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first name:Mr. Simmons
user name:hollow tips
age: 29 years old
hometown: Paterson, NJ, USA
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Like all the great hip-hop artists today, KCI may have started from small beginnings, but be prepared, because these four guys have what it takes to blow your mind. Whether it's urban sounds or mainstream grooves, this is the new sound of hip hop. Ever since their inception in 2003, it's been a steady path for these four friends from North Carolina and beyond. Combining the inner city sounds with the more laid-back southern county approach, KCI gives you a unique sound that stands them apart from their contemporaries, and puts them closer to their peers. An impressive feat for a band whose average age is only 21. KCI's success comes from the special way they utilize the different mindset each member brings – from DC-born Rickaine who offers lyrics far beyond his years, to Q-Mann, with his shades of Ludacris and freestyle mastery; or the crunky aggressive rap that Baldhead brings, to the recognized leader of KCI, Hollow, who joins Kaine with his lyrical prowess and edgy genius. Other bands may have the set-up, but none use its power the way that KCI does. This power and genius comes through in every one of their songs, and this is what's garnering so much media interest for this fast-rising band.
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