCardellini #RichardWolf #ProducersLab #LatinHipHop #HipHop #MusicLicensing #MusicPublishing #Music #BrendaGoggins #PartTen ?#PatrickAntonian    
think pink floyd com: *******************************LASERS****************************** JUNE 14 Laconiafest 76 Endicott N. Laconia, NH 03246 LACONIAFES TICKETS CLICK HERE *******************************LASERS******************************** JUNE 18 LASERS HOGS HOLLOW OUTDOOR MUSIC FESTIVAL 1459 STATE RT 93 BERWICK PA 18603 ********************************************************************* JULY 15 Sweeney's Concert Hall 13639 PHILMONT AVE PHILA PA 19116 // #215 677 3177 ***************...    
Another Beltane: Current mood: Pensive Current weather: warm 26C, cloudy Current listening: erm, nothing at the moment Beltane, or Bealtaine, or however you call it. comes to the northern hemisphere. It definitely has been summery here. Life is moving at a brisk pace. So it is also in my personal life, with new developments coming into play and my life moving forward. Usually this time of year is not my thing, those who have followed my blog know that I'm a winter person. Lately, though, I've been more ...    
Becky : Since Beyonce released her new album, their has been a lot of discussion on the name Becky and it's meaning in the Hip-Hop community. Some people like, Iggy Azalea are misinforming the public by stating it is used as a slur, when in fact it not. The name Becky is used to let everyone know, that the person they are taking about, in a positive or negative way, is a white girl. That's it!    
Somebody Say Oh Oh Oh! Hot New Techno Dance Party Song: If you really want to get the party started and get the party on check out "Somebody Say Oh Oh Oh Remix"    
Stop the madness!!! SERIAL YACKER FROM the land of stupid-er: She was there again! please read previous blog. She smokes!!!!!!! When does it inhale??? SHU-TUP SHU-TUP SHU-TUP    
My Space: My space has fallen from grace, about 10 years ago, but that is where you can hear DAWN OVER ZERO play CATAPULT! A great song done "ever so professionally.    
Dyverse Productions
thought you might like it! : Hi! I found this on eBay and thought you might like it! San Mateo Compilation Dy-verse Productions The Levey Vol.2 Various Artists Rare http://r.ebay.com/Fuq6qh Dy-verse Productions K-rek No Roads Can Hold Me CD Bonus Disc http://r.ebay.com/LBSwJ6    
DJ'S & VJ'S : DOWNLOAD or STREAM YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1aultWHPes SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rapperspaz/pullupgirls-rapperspaz-prodbykeysersoze    
Clickers Club
New Player - Opposites: We are starting a new player from April 30th to run until May 20th. It's Spring...the season of changes and opposites. Sunshine and showers, cold winds and warm breezes, dull days and bright days. So we want you to choose 2 songs that are compete opposites of each other. For example you could send us a sad song and a happy song, a fast paced song and a slow song, a song about sunshine and a song about rain. The possibilities are endless. Any 2 opposites of your choice (that have not been on o...    
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first name:ari
user name:hine-titama
age: 37 years old
hometown: Otautahi, Canterbury, New Zealand
my page:
click here
hobbies: Work... Gym (now that Ive started again! coz I need 2 damn!)
favorite bands: Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Atmosphere, Slug, Brother Ali, Eyedea, Black Star, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Aesop Rock, gosh anyone meaningful, political
favorite movies: All NZ ones lol... and others god I dont know um... its always changing!
favorite TV shows: Sensing Murder... er I dont know I barely watch it anymore...
favorite books: so many.... whale rider
favorite magazines: um.... I dont know
Kia ora everyone! Ive been on here 4 ages but I dont come here alot or actually anymore but.... always reasons to come back. Im more of a listener and lover... and a writer! I love poetry, spoken word, those who freestyle and have that god given talent Im so jelous! But also adore them x... I love music as if it was a man! It can heal you, it can articulate 4 u when u cant, it can describe things u so want too... its food for the soul and its better than ...... alot of things lol... peace love n family
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