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Visit: Visit (a poem in prose) Silver dragon Arrived in the city Park Early September morning. It was still dark. Silver dragon Was in summer sandals On his bare feet. Minutes Silver dragon Got the watch on a thick chain And looked anxiously at the dial. It seemed to him that the arrows stopped. Silver dragon Walked through the alley For a long time, Having legs red leaves. Finally, it became quite light. It could learn. Silver dragon Put on dark glasses. Easily pushed off from the ground, Took off. H...    
Tonys Piano Music
Scotland: A lesson to all of us. Never take friends for granted :) Here's to the future of the United Kingdom. Cheers!    
Jey Gibbs Offers A Party Anthem With His Latest Video "Twerk": The feeling is unlike any other. You're ready to hit the hottest party; the music is bumping so loud you can feel it through your whole body. You come up to the dance floor just to see the sexiest women at the spot, just mesmerizing you with her movements. She's not your typical partygoer, she's a lady; accustomed to finer things in life with expensive taste. But to you, she's Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and you've falling in a trance with how she ...    
Our new rock star: Numerland: Numerland and his new EP "The Messenger" is going to be officially released in September, 23. Very powerful rock in the veins of soundtrack music. Really great EP! You can have a listen at    
"Angel Eyes" is #1 in Euro Pop chart on Sound Click : Our new single "Angel Eyes" performed by Diviana became #1 in Euro Pop chart on Sound Click. We'd like to thank all our fans and friends for supporting our just born song and our very talented artist Diviana.    
Have a Halloween feeling: We're happy to announce that the official release of EP "Turn Me Into Vamp Halloween Edition" performed by Dasha Stapen is fixed on October, 14. But already now our Halloween songs are available on Sound Click at Have a lot fun with pre-listening!)    
Wild Apple: Wild Apple (a poem in prose) On the one hand - hazel, On the other yellow birch. And even with a muddy swamp with reeds. In the middle there is an Apple tree with little red apples. Apples very much. Branches near the ground. I look through these branches. Little red apples in the foreground. And then see the hazel. And yellow birch. And the reeds. And some belated purple flowers. And the pale autumn sky. And silver of the September sun.    
The Rebirth: Bobby D is back in full effect!! New songs on my page. Epic ones. Please take the time to listen if you don't your missing out. Enjoy. I will keep making this music free to the world for as long as I am able. Bobby D Tha Great Thank you all for listening.    
WILLIE BASSE "Green1" Is Really 100% GREEN!: WILLIE BASSE "Green1" Is Really 100% GREEN and Bio-Degradable. Green1 is a new, revolutionary product developed right here in California that cleans, but is safe and 100% CHEMICAL FREE! It won't harm You, or your Pets. Developed to help clean up disaster in The Gulf and Worldwide, Use it on Food, Hands, it's a heavy duty de-greaser as well. At Home, Car, Marine, RV, Tour Busses, Floors, Fabric, Leather... The Pharmaceutical G...    
Auramar on the Algarve: Just returned home after an interesting week on the Algarve at the Auramar. I'll try to get up a representative photo on here. Thanks to my new friend for your great support!    
Bask In This Chapter vol 1. Instrumental Mixtape prod x Q. WiLL 9/30: September 30th will be the release of Q. WiLL's first Instrumental Mix-tape! All Original beats hand-crafted,arranged, & produced by Q. WiLL. Be sure to visit my music store & purchase a copy.    
Time to Evict Irrelevant People From Your Mind: Sisters, In laws, "Friends"... You have to admit, it's easier to forget people who aren't regular in your life. Even when you try to ignore what they do, how they are, or anything related to them, someone else will mention them and you'll just go back to being annoyed and frustrated on their logic. So today, my man talked to me and said something that made so much sense to me. Him: Are they doing something intentional to hurt you? Me: No. Him: Are they making you into a better person. Me: ...    
Cecilia Gault Gets Sexy And Sultry In Her New Music Video "Red Mustan: The environment a person lives in can change them; shape them. From a calm, sandy beach to a field of blinding streetlights in a fast paced metropolis, every environment will bring out the best or the worst in someone trying to survive and make something out of their lives. Such deep commentary, yet 15-year-old songstress Cecilia Gault eloquently captures her environment with her new music video "Red Mustang". The dark, pop-infused track takes the lis...    
Sonick Plague Reunites And Teams With Grammy-Winning Recording Studio: Connecticut's Sonick Plague, known for their 1987 release "What's the Purpose" and subsequent national tour have dusted off the gear and are heading back into the studios after a 26 year hiatus! Original members Ken Cuccaro and Sean Donnelly, together with Chuck Crilly (replaced original guitarist Tim Meehan in 1987) and newcomer Matt Dupre (who replaces Tony Teodoro who lost his battle with cancer in Sep of 2012) have been grinding away and polishing ...    
