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SO WHAT: so what if you do have 20 years experience doing this! so stinking what how does that affect me? i got to start somewhere and so what if i make mistakes and who are you to say it was a mistake you got he right to say stuff like in my opinion and i think it was crap but you don't have the right to say i made a mistake. as far as i know the only rules are made up by you and you are trying to impose your views as law or the rules of rock this chord always follows that one and the timing is suppose...    
A Manchester Lad - Tyson Fury: Been watching heavyweight boxing fights since I was a kid. Floyd Patterson was the first I listened to on my parents' old valve radio before we had a TV. Then I was dazzled by the skill of Cassius Clay - who became Muhammed Ali. Loved the moment when "our Enry" Henry Cooper put him on the seat of his pants, but of course Henry's face was cut to bits by Clay's jabs and he was completely outboxed. The Joe Frazier / Ali and George Foreman / Ali contests were sheer magic. The later Lennox Lewis vict...    
I'm Listening to . . .: Route 66 in Jazz Swing by the South City Voices. Absolutely lovely arrangement - obviously a Studio recording. So if you're here to listen to others as well as play up your own stuff, and you like Jazz, you'll really enjoy this.    
The Best Way To Turn A Negative Into A Positive...: ... Write about it. Create something all your own out of the experience. A way to take ownership of the situation. Who knows where it will lead?    
Creating a universal culture.TheistIndifference.NoIslamic(mind-)state: Ban Jihad-Sharia-agitation-propaganda: Ban Islam. My value aint corrupt money but human rights. My name is Just war cause I judge right. Sane Judgement against Islamization. Fighting Islamic states & Islamic mind-states. Crucifixions are often in Islamic state territory because Muhammad did it too & untemporaily commanded it. Freedom of religion or tolerance is a dead end culture. Human rights the new religion has a profound fundament based on Human rights & not indifference or tolerance to I...    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Please dont overlook this ....this is Jons best Im so proud of him.: SCRYTREE HAS A NEW TUNE UP....GATHER NEAR.......the dreamed ones are gathering together to placate the SCRYTREE to be REAL.....SCRYTREE is a silent one making itself known through events..THey want to be real.....SCRYTREE is the only being that is real....THey want to know why are they just dreams .....and they are frustrated and moved at the same time by the oneness and togetherness of gathering as one...and they realize the love and enlightenment is what is real........and of course THE SCRYTR...    
Street Performers Who Keep It Real: Lately, I've noticed this young guy, busking away in the center of downtown. He's amazing... you can tell he is a trained musician. Back in the early 90s, I used to see these performers with far more frequency. However, businesses got grumpy, laws were enacted, and the scene changed. Sad. However, I've been seeing more and more real street musicians these days. There are a couple of blues guitarists, a guy with a trumpet, who will sing, "Happy Birthday" upon request, etc. None of these performe...    
Working on the music video for my new single "Fou de toi": Shooting my first music video for my new single "Fou de toi" off my unreleased album "Par La" #Radio Edit Date TBD Filmed in Montreal Directed by Criminyl Available on YouTube Stay tuned!    
Starting New Productions- Check'em out. : Hey guys, I'm working on production for my upcoming project which will feature strictly instrumental productions. All of my production is done with my synthesizer and brings catchy melodies to the headphones. You can check them out at our pages: and Let us know what you think, connect with us on Soundcloud..or even Facebook at: Word is bond! 1 love.    
The Thankful List: It's Thanksgiving... time for the list. The usual. Good health, shelter, happiness, family, friends. Laughter, food, beverages, sunsets, sunrises, moonrises. The ocean. Forests, flowers, and the Earth. Heck, the Universe! And of course, music, music, music. And writing. And reading. You get it. All wonderful and pleasant. However, I am also thankful for my struggles. Thankful for those who have disappointed me. Thankful for that person who broke my heart. Not to sound cliche, but these experien...    
Widya Herma
Widya Herma: Aku akan memperkenalkan diriku yang sebenarnya kepada kawan-kawan, bahwa aku dulu dilahirkan dengan nama URL=""Widya Herma/URL, yaitu sebuah nama yang terdiri dari dua kata namun memiliki arti yang luar biasa. Widya artinya dalam bahasa Sangsekerta yang berarti Ilmu Pengetahuan dan kata Herma artinya diambil dari singkatan nama Emak Dan Abah yakni Herry Yanrich & Maya Rosmaya Damayanti.    
