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pug fuglies
Demonic Annihilation at #11 after nine months!: Thanks for helping to get this song a bit more attention. Let's see if we can try to get it closer to #1.    
DJ Gerard
Timeless Tunes 017: DJ Gerard - Timeless Tunes 017 by Dj Gerard on Mixcloud Free 320k MP3 here TRACKLISTING : Ben Hoo - Marea (Original Mix) - Kindisch Erosie - Disco Noir feat. Lyra (Vincent Thomas Remix) - Swings Records Spencer Parker - Neon (Guy Gerber & David K Mix) - Tsuba K-Os Theory - Technology & Stuff - Massive Duck Records Dabruck & Klein vs Gregori Klosman - Freak (Original Mix) - We Play Axel Karakasis - Flounder (Original Club Mix) - Rhythm Distrikt Juan Diazo & Fhaken - Higher (Original Mix...    
Richi.h.throughout the seventies!: Richi.h. making music since his youth and held various Bands as a guitarist or singer.He has performed in Clubs and Youth centers and a lot of fun.Today Richi.h.works with different styles and music genres are not so easy to categorize.But it moves predominantly in the range Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Songwriter.Currently there are 11 CDs and Music Video 4 DVDs.This is the current state!    
Shingles Anyone!: No not the roofing kind. You know the kind you've probably seen advertisements on tv for the last few years. They show various people with welts and a nasty rash on various parts of their body. They also tell you how painful shingles are. Believe it, it's all true! If you've had chicken pox when you were a child, you have the virus for shingles already in your system and are a likely candidate. Fortunately, there is a shot to prevent you from getting shingles. Perhaps you may want to look into i...    
Hello: I'm new here, so if you wanna help me it's ok... I am from Sweden and I listen to all kinds of music. Everything from 70's music to that as are created today. Sometimes it will be a day without music, but usually remains my laptop on and it played wonderful tones out in the air. Ask if you want to know more. Write if you want to get to know me and if you just peeking: "Thank you for looking!"    
Kong 2.015: New album inspired filme King Kong 1.976- This album is a tribute not only to filme so Dian Fossey and association pro-animals rights and Nature. You can to listen in Official Website.    
berekekê without downloads: Now you can to listen all albums without downloads. Soundcloud technologies oofer online music chart. For limited time enjoy of this promotion from album MIRADORES 2.003. For it, send an e-mail to Official Web "contact" writing: Soundcloud evaluation and you will have this month free this album. http://www.berekekeartist.com/    
The Renewables Revolution HAS arrived!!! "Rays of Hope": Been spending lots of time fighting the dirty energy propaganda wars and this has been so revealing. They are scared, grasping at straws, their minons are nasty, they're in complete denial as the world is moving on...We are making amazing progress transitioning away from dirty energy and I do believe we have a chance! Eaarth has awakened, people feel it, big changes are afoot and it is just in time... The fossils could have joined long ago... they should have. Now they're just holding on, bi...    
Chinese Rockers Second Hand Rose To Perform Paleo Festival, One of Eu: "...when the Tom Waits-like opening to "Picking A Flower" gave way to its folksy chorus, with Liang Long's distinctively Chinese croon, I found myself singing along with everyone else; I knew the melody even though I'd heard it just once before. When the song morphed into a Pink Floyd psychedelic space riff, only to devolve into Peking opera instrumentals and, finally, to nineties-style hard rock, the appeal of this bonkers mixture became clear: it's a tour of the sounds that constitute an ...    
Conceptz Love Jones Video World Premiere!: The long awaited video for the hit single "Love Jones" by Conceptz featuring MelodiQ made its world premiere on VEVO at Midnight EST. Conceptz an Emerging Super Star Duo from Orange County, NY has burst on the scene as one of the hottest Emerging Artist in the industry. Teamed with their Management Company, Hydra Management, they have been able to establish their brand not only in the United States but Worldwide! In the past 6 months they have travelled extensively including performances at SOB...    
