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Tricia Greenwood Announces Free Downloads of 'Baby, You're My Valenti: Award-winning singer-songwriter Tricia Greenwood announced today she'd be giving music lovers from across the world the gift of love songs for Valentine's Day. Complimentary downloads of "Baby, You're My Valentine" and other music from Greenwood's albums will be available at "Love can be expressed in so many ways and most often I choose to express my love with music," said Greenwood. "Music sets the stage for romance whether it's at home, in the car, on an iphone...    
DJ SlimBoogz
New and Improved Beats coming soon.: Throwing some beats up no later than Friday night. Hope everyone enjoys them as well. Show love, I'll show back. ????    
We demand respect & an apology for the victims of Islam: Who doesn't respect human rights shouldn't rule. We demand respect & an apology for the death, torture & slavery victims of Islam (Muhammad, Jihad, Sharia) & demand freedom for African slaves in Sharia-tyrannies in for example new North-Sudan, Mauritania & Saudi Arabia & freedom for all people. Don't give Jihad & Sharia a chance. Ban Islam.    
If you download an entire movie for example then you can easily get c: If you download an entire movie for example then you can easily get caught (if not using a VPN). However, try this: Download the movie in 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/something and use different isp's for remaining parts. They can only see random data being downloaded since it is not a while item. The more you break up the download via different isp's the less likely you will have a problem. Take Star Wars for example. Download 1/3 of it from one ISP, another 1/3 from another ISP, and the rest from a 3r...    
Globalfirm:decide between globalofficial English or regionalLanguages: One trademark of Globalfirm is English as global official language. Decide between global official English or regional languages. Globalfirm: English as global official language to make life more easier, more fun & more efficient. (Global official English doesn't mean British-accent English.)    
Song Of The Angels
New Music Equipment - Old Songs: Found one of my old music books today with songs I wrote many years ago! My motivation was my new music equipment, a Korg Pa4x Pro Keyboard Arranger. I pulled out the first instrumental composition I ever wrote for the keyboard, which I was blessed to create after I started playing temporarily for a local church while they looked for a regular keyboard player. While learning my new keyboard I have had a chance to work on this old piece as well and have been able to recreate it with the instrumen...    
Singer-Songwriter Junior Wright Releases EP '666': Los-Angeles based singer-songwriter Junior Wright has released his second EP, titled 666. The multi-faceted artist delivers a track-list with plenty of stylistic disparity and polarized moods, fluctuating between classic pop and R&B sounds. The album can be heard here: While tracks such as 'Without you' and 'Runaway' take the album in a decidedly melancholic direction with mournful, vulnerable vocals punctuated by piano and violins, 'Beautiful Stranger' and 'Love...    
Instrumental Rock Guitarist Mike Dekleva Releases His Debut Four-Song: Albuquerque-based instrumental rock guitarist, Mike Dekleva, recently released his debut four-song EP, Synergy, on December 15, 2015. The EP was recorded on May 5, 2015, at Paragon Recording Studios in Franklin, Tennessee, and during subsequent recording sessions in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kona, Hawaii, and Nashville, Tennessee. Synergy represents the culmination of years that Dekleva has spent developing his guitar playing and songwriting styles. Influenced by artists like Joe Satriani, Eric ...    
This double CD can be ordered directly by the artist!: Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Mix Vol.14 Cover inside and double becomes box incl.Cover in a CD in front and cover of inside Tracklist delivered to your desired address on receipt of the payment behind within 1-3 working days. One can pay with Paypal. Music albums direct buy of the artist!Musik Alben direkt vom Kuenstler kaufen! Richi.h.artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany...    
Richi.h. goes into the music stores!: Visit Richi.h. on apple iTunes all countries! Visit Richi.h. on Amazon all countries! Richi.h. on Richi.h.on Google Play Music Special people want a little different music! Richi.h. artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany...    
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first name:Malloy
user name:dembois07
age: 34 years old
hometown: Huntersville, nc, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: basketball, writing,women
Dis ya boi Malloy...I been messin round wit music for about 10 years now...been there done that when it come to layin sh** down...albums, mixtapes, its whatever...i know what da grind bout...I used 2 try and make my own beats, but i could neva get da feel for so excited about dis site right here...i got rhymes for days and finally sum blazin beats to put em wit...right now im jus shoppin round, but when i run across some fire im sure 2 cop dat if da price is right
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