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New Player - Opposites: We are starting a new player from April 30th to run until May 20th. It's Spring...the season of changes and opposites. Sunshine and showers, cold winds and warm breezes, dull days and bright days. So we want you to choose 2 songs that are compete opposites of each other. For example you could send us a sad song and a happy song, a fast paced song and a slow song, a song about sunshine and a song about rain. The possibilities are endless. Any 2 opposites of your choice (that have not been on o...    
Booking for exposure part 3: I remember my very first band back in 1968. We had a booking agent that booked just about every gig we ever played. Thereafter, about 75% of the bands I was in, had a booking agent. Even the most recent bands were booked thru an agent. We made decent money and to this day I still get contacted by an agent wanting to book me and my band. But thats not my secret altho it may be to your advantage to look into one as they can be an invaluable source for input and getting you decent booking that pay...    
Alexander Aruca
Buy my music: Go to my home page, alexanderaruca.com where 100% of your purchase of my music goes to me. Stop in & leave a comment & or join the mailing list. Alexander Aruca    
DANGER ZONE (MAFIA) - NEW SONG - FREE DOWNLOAD!: Hello everybody, after 8 months I have new songs coming and the first one is called ''Danger Zone (Mafia)''. I've had a lot of fun creating this tune, so please listen and download in the links below. Thanks! .:. Ola galera, apos 8 meses eu tenho musicas novas chegando e a primeira se chama ''Danger Zone (Mafia)''. Eu realmente me diverti muito criando essa cancao, entao por favor oucam e baixem. Obrigado! :) DOWNLOAD: MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rci0pc378te8eht/DangerZone INVA...    
Buy / Sell Instrumental Music / Beats Online!: MyInstrumentalMusic.com provides opportunities for up and coming music producers to sell their instrumental music online by offering them a medium to upload their music for musicians worldwide. In our world of music, producers and artists might not have the ability to collaborate across long distances and work together due to various reasons. The services provided on this site are best suited to the demands of the target audiences and features the means to manage both the producer and the artist...    
Globalfirm. Global constitution for social & ecological security.: The problem with the law codes of the USA, CAN or EU is that the whole of Muhammad's sadist, theist & anti Afro racist law codes is embedded in their constitutions via the religious freedom clause. We need to organize a certified global reevaluation of the law code & create a global constitution based on global human rights, global ecology, global freedom & global identity, global English, condemning of Muhammad & banning of Muhammadism, cultivation of accessible ecological best quality basics, ...    
semi precious declaration!: back to the television again my wife saw a home shopping thing about some jewelry oh looky at that it's only 49'00. what is it says me? it was a big old earring plated with solid gold with a giant semi precious stone. wow great i told her of course you do realize semi precious stone means shiny worthless rock and plated with solid gold means it's brass with microscopic thin gold electroplate and it's total real value is about twenty cents. so if you want to blow fifty bucks on a twenty cent e...    
not about NATIONALISM. # Condemn Muhammad, ban Muhammadism.: Canadian Prime minister Trudeau said Canada wouldn't be at war with Islamic state & has withdrawn support for the already unfocused, ineffective, military coalition against the Islamic State terror group. My comment: He said Canada is not at war with Isis? That's the effect of undefined values & national sovereignty. Politics must be defined by global human rights, global ecology, global freedom & global identity, global English, condemning of Muhammad & banning of Muhammadism. Global responsibi...    
Global human rights, global ecology, global freedom, global identity.: Time we create a worldwide voteable party association that doesn't has it's focus on nationalism but on condemning Muhammadism, on human rights & ecology. On Turkey allegedly arming Islamic State with advanced weapons (while Journalists in Turkey that allegedly photographed weapons-deliveries to Turkey face life-time imprisonment) & Muhammadist terrorist from China in Syria: Armed drones are the unused solution. Germany under Muhammadist Merkel is a mere extension of Turkey under Muhammadist Er...    
Condemn Muhammad, ban Muhammadism! Nationalism is dhimmitude.: On anti Israel groups: This is a global battle of values: global human rights versus sadist, anti Afro racist Muhammadism. Where is their solidarity with people oppressed since Muhammad by Muhammadism? People need to evaluate their values concerning global human rights, global ecology, global freedom & global identity & a global, voteable party to confront them with this necessity. That's why we should target people with potential ambitition for global human rights, global ecology, global freedo...    
Condemn Muhammad, ban Muhammadism. Global human rights. Comments.: On Israel: There won't be no superficial negotiations. Either people understand that Muhammadism must be banned & replaced by human rights or no progress will be made. Matter of fact the only progress is Israel. I have realized that not just the Muhammadism obliging but also the non-Muhammadist societies must become civilized in regard to values. People seem to accept the government's solutions as ethical even when they are not & just superficially but not profoundly ethical. Politicians, polic...    
Reevaluating values: Condemn Muhammad. Love human rights.: Reevaluating values: Condemn Muhammad. Love human rights. People unite against Muhammadism worldwide. Those that critisize Pamela Geller for responsibly standing up for human rights don't care for those who are suppressed with murder, crucifixions, torture, enslavement as permantly commanded in Muhammad's sadist, anti Afro racist paragraphs of injustice, nor do they have respect for themselves or the victims of Muhammadism since Muhammad. Human rights now! This superficial constitutions & Muha...    
