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Mike Wayne Productions
Tomorrow I hit the stage with Waka Flocka, Big Sean, Clinton Sparks: www.mikewayneproductions.com Tomorrow we all hit the stage for a night to remember!!! Mike Wayne Productions will be Djing Dlux's set then grabbing a mic to perform Mic assassinationwith them. This is a sold out show of 6,000 people in Lowell MA... DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!!! Waka Flocka, Clinton Sparks, Big Sean, Dlux, Mike Wayne Productions, For Beats go to my site below!! www.mikewayneproductions.com    
Advice on Demo's from Music People-www.facebook.com/TwoFree: We will be putting up some rough demos to get some advice on the sound etc from you. Comments welcome. We raise money for charities and love music. Please like our facebook page too to support what we are doing, it would make our day. We would like to get as many people from over the world as possible. xx    
Please support our page we make music for charity!: Please like www.facebook.com/TwoFree We have a passion for raising money for charities. Please likes us on our facebook page to show support in what we try to do. It would make my day if we could increase the number of likes we have. xxx    
Ilya Golitsyn My British love: Ilya Golitsyn My British love (chill out, house and trance mixes) Special thanks to Armin Van Buuren, Connor Devine, Dom Kerley, Alex Powell, James Macpherson, Chris Chambers, Matt Abbott Distribution of music is Label Worx Limited Golitsyn music label all rights reserved in the United Kingdom, 2014    
Where will rap be in the next 5 years?: Where will rap music go next? Trap music has been popular for years, but most recently been a very high demand type of sub-genre in the last 3 years. Seems like every rapper I know is asking around for trap beats. Anyway the question remains, Where will rap music travel to next? I want rappers to chime in on this. Do you know the future? What do you see? Holla, Young Head Beats Press Play, Be Inspired..    
cold: I am getting older, Fact. I am getting colder, Fact. The winters seem to never get past that temperature that most of us love. The five year olds will swim WITH THEIR 62 degree BLUE bottom LIP quivering "I'm not cold dad"! The Cnd's will swim in 40 degree temps. CND is our neighbor to the north. How do you spell CYND? They replied C ay N ay D ay= Canada    
J Shaw/MSIA027: On Militant Science, Detroit artist J Shaw from Detroit surfing Drexciyan waves on this 2011 release. http://militantscience.bandcamp.com/album/msia027    
Slick Rick signs Administration Deal with Missing Link Music: Hip Hop legend Slick Rick has signed an International Administration Deal with Missing link Music. Born to Jamaican parents in South Wimbledon, London, on January 14, 1965, Slick Rick, born Ricky Martin Lloyd Walters, is the most successful British-American rapper in music history. Brilliant word play, the effortless ability to bring life to the stories he rhymed about, dead on pop-culture references and hilarious one-liners make him the wittiest rapper of all time. He immigrated with hi...    
Mike Wayne Productions
Waka Flacka, Big Sean, Clinton Sparks, M-mills, & Dlux!!: www.mikewayneproductions.com Hey everyone make sure to get out to Lowell Mass for a chance to see my recording artist Dlux hit the stage with a number of major acts.. 6000 tickets have been sold do not miss this event!! Waka, Big Sean, Dlux, come here my beats played loud... Details below in link!! http://www.tsongascenter.com/event_details.php?id=336    
recent holywood movies: Horror movies didnt just recently become one of the fundamentals of the World of Cinema but actually it always did, ince antiquity it got everyones attention on a very large scale, so every year comes a great horror phenomenon to be added to the list of horror movies. recent holywood movies    
really!: here is a good reason you just plain do not want to live here in good old california check this out it';s almost like the twilight zone but it's real look at the picture of that big old oak tree that fell on my trailer house nobody was home at the time it got smished ruined busted boards crushed windows mashed frame just plain ruined when it happened i thought wow this is a case for my insurance company. well turns out i am only covered for a max of 500 bucks on any out building and that'...    
Need Beats? www.soundclick.com/griffinoftheevloution: What's good this is Griffin I hope evevryone's weekend was great this week I will be sellin my beats for $50.00 Exclusives. This means you will have the rights after you purchased the beat or beats. Os if you are serious about needing beats hit me up and let's work.    
