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first name:Emcee
user name:EmceeT
age: 29 years old
hometown: Oakland, CA, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: Working hard, playing harder, hustlin' the hardest... basically grindin' it out.
favorite bands: All GOOD music... from jazz to classical to hip-hop... its all T.
favorite movies: The Blockbuster 1-in-1-out plan... DVD's galore mayn, I'm tellin' ya.
favorite TV shows: Channel 1 - COMCAST, on-demand! My way, when I want it...
favorite books: Anything that keeps me interested for longer than 5 minutes...
favorite magazines: B.S. like Maxim and Stuff...
Emcee T, a.k.a. the Chinese King of the Bay (the C.K.O.T.B.), is stepping up as the first note-worthy Asian / Chinese-American hip-hop artist and producer to make a mark in the Bay Area rap game. Born in East Oakland, raised in Santa Rosa, and educated in Hayward & San Jose, T has been writing lyrics (and holding it down for the Asians) all over the San Francisco 'yay area' since 1995. Emcee T is also a television host for the TV show, PUSHIN' THE BAY.
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