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EP: NOW OR NEVER [Free Download!]: Meu novo EP chamado ''Now or Never'' com 5 faixas, por favor Baixem nos Links a seguir. Download Liberado! Obrigado. .:. My new EP (Now or Never) with 5 new tracks, please Download in the Links below. Thanks! Now or Never Show - 50 Minutos - Pop-Rock-Electronic Contato / Whatsapp: 17-996569295 DOWNLOAD LINKS: MEDIAFIRE: SUA MSICA: YOUTUBE:    
[Popular] Marvel Contest of Champions Hack Easy to Use: Marvel Contest Of Champions is the most recent game about the renowned comic books. The sport is highly anticipated and also marvel contest of champions hack apk the evaluations are bursting with pleasure about it. Gamers already love it. They're on their way to send Kang. The goal would be to prevent him from destroying the Marvel universe. To do it you will want a great deal of resources. Not that you have not guessed it. That signifies possibly pay up or cheat. In the event you intend to f...    
Dekoracje do biura: Zdecydowana czesc sposrod nas wolala brac w zakladzie cos innego jesli idzie o jego wystroj. Nie jest toz dobrze nic tak waznego do zrobienia jakby sie nam moglo czasami wydawac. Wystarcza nawet duze zdjecia na granice, ktore doskonale beda sie prezentowaly naprawde w jakosci fototapety, jak i w jakosci obrazu w ramie. W ostatnim drugim przypadku jestesmy do wykonywania z niezwykle ciekawym polaczeniem nowoczesnej technologie druku i wykonania takiego filmu z fotografii z zazwyczaj niebywale dos...    
Solid Methods For Getting Your Internet Marketing Up And Running: It is pretty much a given fact that you need to work quite difficult in Online marketing. Additionally it is genuine that Internet marketing needs to be done efficiently to be effective. You don't wish to overwork while approaching things an unacceptable way. The information listed here will give you with methods to stay headed in the right direction. You may then decide which version is most beneficial by considering the number of people subscribed. Do not overlook the potency of direct marke...    
Yet Another Great Song Placement on the INVALID Killer Women" on ABC: Staring the beautiful Tricia Helfer, Killer Women quickly became a loved American Drama Series. Patrick Antonian in collaboration with Eddie Correa, Amy Correa, & Les Correa, & Richard Wolf (Collectivley know as the Skuffmarx, Producers Lab, and SoundMind Industries Team) has created another amazing song to capture the mood of the show. Music is very important when it comes to setting the tone for a TV show. Numerous placements have solidified the team as a great "Go To" partnership which can ...    
Liar Liar pant suit on fire: Trump says, tongue in cheek, that the Russians should hack hillarious emails. Thirty three THOUSAND emails. Now the dumbocratz will jump on any utterance pretending it was meant as a policy statement rather than a little dig at their loser twit with deplorable ethics and history. So the dumbocrats take that on face value. Never mind they can't see that they are being reminded of their past crimes.The Russians have hacked hillarious' emails as has been proven buy the hackers. They've posted some...    
Take Advantage Of This Advice To Turn Into A Great Online Marketer: Running a business of your personal is a wonderful way to take charge of your life, as you may solution to no person but yourself.Internet marketing will help with these things so that an actuality for you personally. You have to have a superb website before worrying about getting it ranked. This should be the principal step for anyone in web business. The greater your site looks and functions, the a shorter time you must placed into maintaining it. Your website's tag supplies a perfect opport...    
Dru Ross Releases "Love Simulation" To Radio - L.A. Hip Hop Artist's : L.A. Hip Hop Artist Dru Ross announced the release of his new single "Love Simulation" to national radio this week. The single is being well received by radio in its opening week including 2nd "Most Added" AC40/National Radio Hits, AC40/New Music Weekly, and 4th "Most Added" AC40 by FMQB, (Friday Morning Quarterback). The new single "Love Simulation" is an original song co-written with Producer Larry Weir. Dru collaborated with Weir and his brother Grammy Award winning Recording Engineer, T...    
Return Of The R&B Soul Bands!: KLYNTEL (KLY-N-TELL) is an R&B/Soul & Fusion Instrumental band from Seattle. YES an actual BLACK band! From Fusion Jazz to Soul and Hip Hop Klyntel prides themselves on musicianship. Fronted by vocalist Todd Brown & Kristyna Hope, these two remind you of the "not so long ago" groups like "Koffee Brown" and "Damien Dame" Accompanied by songwriter and founder D. Fernandez Lockhart and Music Director and bassist Marvin Shields Jr. they make up the other half of the production team. "We want to ...    
twilight zone moment part one: I was on my trek thru the north woods when I came across a boat launch sign up ahead on the left. I slowed down as I wanted to check it out as Ive done several times during my trip. Boat launch sites are access sites to either a lake or a river which tells me that its a good bet for some really nice landscape photos. The road to the launch site wasnt really a road but just a narrow path hardly ever used. It was just wide enough for me to get through the thick of the forest. It seemed to me that ...    