The Golden section: The Golden section (a poem in prose) The Golden section in the evening. Stone labyrinths of anxiety. Various shades of sadness. Autumn dressed in the dark. Autumn dress in yellow. And purple. In the extreme Fluffy cat, Villavaso from twilight, Stepping softly, Fearing to frighten An imaginary opponent. I gratefully say: "Cat..." And he was arrogant amazement Stops on me Transparent look.    
rambleao: you know why I aint got money it's god. god don't want me to have money. he knows! he knows what I would do with it. buy up all the neighbors houses all the land that used to belong to us the whole ranch. buy it back push all those mc mansions down load them in dumpsters and put it back the way it was when I was a kid open fields horses running loose in giant pastures. if I wanted to I could walk naked for miles and nobody would have seen me. I dug it dug the sh** out of walking endlessly around...    
EVENTIDE UltraReverb PLUG-IN NOW AVAILABLE: Today, Eventide announced the immediate availability of the UltraReverb plug-in featuring reverbs from the H8000, plus compression, EQ, and delay integrated for the most flexible reverb plug-in available. UltraReverb is compatible with AU, VST, or AAX64 for Mac or Windows packed with over 300 killer presets*. For more information about the Eventide UltraReverb plug-in go to UltraReverb is available for only $79 through midni...    
infamous starks
BREAKING CANADIAN HIP HOP NEWS: JUST IN! ILLA STARKS: Broken into the ?#?TopTen?! bands on the ReverbNation Charts! ?#?LocalRank? 2 on the ?#?ReverbNation? ?#?HipHop? ?#?Rap? ?#?Charts? for ?#?TORONTO? ?#?ONTARIO? ?#?CANADA? ?#?Share? ?#?RT? ?#?Listen? ?#?Like? ?#?BecomeAFan? I'd like to say to all my fans out there, Thanks for the support, you helped me get here. ?#?ThankYouFans? ?#?ThanksForYourSupport? ?#?FollowMe? ?#?RePost? ?#?NewMusic? ?#?MusicBloggers? ?#?hiphopBloggers? ?#?ListenToThis? ?#?Uns...    
Skylab Take You On A Musical Journey Into Outer Space With Their Bran: Skylab take you on a musical journey into outer space with their brand new EP 'For The Ones Gone' Skylab has released their brand new EP 'For The Ones Gone'. Teaming up with Bikini Tracks and in collaboration with the Delft Tech University, they take you on a 3-track outer space musical journey from house and disco to funk and rock in a 20-minute long mix of truly earthly vibes. Impossible to point out the exact moment that the Skylab collective wa...    
825 RECORDS INC., BUILDS AND OPENS NEW FACILITY: Since its inception in 2008, 825 Records, Inc., has allowed founding producer & songwriter Matty Amendola to become one of the most hands-on producers around and an "artist development specialist. Following month's of designing by Amendola himself, it was decided to move 825's existing studio and offices one floor above the private location where his father, Billy Amendola and fellow local musicians had been producing music for over 30 years. Combini...    
jethro tull: went to see ian Anderson last night here in Redding it was a good show. I went because we have something in common we both went to different doctors on the same day and let them shove a camera up our butts.. ostensibly to look for colon cancer. I tried to email ian but he is such a big muckety muck that he don't have a email link on his webpage. I was just wondering how his came out the test not the hose. mine was negative good news for me. I hope his did too. but in everything there is a...    
Love & Pain R&B Instrumental Mixtape vol. 1 Coming Fall 2014: This is the R&B Instrumental Mix-tape produced by Q. WiLL, for all Soul & R&B singers. The production on this Mix-tape is designed for artist(s) to express their Love experiences or the Pain that they may have encounter through relationships or other situations.    
Cognac & Cigars Instrumental Mix-tape Coming Fall 2014: This will be the first installment of the Cognac & Cigar Instrumental Mix-tape Series! This version of Production created by Q. WiLL, will contain some of the most soulful Hip-Hop Production for any Lyrical Artist(s). These tracks are designed for artist such as Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Common, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, etc...    
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first name:mike
user name:honda97nsxt
age: 31 years old
hometown: Burnt Hills, NY, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: music, cars, bikes, motorsports, sports (playing and watching) movies
favorite bands: greenday, oasis, keith urban.
favorite movies: Snatch
favorite TV shows: house Well, its a little hard to write a bio about myself. But this is all I'll say. I play music. everything in my music is me, nothing is fake, its ME singing, its ME, on bass, its ME on the drums. I play the music that I wanna hear. Obviously I like it, cuz I made it, and hopefully somewhere along the way, someone else will like it too. I've been around music since I was 3 years old. And I decided that, instead of listening to everyone else do music, I might as well give it a go myself. I am putting some of my friends together to make this a real "BAND", but til then. This is ME So far its just me. I do it all. All instrumentation, vocals, production, everything. I don't know, maybe someday it will change. Depends on how the first couple songs are recieved I suppose My influences are the bands that I like the most. I take their influences in all ways, not to just try and sound like them, but writing styles, sounds, all that. Bands like Alice in Chains, Jane's Addiction (older stuff) DMB, Nickelback to some extent, Greenday definately, Oasis, and so many others, so many other bands have so much talent, I try and take whatever I can learn from that and run with it. And definately ALOT of country music too. Keith Urban, Josh Turner, Little Big Town, ect.....
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