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Gets maples: Gets maples (a poem in prose) Gets the maples, Will fall from the sky, the stars. In the void, In the middle of autumn, Will beat the hoof Toy horse. He is ready to go Back in June. Or on another planet. Or to live in an ordinary apartment, As a Ghost. And listen to the dark evenings Reading aloud.    
The Truth Is Sometimes Harder To Say or Admit, Than It Seems To Be: 3 months ago, on July 17th, 2014 I ended my 5-6 year relationship/engagement/friendship with my then true love, Patrick. In all honesty? It broke my heart to do it. I wanted us to be together until it became time for our judgement day (I believe in God, Jesus, there is a heaven & a hell-get used to it) The reason why I ended it all? No matter how much I tried, I could not get the love of my life, to accept that he needed to change, take responsibility for his actions, behavior, the way he trea...    
Brazilian astronomical bulletin talks about ASTRONOMUSIC: Brazilian astronomical bulletin talks about ASTRONOMUSIC (in Portuguese)    
Night Time Chillin: Right now we just chillin good. Friday night im lifted onto cloud 78 or it might be 87 but yeah im feeling nice we rapping in the booth of course. We had some girls at the crib chillin before they left tho we had to get work done. But ayyoo if you digging rap music and we you wanna listen in on my bars check out my soundcloud the link is show me love and follow for a follow back shout out to Beyond Compare Records    
Craig Wallace: Hello family, you can also check me out here to listen to all my music and see my ratings and rank    
Invitation From Within: Ann Licater's Music & Vision Offers A Pathway: Ann Licater's third indie solo album Invitation from Within continues her personal journey to "play it forward," and she is reaching people through an abundance of avenues. It was about a decade ago that Ann, a lifelong flutist, followed the call of a Native American flute thru the woods at a powwow in California, leading her to embrace a new sound and purpose for her music. Today, she embraces Native American and Silver flute, both solo and with addit...    
Worldwide Groove Corporation Issue "Supermodel Astronaut Challenge" W: Worldwide Groove Corporation are determined to be the change with their upbeat and inspiring new electropop single Supermodel Astronaut and its accompanying social media campaign. The Supermodel Astronaut Challenge inspires women of all different walks to push back against what the media sells as the ideal image. Women feel so much pressure to be perfect, but if our focus is on who we think we SHOULD be, it completely cancels out the joy of celebrating...    
The Bible?: The Bible is arguably the most influential text in the world. But what is the Bible really about? It could be argued that the Biblical stories were developed and forced upon people to aid in societal advancement. In fact it was essentially implemented as law by Constantine to do just that. One could argue that the Bible was intended to help tame the masses to benefit the ruling class. Throughout the Bible a righteous message of obedience and subservience is conveyed. Authoritarianism runs ra...    
Clickers Club
New Halloween Songs: We hope you're not still hung over from the Clickers Club Jazz-Fusion party - there's no rest for the wicked! We are sending out our ghosts, ghouls and grim reapers to collect new Halloween songs for our new songs player. It will run from now until 1st November. We are looking for any kind of songs; instrumentals, songs with vocals, poetry to music or even cover songs. Everything from the mildly menacing to the totally terrifying is welcome! PM a link to your scary song to the Clickers C...    
Mind Of Spaceboy: Always on my grind making raps making bangers. Ive been rapping for a long time. I saved up my money to buy studio equipment everything i do is independently produced. Me and N.O.B are taking over one city at a time. Spark a blunt to my new track    
DJ Snowdrop
My Own Website! What!: Soo, If you all do not know I have a website. It features my music and my friends and other artists that allow me to share their music. Yes i am a brony as well and I do make Brony mixes, one which I am working on now. My Website: i am constantly updateing and adding new stuff, apps, music, and pages because I am trying to bring a lot of stuff into it make a social based site, not just a Hi-I-make-Music site. Thanks for reading my blog, and please create a membershi...    
Call To Action: Noise4Good Empowers Musicians And Their Fans To Make : Call To Action: Noise4Good Empowers Musicians and their Fans to Make an Impact Connection. Its at the core of Noise4Good, the first crowd-funding platform to fuse two very active audiencesmusicians and their fan basein support of the causes they are most passionate about. Noise4Good takes the power of music to move people and harnesses it to a technology that provides a solution for charities to interact with musicians and their fans, raise funds, en...    
