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: Ariana grande Little Wayne Fatty wap, FUture YOun Thug Rich Hommie quon Nicki Becca G M and M Iggy Azalea Luke Brian Blake Shelton Glen skateboard P R Kelly ushera fif hrlmy Jackson five ray shmurd the cast from the empire Will smith vanilla white yellow wold ice q ice t 2 pop biggy smoopdog bow wow master p romeo young gottie jezzy trick daddy dollars ray j b to k Mario Jennet Jackson Cary underwood Brant onbridge, Foodgys Sean paul beeny man shaggy sean Kinston pink and jon legend. If I forgot...    
Clickers Club
Clickers Club Song Challenges/Discussion: We have some mysterious, intriguing, fun and brain-teasing ideas tucked away in our secret Challenge vaultsbut what would YOU like to see emerge next time? Do you have subjects that you would like to see covered in our challenges? Maybe you would prefer us to paint a picture, describe an atmosphere, or return to genre-related challenges instead. Ideas, themes, visuals, stories, specific eras.we'd like to hear your suggestions. It is our mission to increase the participation in our quarterly so...    
New album coming out - CN $: Working on some new material. Can't say when I will have it finished. Art takes time. For anyone who's interested in finding out more about the album or me you can hit me up on Twitter @ Indigenous or follow me on Facebook @ Criminyl    
10 Reasons Why Artists Don't Pay For Beats: https://youtu.be/HG9ldpILRys I figured this is a problem that we'll contuine to face for eternity, so enjoy.    
The New Guy: So... I finally decided to make a SoundClick profile. Mainly because I've been a lurker on SoundClick for many years and seen the power this page has :) Sharing my beats worldwide is always fun. Most fellow "home-producers" are super friendly people who is ALWAYS ready to help and give good advices, so why not join the growing online community of home-producers and help others out? Welp.. I'm the new guy, setting up my profile. Hope you like my beats. I'm always up for collabs with talented prod...    
Open for Business!!!: Finally got my SoundClick up and running, will be adding more beats over the next couple days, and then about once a week in the future. Thanks for stopping by!    
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first name:Jehiel
user name:jhaylee08
age: 28 years old
hometown: [unknown], Canada
my page:
click here
hobbies: PLay basketball
favorite bands: Hillsong
favorite movies: all of em
favorite TV shows: nothing
favorite books: nothing
favorite magazines: n/a
Just Judge me thx
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