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Can What I Learn Also Help Others?: I am asking people who listen to my music to tell me who I sound like, what is the best genre for me. Why? Because it enables me to better target the audiences that are more likely to like what I put in front of them. WIll it work and if it does work even moderately would it be something others would want to try? No doubt others are taking this approach, and I believe some of them are having some degree of success. I think if I share my experience with others then maybe they too might tak...    
kastbeats : This Is A Kast VA Production! I support who supports me! I Salute All The Producers Who Workin' Everyday In Order To Realize Their Dream peace.    
New Release: Project Zenit "Again" 12" (Ohm Resistance): Artist: Project Zenit Title: Again Cat# OHM 35.1M Label: OHM RESISTANCE Release: OCTOBER 21 2014 Formats: Digital, 12? Maxi-Single Genre: EDM | Sub-genre: Vocal House Similar Artists: TR/ST, M83, Gigamesh, Calvin Harris What do you get when you add Timur Turisbekov, COOH/Balkansky's Ivan Shopov, and Ivo Christov together and let them write sincere, melodic electronica? The answer is Project Zenit, who have produced their first single for vinyl release...    
Sound Training Online Launches Exciting New Courses: Sound Training Online have scheduled the release of two new courses, covering Ableton Live and Native Instruments Maschine 2.0. Sound Training Online has enjoyed great success to date, by offering extremely high quality courses at affordable prices. All Sound Training Online lecturers are active Music Industry professionals, who have built and maintained successful careers within the Music Industry. Using their expertise and years of experience, these ...    
7 Songs of Story: The READY Entertainment Group Presents: "7 Songs of Story" Release Date: 10/31/2014 It will be available for FREE download via PREVIEW IT NOW: Thanks In Advance for Your Support! God Bless    
Candela's New "So Natural" Video Is A Tropical Car Ride With A Beer-I: Candela Music is an Electro-Pop band influenced heavily by Latin HipHop and Electronic elements that uniquely blends spontaneous fun and energetic melodies. Monyo, Mikey and Pepi Candela met while working at a restaurant when they suddenly learned that they all shared the same passion for creating danceable music. "So Natural" is their new single and video inspired by their love for the beach and for hanging out with friends. Rene Pedrosa, who has als...    
Hans-Peter Lipp
Effekto live !: Effekto has performed his songs on street music festivals 2014 as a solo artist with guitar and voice. In Ottweiler - germany ,July at the Stramu in Wuerzburg-germany ,September and at the "Rhythmus unter freiem Himmel" in Emmendingen-germany, September Videos are on Effektos You tube channel :    
Richi.h. On Interesting for music Fans! Richi.h. now also on Richi.h.on CD Baby the best independent music store on the web! Richi.h.artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany    
Nick Messana
yo wanna know me im selling: seating up new pages to purchase my instrumentals and songs i wrote sang all lyrics as well tell friends    
The Fantom Of HipHop Has Arrived.: The Fantom of HipHop has arrived. The Fantom, who infamously also goes by J.Scar, is a Haitian-American rapper, songwriter, record producer, director, writer, and actor from Brooklyn, NY. Best known for his notoriously soulful lyrics and persuasive anthems, The Fantom is preparing for the release of his debut EP, Dont Judge Me fully produced by one of New Jerseys hottest producers, Fresh of Fresh Productionz, in fall of 2014. Born Jean Lodescar, Jr., ...    
Drifting In Silence - Desire (Labile Records): New Release Seeking Reviews and Airplay Artist: Drifting In Silence Album: Desire Label: Labile Records File Under: Electronic, Ambient, Industrial Release Date: October 21, 2014 About Drifting In Silence Drifting in Silence is the name of a longstanding ambient industrial musical project undertaken by multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge. Stembridge chose the name as "a description of the feeling evoked by the music," intended ...    
the big church and the broke dicks: I am weirded out by the giant bethel church here. I ride past it all the time it's huge for redding but tiny compared to some mega churches. but it is a biggie here. I have never attended I freak out in crowds. "my problem" I am working on it. thing is the amount of money they have. must be tons of it there. they built a huge complex and are buying up land and businesses all over town. and I wonder if god really approves of it? the god I believe in just don't need money at all.. they put up a ...    
Chicago Artists And Activists Unite To Promote Community Healing: The Electro Reggae Jam community in collaboration with the Free Write Jail Arts and Literacy Program, is pleased to announce the first in a series of events designed to bring together and mobilize local musicians, artists and activists. On Friday October 24th Electro Reggae Recordings will host a night of live Reggae, Dancehall, Global Bass and EDM (electronic dance music) at the Double Door. Together we will take a stand against the unjust correlation...    
Mr.E Prod.
