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Town - can it be the appropriate Destination to Keep - Hancock Propert: Residences in Ocala Sarasota was typically during costly real estate property that is going to be sought after under the patronage of stars, that well-off entrepreneur or fellas who like a pretty trendy place to live within a appealing postal code. While roof and a specific place of work, The The spanish language design residence, which is going to be based on the 1Per2 acre good deal in Fl, functions an take in in cooking area, a broad lounge room, an official family room with a beamed invitee ...    
the solan goose
NEW SINGLE - AIN'T THAT A PISSER b/w PRUNE JUICE: Top 40 and still climbing.. keep it rolling! The brand new single by The Solan Goose, the melancholy, acoustic "Ain't That a Pisser"... listen to it today!    
Enter for a chance to Win Fender Stratocaster Guitar with Case: Buy Angel Steel "Best of a Decade" Autographed 3-CD Set Sara Ann Garrison "When I See You" Autographed Single and you'll be entered in a drawing to win an Autographed Fender Stratocaster. You can see Angel signing the actual guitar! The Guitar also comes with a carrying case you can see in the background of Angel's video here, If you buy one order, you will be entered once-two you will be entered twice and so on. Visit to find out more:    
Presion arterial que es normal: Tension arteriosa alta - Lo que necesitas hacer para poder calmar la tension Cual serian las causas muy frecuentes de la presion elevada Vivir importantes inconvenientes de sobrepeso u grosor. Es comprensible determinar que el mas grande es su peso somatico, mas dificil que su musculo cardiaco va a tener que esforzarse para bombear la sangre a su derredor. En conclusion, se produce un acentuacion de la tension en las paredes arteriales que bastante sangre se produce para aprovisionar el airear...    
Talking with Dad: I'm just sitting here vegging on my thoughts for the most part. I had a really good talk with my Pops about my future and other things of the such. I don't look at my previous blogs so if I went off the rails, it was for a reason. (Actually I go off the rails in most of them anyway, but hey whos keeping track?) Talking with my Pops made me realize that things aren't going to be the "struggle and fight" routine as they are right now. He also reminded me that I'm a "late-bloomer"which I take no ...    
Up Coming Artist Hip Hop Check Me Out !: Just Dropped A Music Video Check It OUT    
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New Releases Player: Stand by Clickers - Get your new songs ready for our New Releases Player starting on January 31st!. All types of new songs welcome. Send a PM to us with a link to your latest creations - we will start adding your music NOW!!    
Why song lyrics are so important to Make a Memorable Song? : In my opinion, music has the potential to alter the world. However, the changes still have to start with the person. You can learn the secrete of the ages through songs lyrics if you are capable of listening music very well. What makes a good song so appealing to the people? To answer it, I must say that we always enjoy the song when we know the exact lyrics of the song. Lyrics is soul of the song. Music and Lyrics there's only two reasons you like to listen song. Lyrics are equally important...    
Just Venting Again: I can't believe it's been so long since I've written, especially since I've had so much going on. I like to be completely honest with you America, but I like to leave tid bits away from close friends who may read and think less of me for relinquishing the entirety of my thoughts. First off I guess I'm just a little irritated by everything and anything I can think of. You name it; music, women, people, my dog, money, school, myself. The women thing I've already discussed in previous blogs, so I ...    
Award Winning Southern Rocker Launches Indiegogo Campaign For "Outlaw: Known as the Outlaw Southern Rocker, 29 year old singer, songwriter, producer and 8-time award winner Glitter Rose launched her 30 day Indiegogo campaign today in support of her 3rd full length studio album "Outlaw In Love". GR is a 17 year veteran in the music industry, and has worked as an independent artist her entire career. She is a perfect blend of rock, country, pop and alternative. Her first 2 albums, "Southern Comfort" and "Dead or Alive", s...    
Well, Well, Well! Midland Rock Band Capture Horse Rampage On Video: Newly formed Staffordshire-based grunge rock band SLUMBERDOG have released their first music video for brand new single The Well, in support of their debut album Orca. The home-made animation shows a day in the life of a local horse who goes out for a quiet drink at a bar, but ends up getting more than he bargained for when he bumps into an old adversary. This is the second song to be released from the 3-piece band's self-produced record, after BBC WM...    
the solan goose
NEW SINGLE - AIN'T THAT A PISSER b/w PRUNE JUICE: On the rise from #69 to #42 on the Acoustic Charts.... charging its way towards the top of the charts! "Ain't That a Pisser"'s the mellow brand new single from the Solan Goose.... new album is planned for later this year.    
The Trial You're On: is our new release here on Soundclick. This song is done in the guitar rock style similar to Grand Funk. The hard kick drum tightly in sync with the bass guitar gives this song a strong beat that supports the rhythm of the lead guitar and while providing a contrast to the tone of the vocals. Had this song recording sitting unreleased for public since November last year as we were not sure if it was ready to be uploaded on to sites on the internet. Now we think is a good time to put it ...    
