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Jetpack Hotline Releases New Single Entitled "OK (feat. Jiji)": Jetpack Hotline's new single "OK (feat. Jiji)" is the latest addition to the Chicago-based group's collection of unique alt-electro energy pumping tracks that incorporates hip hop and electronic pop elements. "OK (feat. Jiji)" explores the struggle between acceptance and following your heart; using high energy dance beats as an outlet to take fans on the not-so-uncommon journey of falling in love with the wrong person. Always looking to add new flavor to their sound, "OK (feat. Jiji)" features ...    
Follow on SoundCloud For Free Listening. New Music Coming Soon: https://soundcloud.com/patrickantonian Follow On Soundcloud. We have some New Music Coming Soon. Don't Miss it. We are Really Excited to Release the New Single and Project. Pain Killers & Patron. #soundcloud #follow #newmusic #music #patrickantonian #pknp #painkillersandpatron #comingsoon #free #freemusic    
iTunes Link to #25forever by Patrick Antonian (Listen for FREE): Copy & Paste Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/25forever/id1090237108 First Single "Elite Year" feat. Ras Kass. Produced by Arctic Love off the "#25forever" mixtape. Full Version of the mixtape is available now on iTunes ***With features by: Ras Kass, Stacee Adamz, K-Young, Vicious Automatic, Chilly Willy, Sonali Bijor, Maria Cozette, Rashondra Angelle, El-Prez, & One-2 ***Production by: Alchemist, Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities, Arctic Love, BeiRu for Musa Ler Music, 51/50, Rocket Pro...    
s/o StereoDay.Com for The Feature: Copy & Paste: http://stereoday.com/r-mean-bang-on-em-feat-p-knuckle-patrick-antonian/ Bang on Em is Still Killin The Streets after All These Weeks. S/O StereoDay.com for featuring the song. Have you heard it yet? R-Mean ft Patrick Antonian & PKNUCKLEMUSIC. #stereoday #music #bangonem #rmean #meanmondays #patrickantonian #pknuckle #hiphop #bars #firebars    
POOL PARTY - NEW SONG - MUSICA NOVA - FREE DOWNLOAD!: POOL PARTY - Minha musica nova, por favor oucam ou baixem nos links a seguir, muito obrigado e espero que curtam!! My new song, please listen and download in the links below! I really hope you like! DOWNLOAD: MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/?hvw9gqkd62atfst SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/williamdrake/pool-party-william-drake-cantor-free-download JUMPSHARE: http://jumpshare.com/v/dVTQuHsJaVmkS5eIKm4s?b=isxFlagUFBm7DOugzdUg YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miffOm-16uk INVALID ...    
Youtube Link To Nas' One Mic Remake. "One Life": Just a Quick 20 Bar cause I love the Original. In 94' when Nas Dropped Illmatic, I was an instant fan and This is just one of the jewels he gave us along the way. Recorded in 2011, I forgot about this one...Take a quick listen... ??? #nas #onemic #onelife #patrickantonian #hiphop #bars #freestyle #rap #music #nasir #nasirjones #liveinglegend #share #repost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tb2rIPYZc8    
Tony Adamo: Hipper Than Hip: Jazz and the spoken word have always had a symbiotic relationship. Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti pioneered the beat poet landscape of the '50's and '60's. But what of modern day offerings in this genre? Tony Adamo has been described as a beatnik who arrived sixty years late, but if you ask him, he's just a raconteur who describes his environment in a unique manner. Adamo celebrates urban life and the jazz masters who have influenced generations with hip monologues reci...    
COMPONENTS OF THE INTERNET: The Internet is a computer network made up of thousands of networks worldwide. No one knows exactly how many computers are connected to the Internet. It is certain, however, that these number in the millions. No one is in charge of the Internet. There are organizations which develop technical aspects of this network and set standards for creating applications on it, but no governing body is in control. The Internet backbone, through which Internet traffic flows, is owned by private companies. ...    
Copy & Paste The Link To Listen For FREE!!!: https://soundcloud.com/patrickantonian/champagne Sham Pain, In other words Fake Pain. Reflecting on the ups and downs of Monetary gains and loses. ***Mytosis... Mixtape by Patrick Antonian... Definition of a new path from an old life. MYTOSIS!!! (Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil) ***Features from Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities, Vicious Automatic, Mariano, Lucien Josephy, Ali Baba, The Original Stylis, Reef, Paycheq, & More. ***Production from Sebu Simonian for Capital Cities, Les Corre...    
Jennifair "Sugar" Featuring Deion Luis (Official Video): Against all odds, seasoned entrepreneur, Al Roberson, sets up 4th District LLC., a record label and management company. Seasoned entrepreneur and business executive, Al Roberson recently announced the launch of his record label and management company, 4th District LLC. With such companies like " A. Roberson Trucking Shipping and Freight" and "The Southern Assassins", a drag racing team under his management. It is somewhat exciting that Al Roberson significantly diversifies to set an entertainme...    
