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DChord Productions
: Biography: Born in Birmingham UK, now living in West Midlands. Happily married and have lovely children. I Started as a DJ 20 years ago, played at various functions. Few years later decided to produce my own music as well. I studied sound engineering and music business management at Red Tape Studios UK. Since then I had an opportunity work with many professional artists as well as new upcoming artists. Presently I am producing instrumental tracks which are available to download....    
Mike Wayne Productions ( download beats now ): Mike Wayne Productions downoload free beats at my website once finished with the record please send to my email so I can promote your work with you. thank you, Mike    
Tru5tM3 - Chasing Stars: Delivering floor filling anthems is something that comes naturally to Slovakian producer Tru5tM3, who today delivers his latest audio masterpiece, titled "Chasing Stars". Building on the global success of his previous releases, Tru5tM3 embarks on yet another engaging journey of audio experimentation, blending techno, dubstep and underground sounds with a synth driven production and an untamable melodic style. Together with a female vocal, the brand new release encompasses a broad appeal, d...    
The Music Industry Self Help Guide. Taking Your First Steps towards T: The Music Industry Self Help Guide Taking Your Steps towards Trampling Over The Obstacles in an Independent Market is the first literary contribution from author Michael Repel, a longtime working musician and independent record label owner. After playing with many bands, mentoring artists from multiple genres at music conferences, and receiving multiple submissions from unprepared artists and bands; Repel thought it necessary to provide a book for emerging artists that addressed all of the it...    
Agusto Azul
2 songs on tha charts at tha same damn tyme (gotta love it mane): Price of FreeDom & my NU JOINT No K-Y both doin real gud on tha Hip-Hop & RnB charts Check those songs out as well as tha rest of my Musik on SC and Follow me on Twitter @blu_august    
Agusto Azul
News for April FWM follow me on Twitter @blu_august: whut it dew Soundclick it's ya homie Blu august been a min since I did a Blog on this page. I just wana say thank y'all for the support bekuz this is where my solo musical journey started back in 2012, it's now 2014 n my numbers have grown immensely, i've been apart of collabrations and opportunites that wouldn't have been possible it if wasn't for God, and encouragement from tha artist and producers that i've been priveleged to work with. Some ppl would say having only 6 fans isn't a impact but...    
become a fan on fb: If you want to double your fan base in X months, it is possible. You must be very clear about what your goal is and work backwards from there. More importantly, you must track everything so that you can make confident decisions as to what is working and what isnt. Ive given you some ideas as to what I think works the best, but dont be limited by this list or any others try the many different marketing services out there and grade them by your own criteria. Know what will double the size of your...    
Hello from VANCOUVER!!!!: Just a quick HOLA from VANCOUVER!!! Just a beautiful city in every way. First week went by WAY too fast!!! Still got a week left. So many sights, so little time. Taking lots of pics and videos......    
Justin Cmith
Hammered Dulcimer: (function(d, s, id) var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)0; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); (document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Post by Justin Jon Smith....    
Tony Ton
UPON THIS LINE : Hey Community I hope all of you are making awesome sounds breaking the movement in this music industry. I being working on a few things thing to get them out to the public hoping to satisfy all of yalls hunger. Listen to the songs that are available and leave comments. Thanks Tony    
Scholarships search: Scholarship my a**. It's funny how all of these corporate companies brag about their charitable contributions. But when it's time for these pricks to pay the piper, these pricks are nowhere to be found. I'm searching right now for scholarships for different companies that I may have dealings with but I can't find anything, and it's getting irritating and aggravating. I don't want to take out any student loans because I already have one out that I'm paying for. Although my dad is helping me pay f...    
shasta county phooey!: i have lived right here all my life "a long time" same place same address for 60 years. my dad is old and he wanted us boy's to have our own places so he gave us a few acres each but before we can actually have it it needs to be "subdivided" that means the county guy's have to spend about ten minutes on a computer to redraw the plot maps. well it would seem that the county smells money so they are making us pay a ten thousand dollar fee just to divide a parcel of land we already own! and have ow...    