Jessica Marie Alba
Mike Wayne Productions
3 new beats posted on my soundclick page with free downloads!!: www.mikewayneproductions.com 3 new beats everyone that's right 3! come to my music page and go through over 50 beats YES 50 Beats!!!!! FREE DOWNLOADS W/ HOOKS ENJOY WORLD THANK YOU SOUNDCLICK!! www.mikewayneproductions.com    
Richi.h.is working on a new song!: Particularly for people from UK. of interest! Please bring me the tea.genre style Punk Rock.A song by the CD"Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Mix Vol.10" Read a little by chorus:You are saying it just now, you just are saying it again now please, sweet brings me the tea my darling you, oh no not again this not no Kate please, I don't want I will go now to stay no more----- Some people want to listen to other music! Richi.h.artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany...    
Sammy Hakim's New Music Video "Tuck Me In" Has A Powerful Message Aga: Music has the power to speak up when your voice is hurt, when you can't speak. Sometimes it's a broken heart, but other times it's from a broken home. Violence never amasses to anything positive and people say fight for your rights. But at times, the pain is too much to bear; until you hear a song that strikes the chord for change. That's exactly what young songwriter, pianist and singer Sammy Hakim promotes in her latest video for new single "Tuck Me In". At just the young age of 18, Sammy ha...    
Achieving The Success You Want Is.....: ...Often difficult at times in this new techno-age world we live in. Ask my NC native homeboy Michael Jordan and he will gladly smile and tell you he could not have won 6 NBA Championships and 1 NCAA Championship all by himself. With the consistent help from great friends and outstanding teammates, my independent brands "Tony Picasso" and "Loco Swagg Entertainment" are truly building and growing on MTV, iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, and many others. Our newest marketing team member USA Fan ...    
Little Arrow Envelop Listeners on Upcoming LP, Featured Track and Int: Nu folk artists Little Arrow have big plans for this year with an upcoming LP, Furious Finite, an interactive virtual reality video experience and a featured track on WiFi PR Groups Indie Anthems Vol. 5. With a delicate balance of soulful nu folk, Little Arrow are five musicians dedicated to delivering infectious melodies that hark to surreal, otherworldly places and aiming to heal the weary soul. This rich blend of music will soon be featured on their upcoming LP, Furious Finite, a one-of-a-...    
Mike Wayne Productions
Another new beat just posted this is SUMMER CERTIFIED! bLUE SKY'S: www.mikewayneproductions.com Mike Wayne just produced another smash hit for the summer!! Pop n hip hop heads this ones for you go to site below and enjoy.. Have a great summer everyone Thank you, www.mikewayneproductions.com    
Love You More lyrics: Love You More (Craig Stephen Raymo/Chris Capozza) You said you love me But I love you more More than ever before You said you love me But I love you more You said you love me But I love you more More than ever before You said you love me But I love you more Love you more, more, more, more I love you more You're thinkin' while you're sleepin' How your mind stays awake You take a look at me And my knees start to shake I wouldn't change a thing about you I wouldn't change a thing about you You...    
At Coachella, WiFi PR Group Unleashed Indie Anthems Vol. 5 on Industr: WiFi PR Group released their latest compilation installment, Indie Anthems Vol. 5, at Coachella last weekend, which is an album packed with 39 tracks from rising independent talent specially curated for industry tastemakers. Nowadays it can be nearly overwhelming for music lovers to discover new and up-and-coming artists amidst the proliferation of independent talent that has hit the web over the past decade. So how can music fans sift through the noise to find where the best indie talent is ...    
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first name:Anna
user name:DatOneAndOnlyNdNGurl
age: 25 years old
hometown: Irving, TX, USA
my page:
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hobbies: Listening to music, watchin TV , practicing skillz
favorite bands: Play-N-Skillz, Juan Gotti, Lucky Lucciano, Pitbull, Baby Bash , Bone Thugs and Harmony, SPM, Lumidee, MS POWDA, NB Ridaz, Latin RAP, REGGATON
favorite movies: Friday, Friday 2
favorite TV shows: George Lopez
favorite books: rather read a magazine .......
favorite magazines: Block 2 Block
***[2 S3XY 2 B3 S!NGL3]*** / !MA FL!RT ;] ***JUS H3R3 4 FR!3NDZ***TALKN 2 S0M30N3 SP3C!AL CAREER GOAL TO BECOME A WEB ADMINISTRATOR/ GRAPHIC DESIGN educated with basic html and some photoshop and macromedia fireworks mx web 1 and web 2 attending college will start on degree next semester...... LUV UNDAGROUND RAP B-CUZ I DON'T LIKE HEARING BUBBLE GUM RAP THAT ERRY BODY BE BANGIN ON DA RADIO MY PAGE IZ CURRENTLY JACKED UP I DON'T BUMP DAT WACK MUSIC ON MY PAGE, AND GOTTA FIX MY STATIONS
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