Clickers Club
New & Renewed Player: We will have another player up from Saturday February 25th - Friday March 10th. This time we're asking for new songs or renewed songs. They can be completely brand new songs or they can be older songs that you'd like to give a new lease of life to - those long forgotten tunes that you'd like to dust down and take off the shelf once more. All we ask is that the song or songs have not been on our Clickers Club Player before. You can submit up to 2 songs (collaborations count as a separate arti...    
Freedom from Sin: The power of the indwelling Christ gives one the strength to withstand and overcome the trials and tribulation of life. We have this power in Christ as joint heirs by the blood of Jesus. Therefore sin shall not rule nor have power over you. We are made free from sin to serve God in holiness unto everlasting life. All of our labor in holiness is the gift of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 6:22But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness,...    
The Steel Lions Calls It A Day: The Steel Lions has run its course. Unless it becomes an actual band with session musicians in the future. In the meantime, Patrick Lew will be directing his energy and passion for playing rock and roll with Patrick Lew Band and TheVerse. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, STEEL LIONS    
DigitalRadioTracker.com Launches Free Searchable Artist/Song Airplay : In today's music industry one has to be up-to-date on cutting edge trends in a variety of key areas. A focal point standing above the rest is technology. DigitalRadioTracker.com Inc. (DRT), a private U.S. based firm, is breaking down barriers with innovative, creative and lucrative marketing research initiatives to its clients. DigitalRadioTracker is now offering a free searchable artist/song airplay database for all account holders. This new feature allows users to search the DRT database that...    
Music Quote: Remember, our instruments are only the vessel to deliver our ideas. The ideas are what counts. The technique is only there to facilitate the ideas. Thats your mantra.    
My Mentality by Patrick Antonian. Beat by Bei Ru: Check Out "My Mentality" off the Mytosis Project. Yea I know its mis-spelled because its Mine. Lol. Produced by non-other than Bei Ru... Share, re-post, and Download the Project for FREE! Copy Link: https://soundcloud.com/patrickantonian/mymentality    
Al Roberson Launches Record Label And Management Company, 4th Distric: Against all odds, seasoned entrepreneur, Al Roberson, sets up 4th District LLC., a record label and management company. Seasoned entrepreneur and business executive, Al Roberson recently announced the launch of his record label and management company, 4th District LLC. With such companies like " A. Roberson Trucking Shipping and Freight" and "The Southern Assassins", a drag racing team under his management. It is somewhat exciting that Al Roberson significantly diversifies to set an entertainme...    
Bongo Boy Records Out Of The Of Garage Vol 3 Includes 60's Iconic Roc: Bongo Boy has released another album featuring tracks from one of my favorite genres, Garage Rock and they have asked me to share my thoughts regarding the album. So, it is with high expectations I cue up a pre-release copy of Out Of the Garage Volume 3. First up is the Doug MacDonald Band with their song Jacks Joke Shop - This is a great track! Firstly, I like the pounding drums and the buzz of the guitar. What really makes me smile though is the fact that Doug has managed to incorporate the o...    
ken Brumfield
The Morning After: The morning after, tells a story about my self and how i over came the trials and tribulations set before me, not wavering to the left or to the right, but finding my way on my knees talking to God about my situation and how to over come many obstacles that where in front of me.Over all, because I listened to godly counsel and practiced wisdom, my reward came swiftly on the morning after it had all went down.God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him and acknowledge him in all of their w...    
Copy & Paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO89wWALc30: Blowin Circles of SMOKE of the Pure DOPE, Everybody Got a Way That They COPE, Allusive, Loaded AKs & Visions of HOPE, COAST to COAST the Connect Raw Like Kilos of COKE #aec #aec2016 #armenianemceecypher #cypher #lyrics#shookoneschallenge #mobbdeep #shookones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO89wWALc30    
yime warp? pt1: They say that time warps only happen in science fiction and arent real. You decide if this is possible or not. Either way I thought that Id save it for last. So enjoy for what ever it is. Last summer while on a trek for ideas which took me around Lake Michigan and even to the southern shores of Lake Superior, I came upon some great adventures, by getting off the beaten track to see what else I can find. When in the north woods, one never knows what may be just around the bend or down an old log...    
glen gold
i like uploaded: decided to work on the final parts of this one and am extremely happy to upload it. hope you enjoy it.    
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first name:MaJa
user name:Namelesss
age: 28 years old
hometown: [unknown], USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: Designing, Cooking, Photography, Playing guitar, Gaming, Reading, Working U.U
favorite bands: Alice In Chains, Slayer, Lamb Of God, Nirvana, Pantera, Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Testament, Aural Vampire, Hamasaki Ayumi, ect...
favorite movies: Moon Child, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Pirates 1-3, Shrek 1-3, LOTR 1-3, Azumi, Tell me Something, Hannibal Lector series, ect...
favorite TV shows: anime: nana, monster, XXXholic, Death Note
favorite books: Of mice and men, Hamilton series, And then there were none, Queen of The Damned, Biographies, Manga, Poetry, ect..
I was born in former Yugoslavia and then I moved to the U.S. and have remained there ever since. I go to college and my major is graphic design. I really would love to go to Japan, Transylvania, and Australia. I love metal and rave music, but they are hard to karaoke to. I don't mind the songs that I cover, but I don't really listen to that style of music much.. But i'm a sucker for karaoke.
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