Human rights trump tolerance. Globalfirm, the world is our country.: Human rights trump tolerance. Giving Muhammadism the appearance that it can be moulded into a peaceful religion incites Muhammadists to violent behavior. Human rights or an invented human rights version of Muhammadism is regarded as discrimination by Muhammadists. It's Muhammadist tactics. It's better to be honest, ideologically stay in the realm of human rights, not be undertheorized & condemn Muhammadism with it's permanent paragraphs of sadism, military world suppression & it's anti Afro myth...    
Humanrights as inner discipline with evolving politicalResponsibility: The difference between Muhammadism & non-Muhammadism is, Muhammadism is obliged to sadist, anti Afro racist slaver Muhammad's paragraphs for a world-tyranny, while non-Muhammadist political culture has developed & this development must not be halted but fiercly continued to establish ethics globally: global human rights & ecology, global freedom & global identity. That's why it is important that we create a global, voteable association with the goal of a global human rights & ecology protecting ...    
UK Vote for Brexit: Ok, so Obama visits Cameron in London. Cameron feeds Obama a script to tell UK voters who may be thinking of putting their cross against OUT that Britain cannot take for granted immediate new trading relationships with the USA. Obama says it in his own words that Britain will be at the back of the queue! Brits don't like being told what to do by foreigners - even foreigners who are family, - so there is a surge in people saying they will vote to leave EEC now! Talk about Laurel and Hardy!!    
Timeless + Transcendent: Allison Crowe and Band on Tour and Record: Like Bob Dylan at Newport, like Bruce Springsteen at The Bottom Line, Allison Crowe and Band electrified musically on tour in Europe this past month. Heres the groups final bow on stage in Brussels after the second or third encore of the night: l r - Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals); Celine Greb aka Lin Lin (cello, vocals); Dave Baird (bass); and Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran). This closing concert of the first leg of of the Heirs Grievances tour happens in a pl...    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Facts over fiction.: They want fiction over facts. Facts that should be teached by the education-system are thatMuhammad behind his propaganda religion which is aimed to deceive non-members commanded permanent, strict paragraphs, guidelines to militarilly set up a sadist & anti Afro racist theist system of injustice. Facts are that theNobel-prize comitte had the audacity to give a misleading Nobel-prize to Yasser Arafat. Such a prize should represent ethics: human rights & ecology & not the sadism & anti Afro racism...    
Globalfirm is human rights & ecology in a coherent concept. Comments.: Muhammadism is unjust. Muhammad's permanent paragraphs to for example crucify those who critisize his sadist, theist, anti Afro racist dogma are not subject to interpretation. It must stop that humanity's course for human rights is sabotaged by the unjust, sadist values of Muhammadism. A distinction from Muhammadism must be made to achieve success for human rights & prevent moral confusion in society globally. The point of Globalfirm is to set laws to protect human rights & ecology globally. ...    
God Is Great: Hi To Everyone who is playing my songs. Thanks so much for listening. I just want ti say that God Is Great in my life, and I hope He's the same in yours. I don't always comment when I check in, but I visit the page often and appreciate the page views. I hope you are having a fantastic year. God bless you! Cheryl Scroggins Songwriter aka "SherieDee." Member ASCAP.    
Trump Landslide - Donald J. Trump wins in 5 states.: Donald J. Trump won in Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania. Every state is a bigger win than the next. 950 Delegates so far and the Trump Train is OFF!!!    
Ziplok on Soundcloud: Soundclick has few people checking it and Soundcloud has MANY people checking it www.soundcloud.com/ziplok    
Bernie Sanders Is A Communist.: its almost over for Bernie so lets see how many flip flop into Clinton supporters after the fact that Bernie is cancelled out. Amazing election so far.    
The Blue Danes Release Highly Anticipated Debut Album "Invisible And : Cedar Falls-based alt-rock band, The Blue Danes have released their debut album "Invisible and Untouchable" on Chicago label Loki Valhalla Productions. This haunting lyrical masterpiece includes the highly anticipated release of the popular single 'Beautiful and Sad' which has earned over 24,000 YouTube views. Formed after the breakup of the local alt-rock band Toast, ex-bassist Shaun Courbat and ex-guitarist Frank Hansen partnered with veteran drummer Skip Lowe to form The Blue Danes. Their na...    
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first name:Benson
user name:Acey BlackStar
age: 27 years old
hometown: Washington DC, DC, USA
my page:
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hobbies: Basketball, Making Music, Being In Control
favorite movies: Kill Bill Vol.1 & Vol.2 (This Film is Gangsta Art),
I was Born and Raised in Totty Town, LDN. I come from an Ghanaian Family and I love every bit of being Ghanaian. I've seen a lot of things in the few years that i have walked on this earth in Totty Town. I didn't want to b apart of dat so i went my own way and started doin my own thing as a Black Man. I'm simply multi-talented and a born Leader. U can put me in and field or in any job, and even if i don't wat im doin, i will still lead. Im a International Business Man, hustlering in Washington DC & London. I love to play basketball but i would love to be a Sports Agent. I luv producing Music. Don't like to restrict myself when it comes to making music. When u bring different elements of music back into the Urban Genres, it makes the music a whole lot better. I also sing and write songs including poems. I really take my music seriously because its a way of me reflecting how i feel. i luv to produce stuff dat people can jus listen to as an Instrumental. I luv unnderground and fresh talent because they haev this essence of a amateur tryna come up in the game. Thats when u can tell if they r hott or if they are jus simply not. God has blessed me with this skill. I Produce On FL Studio when i am using a PC but I use Garageband & Logic on My MacBook. 2 much u say 4 a Ghetto Bredrin from Totty. Well im still Ghetto at Heart. So even if im a Millionaire, i will still buy the cheapest but yet the quality products From Tesco.
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