Rapper NazB Brings Greater Awareness Through His Lyrics On "Rape (Sha: Zurich, Switzerland, April 13, 2014 - Having lived and performed all over the world, NazB's life story is a remarkable one. Influenced by native Nigerian music and experiencing success as one of Switzerland's top Hip-Hop artists, his single release titled Shame (Rape) addresses a controversial societal issue. After moving to Switzerland from Nigeria, NazB's music was well received by the country's Hip-Hop fans and NazB received maximum exposure on Robo Clip SF2 and Canadian Music Television. Bu...    
A Festival Giving Back To The Men And Women Who Gave To Us: Fredericksburg, Virginia | April 13, 2014 - Have you ever wanted to give back to the men and women who put their lives on the line? Here's your chance to help support them but not in the typical fashion. Operation Rock Fest with the support of Luke's Wings is creating a rock festival with killer bands to help support our American Heroes in Fredericksburg, Virginia on June 21, 2014. This is a fun way to help support and give back to the men and women who give their lives to save ours. Here are so...    
Beats By Archimage
As you scoll down it gets better: All new instrumental/Beats up! Some beats are contest winners. Check them out, where you're bars at? I'm listening. Hard workers get rewarded,    
Mike Wayne Productions
Free beats on my website enjoy and send the finished record to me!!!: Hey everyone enjoy the free downloads I have on my website below n make sure to email the record after being finished...    
Mike Wayne Productions
BRAND NEW BEAT WITH HOOK - RADIO SMASH HIT!!!: Mike Wayne Productions Brand new beat with hook ready for radio get at it asap for untagged record please email me Thank you Mike    
Don’t Miss The Infatuations’ Epic Detroit Block Party : The Infatuations have made their mark on the Detroit music scene and beyond with their own unique take on the local Motown groove. In May of '14, The Infatuations will release their latest album, Detroit Block Party, and have one of their tracks included on WiFi PR Groups Indie Anthems Vol. 5. When it comes to Detroit music stylings, The Infatuations take the best of what the city has to offer and transforms it for a new musical era. Blending all the great attributes of Motown, funk, soul and...    
get women get money: If you're a content publisher, are you sure that you're getting paid what you should be for your traffic? Making content is expensive, so making sure that you're getting the most money for your traffic is vital. As it turns out, there's a huge difference... Watch live cams Success is in the blood. There are men whom fate can never keep down they march forward in a jaunty manner, and take by divine right the best of everything that the earth affords. But their success is not attained...    
Money on the Mind: I hate to say it, but things have turned for me. A bad turn, I kinda mismanaged some finances and I have some appointments tomorrow at Wayne State, and now I'm scrambling trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I think I can get a short-term pay day loan to make up for my "indiscretions" with the money I've had over the last two weeks. I really don't like to ask anyone for anything, especially my dad. But one thing he has taught me that when you need help, there's no shame in asking for it....    
New tune!! Discombobulated Professor!: New tune!! Discombobulated Professor!! Get yer groove on in the classroom when Einstein 'splains it all!!    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Ive done a nother song with Jeremy aka Sonicism and Drumnjon: THe name of the tune is What I Have..........When I heard Jon s drums on this I had to sing upon it.......Jeremys guitar reminds me of RObbie BLunt old guitarist that worked with RObert Plant.....and Jons drums are so silky smooth with those brushes and that beat soooo sweeet to my ears.......and I am singing vocals with jeremy who is singing soft and sweetly....GUys I so enjoyed working on this with you both....Much love and light......~Katherine    
XS Energy Drink: Hello this is Griffin I've been tring out this new Energy Drink called XS that has no carbs and no sugar. Plus it wouldin't give that sudden crash like Monster and Red Bull which is not healthy for your heart. You can go to this link to find out more.    
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first name:ILL
user name:mojomaine
age: 36 years old
hometown: Maine, ME, USA
my page:
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hobbies: MUSIC and Pottery
favorite bands: any Hip Hop, but most of all KANYE WEST
favorite movies: Scarface, any Horror, Goodfellas, etc..
favorite books: Musashi by Eji Toshikawa
favorite magazines: Rolling Stone
I make Hip Hop music for myself, my family, and my fans. I also design custom hip hop clothing, including but not limited to, sneakers, t-shirts, etc
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