Bless Releases Video For "25th Hour" Featuring Fred The Godson: New Album "Spoils Of War" Available This Friday Bless is set to release brand new album "Spoils of War" this coming Friday on November 27th through URBNET and had posted the video for "25th Hour" featuring Fred The Godson online at The video was shot in various locations throughout New York City and is the first in a series of visuals of from Bless new album. "Spoils of War" features production by Mano Soundmachine, and is slated to feature tracks with collaboratio...    
Tuned Global Recruits Top International Talent to Drive its Ambitious: Tuned Global, an Australian white label digital music provider has announced today that it has appointed three executives with extensive experience for leading brands in both the music industry and digital marketing sector, to help drive its transformation to a global player. The new talent has been sought to drive the firm to achieve its ambitious growth targets in existing markets in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and U.S.A. Tuned Globals successful recruitment drive has attracted som...    
Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action Presents the ELEVATE GENIUS Concert: Some promises are meant to be kept. When Orange County attorney Pamela Tahims brother, Jesse, asked for her help on his new project, she happily agreed. His dream was to create a movement to make popular mainstream hip-hop music more socially conscious. Sadly, Jesse passed away a few days later at only 24 years old from a pulmonary embolism. In honor of her brother, Pamela, along with psychologist Dr. Sonia Singh, founded Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to cr...    
Intro: New to soundclick, just posted some tracks. Had more to post but some track were .wav file. To check out my fuller profile, visit my soudcloud:    
Hear the world premiere of The PondHawks new holiday song Monday, Nov: Hear the world premiere of The PondHawks new holiday song Monday, November 30th, 2015 A special premiere of The PondHawks brand new holiday song will be unveiled Monday, November 30th on Bumps Radio (UK) by DJ, Toby Chicago. The song is the first new music from the Chicago indie band since the release of their 2012 EP Dreaming Over Ireland, which produced their first #1 hit "Drive." As an added treat, you can tune in to Bumps Radio on Monday, November 23rd to hear The PondHawks comedy teaser o...    
Theo Lawrence
New Recording Artists : Independent Artists Dievarious Artists Solo Artists Music Publisher Artists Development Artists Lightning Artists Producer & Eningeree Songwriting Graphic designer    
Drew Patrick's Debut Single "We Generate A Spark" Set To Ignite Dance: From the throbbing drums to the fresh vocals of newcomer Drew Patrick comes a dynamic mix of pop and electronic dance music destined to move the body, melt the heart, and set fire to the soul. Drew Patrick's single "We Generate A Spark" will be released Friday at a private party and available that same day on iTunes, Amazon, and other online digital outlets. "I'm so excited about this song. I want to be a positive energy for people and a spark of inspiration," he says, excitement bubbling from...    
Tim  ......
The SHOWCASE is now OPEN for new song entries (Nov 24th 2015): The long running SoundClick music showcase organised by Larry Ludwick has moved and is now available at Look in the "Showcase" section for regular songwriting showcases and discussions, a community of Soundclick regulars, and a great place to meet potential collaborators. It's easygoing, and absolutely free. Why not give it a try. Submit your song and join in, or just visit to see how it works. New faces are always welcome    
CANDLES & INCENSE TOGETHER: I made some of these "Spirit Logs" in my woodshop to use as gifts for family and made a few extra. They feature wood burned designs, beeswax tea lights and a hole for your favorite stick incense. Check 'em out at my Etsy store:    
Ionized Alkaline Water Is Available Now, Change Your Water / Change Y: IONIZED ALKALINE WATER is super-hydrating, loaded with anti-aging antioxidants that detox, flushing toxins & acidic wastes out of our cells like true natures water was intended to do. #health #AlkalineWater #detox #balance #ionization #antioxidants #antiaging #SuperHydrate here's a short video, please watch: The cells and fluids in most peoples bodies are overly acidic. This can cause a lot of health problems. It prevents your body from neutralizing and disposing o...    
Psychedelic One-Man-Band Debuts Single From 2016 EP: Psychedelic music producer Joey Arkane keeps his hands on the mixing board while stepping into the vocal booth to deliver his "Celestial Junkie" EP. Debuting his vocals and writing, Arkane handled the entire production and sound engineering duties for the project. The listener can expect to hear a hybrid of several musical sounds like Psychedelic Pop, Funk, and R&B intertwined with new age Electro music with a neo psychedelia vibe, while incorporating the retro and vintage styling's of 1970's /1...    
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first name:Carlos
user name:closssss
age: 26 years old
hometown: plantation, Fl, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: making songs
favorite bands: cassidy, lil wayne, juelz, rick ross, nas, and kanye west
favorite movies: transformers
favorite TV shows: lol naruto...i dont watch tv much
favorite books: none
favorite magazines: none
I am 17 and I'm turning 18 in November. I have nothing else to say but to just listen to me closely on beats.
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