Dean Bowman & Ebraam : The Extraordinary Love Story Of Aye Aye & Fedo: Dean Bowman, an eclectic singer and educator from the New York scene, has already explored original paths in various music ensembles as well as solo, always with a special virtuosity in his endeavours He comes to the fore now narrating overtop ten amazing jazz-rock compositions by Dutch master pianist Michiel Braam and his band. The spoken story is based on "The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor" an inspiring children book written by biologist, illustrator, poet, writer, produce...    
Pyott Road bus: Anita McCoy Hi to Loretta, Doretta, and Anita McCoy. We rode the Pyott road bus to school with Pam Z, Sandy B, Alice Eich, Big Ron, Gordy, Peggy, Jeanie, Wendy and Tony Kakianis. Anita is, my guess, the FABULOUSLY wealthy matron of her family and still looks like she is 28 years old.    
Album within some days available!: Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Mix Vol.14 The album is available in all important music stores ca.25.Aug.2016 Music needs a place! Richi.h.artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany    
LIVE IT UP - [New Song+Free Download!]: Ola galera, a minha nova musica ja esta online e se chama ''Live It Up'', por favor oucam ou baixem nos Links abaixo. Muito Obrigado! .:. Hello guys, my new song, Live It Up, is now online and you can listen or download in the Links below. Thank You if you listen :) DOWNLOAD: MEDIAFIRE: SOUNDCLOUD: SUA MSICA: JUMPSHA...    
Taiwanese Guitar Man
The Return of Patrick Lew Band (PART 3): Lew was trying to broaden his amateurish garage-y punk rock past and was aiming for more dirtier and gritty arena rock reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s while maintaining his 2000s era signature garage punk sound. Recent music from PLB however is a slight departure from past efforts, as more of Lews 80s and 90s rock aspirations becomes present in the songwriting and ideas. Instrumentation is somewhat tighter and while Lew retained most of his trademark guitar tones, vocal style and his s...    
Taiwanese Guitar Man
The Return of Patrick Lew Band (PART 2): Patrick Lew Band returned to the indie scene on New Years Day 2015 and Lew intended to be rather known as a digital multimedia artist as opposed to being a wannabe rock star. He wanted to make PLB less thrusted into the spotlight and media and intended to create music in PLB on his own terms and put himself out there on social-media without having anxiety over how social-media or the public views him and the newly revived PLB. Lew then invested into newer technologies such as iMacs, synthesizers...    
Taiwanese Guitar Man
The Return of Patrick Lew Band (PART 1): THE BUILDUP After the release of Murder Bay, Patrick Lew Band toured locally and the group began working on rebuilding their band and their business slowly. Lew, itching to work on new music in his home studio, began recording demos and kept them on his hard drive. When he presented his musical ideas to his then-bandmates Greg Lynch and David Hunter, they were turned down by his former bandmates. Instead, Patrick Lew recruited his long-time best friend and PLB drummer David Arceo and his then-fi...    
Diamond D And The Stargazers Celebrate Their One Year Anniversary At : The NYC based punk rock jazz fusion band with skater roots is celebrating their one year anniversary Tuesday July 26th @10pm at Arlene's Grocery, which is where they played their very first show June 2015. Their debut album, Welcome to New Punk City gives you that raw psychedelic punk rock vibe that instantly transports you to the Lower East Side in the late 80's. Armed with a Fender Stratocaster, frontman Diamond D is a dangerous man. Guided by the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, any venue can turn in...    
New song (Pain and Suffering) Coming Soon.: A New song called Pain and suffering.All about How i tried to help a friend of mine who had mental health issues.But sadly he never listen,d to my advice and sadly passed in 2012.
Funds Raised In July To End Police Brutality: We wanted to take the time to let everyone know that we were able to raise and donate over $300 to help aid those who have fallen victim to police brutality, we know this is not much but it's a start. We want to say thank you to all of our customers and followers that helped make this possible. The proceeds were donated to NPAP. The National Police Accountability Project (NPAP) is a non-profit membership organization of plaintiff's lawyers, law students and legal workers dedicated to ending poli...    
Song + Production Music Contest 2016: HOFA Produktions & Song Contest Please listen and vote.. Night Fever Thanks red5music - Pluxx7 Music Studio    
RapMagic- Live in the Spitshine Studios Booth 2016: Rapmagic inside the recording booth at Spitshine Studios 2016. We recorded Avalanche and Landslides. My latest battle rap for the lames that ain't real to the rap game. Let's get it!    
RapMagic- Avalanche and Landslides 2016: We just finished our latest track that's been called one of the best Latin rap underground artists that has lyrically and vocally taken over the TEXAS BATTLE RAP TITLE FOR 2016-17. Please be sure to visit RapMagic at    
Robert Kramer Releases "The Place They Call New Orleans": While attending the Zone Music Reporter Music Awards event in New Orleans last month, Chicago-based recording artist/composer Robert Kramer penned his own personal tip of the hat to the "Big Easy". Titled "The Place They Call New Orleans", the song, inspired by Kramers' first-ever visit to the city, is an upbeat rousing folk/rock tune with a cajun flavor that captures the cities' eclectic charm and personality. The tune is the title track of Kramers' new 3 sided CD single, which includes tw...    
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Hello world... Welcome to Geeville. I'm from Charleston, South Carolina. My Geechee home lifestyle and my college lifestyle create interesting subject matter, and that's what my and my team bring musically.
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