MOST SHIT IVE PUT !! new on instagram: follow me on instagram , twitter , FACEBOOK, EVEN SOUNDCLOUD! more and more!! i will make most sh** i can even put this even towards the sound designers. #makemoves    
Celebration of Life - October 21 2014 : Yes, it's here finally coming up soon, Tuesday, October 21, 2014, I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. I will be at Nighttown on October 21, 2014 beginning at 6 pm, the show begins at 7 pm. Darren Ginn, the details are attached. Also will be at Nighttown on Friday October 3 where my former Business of Music teacher at CSU Howie Smith, will team up with my friend David Thomas, and others. I will be there as well. See the details attached. Let me know if you can make it, go online to purch...    
Mr.E Prod.
GET at me: all new music or all the same music ... everything I've been pushing. I'm planting it everywhere. like it share it. post it more. tell me the direction.. ill bring you a selection. thanks for listening    
Rachael Sage's Blue Roses Out On Nov. 4, Key US & UK Tour Dates Added: Its an ideal example of pure pop perfectionSage is both captivating and compelling, with a gift for crafting mainstream melodies of the heartfelt variety. If justice does prevail, it ought to elevate her to that much-deserved pop plateau. - Blurt Magazine New York, NY: Indies best-kept secret is finally revealed to a larger constituency on her new album, Blue Roses, set for a November 4th, 2014 U.S. release date. In the meantime, the soulful and melod...    
Mr.E Prod. more music! and getting my instrumentals put to youtube and twitter. blowing up the social web. check sound cloud for more.    
WHAT DO MY LISTENERS THINK?: I am wanting to find out more about how others perceive my song recordings. What do others think is my sound and style? What band do I most sound like? What singer? What style does my music seem most like? What genre or genres does my music best fit into? Please let me know. Thanks    
''QUERO VER DANÇAR'' - Música Nova - Free Download!!: Galera, minha musica nova esta online e se chama ''Quero Ver Dancar'', e no estilo eletronico/dance. Voce podem ouvir ou fazer download nos links abaixo! Espero que voces curtam!! Valeu pra quem ouvir!! :D Guys, my new song in portuguese is online and the name is ''Quero Ver Dancar'', the style is club/electronic/dance. You can listen or download in the links below, I really hope you like this tune! If you listen, thank you! :) DOWNLOAD LINKS: MEDIAFIRE:    
Mike Wayne Productions
Just sampled Let it be from the frozen movie - head to my music page : WWW.MIKEWAYNEPRODUCTIONS.COM Just sampled "Let it be" from the movie "Frozen" listen to it now and download it for free at my website!! WWW.MIKEWAYNEPRODUCTIONS.COM    
EzEyE     EZi Prod
Credibility for Music: Its proven Fact that giving credit helps everybody in any business but today i want to talk about giving credit on beats.. Mixtape, Album and singles aren't required to give credit to a producer signed to their label but what about those who aren't? These days i have trouble finding producers names sometimes google doesn't even have the answer. Usually The Production credit goes in parentheses next to the song title. I feel its only right to do so because its just business. Whether your friend...    
Flights maple leaf: Flights maple leaf (a poem in prose) Large maple leaves Fall down, Making clown-acrobatic Circus flights. The wind sweeps them away in gold stack And then scatters fan. Early in the morning Cloudy and cold, I consider them With unflagging interest. In the evening when it gets dark, And there is no They fly from place to place And talking about me.    
Ilya Golitsyn Night kisses: (chill out, techno, house and trance mixes) Special thanks to Florence Colgate, Armin Van Buuren, Steven Helstrip, Connor Devine, Dom Kerley, Alex Powell, James Macpherson, Chris Chambers, Matt Abbott Distribution of music is Label Worx Limited Golitsyn music label all rights reserved in the United Kingdom, 2014    
Servanthood: Servanthood Matt. 20:25-28, 20-23 The mother and her two sons are worshipping Jesus desiring a certain thing of him. Jesus response to their worship asking of the mother, What wilt thou? V.21. Worship is the only sure way of getting the attention of Jesus. Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth, John 9:31. True worshippers shall worship the father in spirit and trueth: for the father seeketh such to worship him, John 4:...    
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first name:IW
user name:Infinite Weaponry
age: 28 years old
hometown: Dorchester, MA, USA
my page:
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hobbies: Workin' grindin' , makin crack music, smokin piff, Gettin that paper..
favorite bands: B.I.G, Immortal Technique, CNN, 2Pac, Big L, Nas, Jay-z, Punch and Wordz, Masta Ace. Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, NWA, DMX, Lil Wayne
favorite movies: Scarface, Casino, pulp fiction, Boyz n the hood. Menace 2 society, New Jerzey of course Blue Hill Avenue...
favorite TV shows: family guy..simpsons..soprano's..
favorite books: Underground Lawyer, BIBLE, THE TRUTH
favorite magazines: XXL
REAL Hip Hop @ it's Peak!! ... INFINITE WEAPONRY... IW please show ur support by requesting my music on itunes!! > !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please show ur support by requesting my music on itunes!! > ADD Me on MySpace.. > CRIMINAL MINDED MIXTAPE.. > !!HELP SAVE HIP HOP!!
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