ChloeJames Makes Top 10 on Reverbnation Charts : Spoken Word Artist, Chloe James continues to excel as a artist. Ranked Number One on the Houston Charts, she has been viewed as a profound writer among her peers. Her music profile is extensive, and her love of writing and telling stories are peeking interests among radio stations, record labels and other artists. Since the release of her mix tape in 2013, she has recently released new music. THE WRITINGS OF LIFE is doing very well on the charts and continue to build momentum as she is discove...    
Check out this Pop/R&B Instrumental $25.00 100% Money Back Guarantee: So I was in my studio one day just messing around with a chord progression and started vibing and came up with this R&B/Pop guitar based jam that I think has radio hit written all over it provided it is coupled with the right song and vocal performance. I created a video for it on Youtube so I am promoting the video to get some eyeballs on this track and see how people feel about it. Please check it out guys!    
Up Coming Artist Hip Hop Check Me Out !: Just Dropped A Music Video Check It OUT    
the solan goose
NEW SINGLE - AIN'T THAT A PISSER b/w PRUNE JUICE: On the rise from #69 to #42 on the Acoustic Charts.... charging its way towards the top of the charts! "Ain't That a Pisser"'s the mellow brand new single from the Solan Goose.... new album is planned for later this year.    
Ilya Golitsyn Colonization of Pluto : Ilya Golitsyn Colonization of Pluto (chill out, house and trance mixes) Special thanks to Armin Van Buuren, Steven Helstrip, Connor Devine, Dom Kerley, Alex Powell, James Macpherson, Chris Chambers, Matt Abbott, Elon Reeve Musk Distribution of music is Label Worx Limited Golitsyn music label all rights reserved in the United Kingdom, 2015 "An asteroid or volcano can destroy us, and in addition, we are subject to risks that have never even dreamed of dinosaurs: an artificially created virus, r...    
Fantastic botany: Fantastic botany (Ironic poem in prose) In my imagination Flowers bloom: The size of a pinhead Or is as vast as the pans. Bright colors And faded, like autumn leaves. Is: conceived, like, beautiful, As it turns out - funny freak. The flower is not offended. He says: "I am a clown". And comical on his meadow.    
Ryda Musik
New Banger "Keep Doing That": Do You Need instrumentals for your next project??? Check out the New uploaded Banger "Keep Doing That."    
Award-winning Sea Dance Festival Partners With UKF And TheSoundYouNee: Following last weeks Best Medium-Sized Festival Award win for Sea Dance Festiavl at the European Festival Awards, it can now be revealed that they will be partnering with London-based media company AEI and its global music brands UKF and TheSoundYouNeed. The team behind Exit Festivals success will be working with AEI across the planning, artist line-up, ticketing and marketing of their beach event which is a part of 10-day Exit Adventure package that ...    
the solan goose
NEW SINGLE - AIN'T THAT A PISSER b/w PRUNE JUICE: The new single is still rising on the Acoustic Charts at #69...let's keep it going! "Ain't That a Pisser"... the moody new ballad by the Solan Goose.    
GET INTO THE ROCK N' ROLL OUTLAW !: Next time you swing by GooglePlay, be sure to check out the OjOutLaw band. Preview the albums and tracks from the Aussie hard rockers ready to download direct to your tablet and phone. OjOutLaw on Facebook - OjOutLaw on Reverbnation - OjOutLaw on Myspace -    
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first name:Zamzam
user name:Zamzam and the MellyOmatic
age: your guess
hometown: Huntsville, Ala., USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: Creating music
favorite bands: Any
favorite TV shows: What's a tv??????
Zamzam (MeccaZam) M.E.L.L.Y. (mind, elevated, living, loving, yearning) Jazzy enough to attract fans of jazz and fusion, yet consistently melodic enough to satisfy lovers of neo-soul. He can’t be pinned down. Ever since people began to organize sound into patterns of pitch and rhythm, music has always been a source of energy and inspiration. A healing force. Soulful melodies soar above hip-hop influenced rhythms. In the bosom of creativity rest the work of true talent. It is in that coveted space that the artistic boundaries are limitless; therefore, natural skill can blossom in a healthy manner. He likes to write music that he feels somebody is going through. "I make music for the soul. I'm not scared to throw a little of my sensitivity in ‘cuz we're all humans’. Melodic, Abstract, Soulful, Music inspired from reality... Powerful emotional content without being overbearing... The music is chemistry. Zamzam did realized early that music was more than something you do, but that it is a ministry; a calling, of sorts. Zamzam is a musical jack of trades. “I do keys and synth manipulation, and electronic and percussion music. He spent around 15 years as a member of The Snake Doctors band doing a weekly gig. My real obsession is with recording everything I and others create. Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
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