Noble Rippa
Life: There is no good or bad, light or dark, wrong or is all an illusion created by the human mind...much like time... We complicate things much more than they need to be. The best choice to make in every situation in life is to choose the path that makes you happiest. In the end we were all brainwashed, so no one truly knows what they believe. The only answer we have to that is our emotions. Everyone always talks about YOLO, yet instead of spending that 1 life doing what makes them happy ...    
High School Seniors Put Out An Amazing Indie Self-Titled Debut LP: Today, local indie rock band Thanks, made up of 5 Gulliver Preparatory Seniors, released their first full-length LP self-titled Thanks. Featuring 11 original songs that go from gorgeous experimental ballads to infectious indie anthems exemplify their unique take on the popular and relevant "indie" sound of today. This album is a compilation of all the writing we have been doing for almost four years. Initially, our band focused on booking gigs at loca...    
Mike Wayne Productions
PLEASE VOTE FOR MY GROUP "ITEM9" FOR AN UNSIGHNED TOUR ACROSS THE USA: Pls vote for ITEM9 to be accepted for the Unsigned Tour. Great opportunity for Singers, Models, Rappers & Bands. Visit:    
History's Review Of Disparity's Venue: This song recording is I think some might call soft rock. I think one person called it jazz rock - I don't hear that myself. I categorized it as Folk Rock. Still it has a style that might be more of a merge of "The Animals" and "Jackson Browne. I don't know for sure what box to put it in. What audience it might appeal to. It has gotten a lot of listens. It has been downloaded from other sites outside of SC. To date I have not made it available as a down load on Soundclick....    
This scenery is priceless: This scenery is priceless (a poem in prose) Autumn sky - Grey color. But very clean. Yellow maple leaves Stand out against its background. They are drawn as stars, Or toy boxes. Autumn spreads carpets. Hanging draperies And puts the screen. This scenery is priceless.    
CEntrance Announces 'i5' An Audiophile Case For IPhone: Today CEntrance, a leader in Digital Audio announced the i5 Audiophile Case(tm) - a sound card and an extended battery, built right into an iPhone case. The one-of-a-kind device works with Apple's iPhone 5, 5S and iPod Touch 5G, wrapping the phone like a glove and creating the ultimate on-the-go playback system. The new i5 Audiophile Case will be featured at the Rocky Mountain Audio Show in Denver, CO., October 9th through 12th. CEntrance's booth is lo...    
Check me out on Two Nations Movie: Hi my friends, I am happy and honoured to announce to you all, that I am presently working with Two Nations Movie doing music soundtracks & Arabic Voice overs and Translations for movie characters; Alana Ethridge as Zerondi and Alisia Downing as Mandy. Please visit and support me, the cast and crew and the movie project. Simply click the box logo pic below, and or copy and paste official link in your browser to direct you to website: Thanks...    
Mike Wayne Productions
New beat on my muisc page!! Just saying - prod. by Mike Wayne : BRAND NEW BEAT!! Just saying - prod. by Mike Wayne For untagged beats email    
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first name:Edward
user name:Ed James
age: 31 years old
hometown: Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom
my page:
click here
hobbies: Football, Music, Writing and Film
favorite bands: The Artic Monkees, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Kooks, Razorlight and The Feeling
favorite movies: Scarface, Lord of the Rings, Fast and the Furious, Memento and The Godfather
favorite TV shows: The Office, Football Focus, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, C.S.I and Match of the Day
favorite books: Brave New World, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and Blood of Angels
favorite magazines: Nuts, Zoo, FHM, Q, The Source, Rolling Stone and Heat
24-year-old singer and songwriter from the south of England, specialising in catchy R'n'B. Taking inspiration from various artists he successfully produces a wide range of songs crossing both genre and styles effortlessly. Having spent 6 months learning his craft in America with Cleveland based independant label MoneyTree Records, he returned to England in order to secure support in his home country. His third full length album is nearly complete with guest appearances from Raskal, Salvdor and Vice Raw and top production from Ozone Beats, Dezz Jones, Lee Viner and Audiocrack Productions. Tracks include soundclick favourite "When You Call", club anthem "One Night Stand" and the sentimental "Trippin".
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