Doofie Ritzzel Killa
Biography: Scott grew up pretty rough. He was born at Bay Front Hospital then transferred to all children's next door of it on August 19, 1988 in St. Pete FL as Scott Grant Whitehill. He's the second youngest and half blooded native american cherokee and cree. He had been following his roots since birth. He had several heart value replacements, couldn't eat or swallow of his own, had feeding tubes and medical ports. He was sick since at a young age that no one in his family knew he wouldn't make it. His mo...    
NEW BEAT "IM 100" FREE DOWNLOAD NO TAGS: NEW BANGER I GOT 4 YALL CURRENTLY NO 41 ON SC CHARTS CHECK IT OUT http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?memberID=6708364    
In the yards and alleys: In the yards and alleys In the yards and alleys Dusty small town, Shockingly untidy, Excessive sun (Metallic sun was shining in my eyes Red spots)... Enough North For snow-frosty and snowy winters... I say In the yards of grass breaks. The leaves of dandelions, for example.    
Sakis Gouzonis releases 8th instrumental music album on 15 June: The Greek composer will release his new album on 15 June 2015, which will consist of 10 brand new tracks of free beautiful electronic instrumental music. Sakis Gouzonis, also known simply as Sakis, is clearly one of the most unique success stories. For the past 7 years, Sakis has captivated listeners in and outside Greece. He is one of the most creative electronic music composers and the recipient of many international awards and distinctions. His many electronic instrumental music albums have ...    
Baby Bash – Suga Suga (Arman Cekin + PLS&TY Remix): Earlier this month Arman Cekin and PLS&TY shared an enticing new remix of Baby Bash's 2003 hit single 'Suga Suga'. While the original was a subtle r&b record, Arman and co takes this one into a fresh direction, placing huge emphasis on the fast approaching summer. The future bass rendition possesses some subtle groovy vibes that are just as sweet as the songs title 'Suga Suga'. Stream & Download: https://soundcloud.com/armancekin/suga-suga-arman-cekin-plsty-remix SOCIALS: Arman Cekin https://...    
Dayna Kurtz On Sirius/XM's Kick Out The Jams This Sunday: Northport NY - M.C. Records recording artist Dayna Kurtz will be interviewed this Sunday by acclaimed Rock Journalist Dave Marsh. The show will air this Sunday, April 19 on Sirius/XM channel, The Spectrum at 10AM Eastern Time. Genre busting New Orleans singer/songwriter Dayna just released "Rise and Fall" her first set of originals in four years. On the the program Dayna performs songs from the recording and talks to Dave about her new songs and life on the road. Check out Dayna performing the...    
Classical Trumpeter Mary Elizabeth Bowden Releases debut album "Radi: Classical trumpeter and Yamaha Performing Artist, MARY ELIZABETH BOWDEN has released her debut album, RADIANCE, on Summit Records. RADIANCE is now available on iTunes, Amazon and www.summitrecords.com. Bowden has emerged as a brilliant, young soloist, well known and highly regarded for her artistry and virtuosity, as well as the clarity, purity and power of her sound. RADIANCE features Bowden's interpretations of compositions written by some of the most innovative modern American composers. Ra...    
JES Launches Her New Label InToneNation Records with the Release of ": Dance music star JES has already released two of this year's stand-out tracks "Two Souls" & "Yai (Here We Go Again)" with Cosmic Gate. Now, the diminutive diva with the big voice returns with the debut release "Hold On" on her own, brand new label InToneNation Records. Preview: http://bit.ly/1yyClWw Purchase On iTunes: http://apple.co/1bPsCX4 JES, who has achieved almost every career milestone possible in dance music, has launched InToneNation to gain more artistic control of her releases. As...    
D-ToxXx Music: Check out my mdic and videos!! www.reverbnation.com/dtoxxx www.soundcloud.com/dtoxxx831 Thank You Very Much.    
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user name:KnoxxUOut Productions
age: 29 years old
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hobbies: music,sports,graphics design
favorite bands: to many to name
favorite magazines: vibe,sorce,xxl,scratch,jet
Music has been my love since the day i was born. Several years ago it bacame a dream. With so many different influences, I continue to hone my skills and my craft to become the best hip-hop artist. Branching out into the music producing world, KnoxxUOut productions was born. Creating east coast, west coast, and dirty south beats.
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