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Jay C, Sean Angel and Argento vs Mylo release their 'Drop The Pressur: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=180076 Jay C, Sean Angel and Argento vs Mylo have today announced the release of their 'Drop The Pressure' (2k15 Rework) FREE download, which is available now on Soundcloud. The unmistakable sample is an energetic and fun club hit, designed to please big-room dance floors and EDM fans alike with its impressive electro-house fuelled beats and bass lines. Its already received support from the likes of Mark Knight, Erick Morillo, Prok & Fitch, Robbie Rivera, T...    
Transference Set To Rock It Out In January 2015: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=180055 The band are stoking themselves for an eventful year in 2015. New video being aired now on iDefineTV music channel. New ebook (just published on Kindle Amazon) http://bit.ly/amazontransferencemusic also contains a free download & a free flipbook for your desktop is available to purchasers of the ebook. Book Interview by Jan Jacob Mekes http://www.mekesbooks.com/2014/11/30/qa-mike-puskas/ Infograph (with more to come) Band featured until the end of D...    
Alex & Friends Release Second Album: "Some Winter Tales": http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179942 After the angry 'One Thing Left" published in 2012, Alex & Friends are back with the quieter yet infectuous 'Some Winter Tales' and the timing - with Christmas coming to town - couldn't be more spot on. The combo here is at its best. Pierre Alexander's disenchanted songs are brought into life by an intricate combination of 70's like ambiant rock and more pop-oriented tunes. The beautiful piano-driven ballad 'Glamorous Glow' is a perfect introduction t...    
Humbug!: Current mood: grumbly Current weather: unsettled Current listening: Decaying Orbit Okay, yeah, here I go again. Do not assume that I am Christian. Look to the left; you will see that I profile myself as Pagan. This is not likely to change. I am not Christian and I do not do Christmas. Christmas is not the only holiday that is observed at this time of the year. Yes, I know it is a big thing for some, but not for all. There are other holidays (yes, as in 'holy days') that for some will ...    
A tribute to LFO: 2015 will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of seminal track LFO on Warp. Now will be a great time i think to put your skills at work in creating your own special Soundclick track inspired by this release and also a great way to pay tribute to Mark Bell who sadly past away last October. If everything goes well and tracks start to show, i will have them featured all together on my site February first with links to your artist page. I trust that it will be done accordingly to current copyr...    
I Am Overwhelmed That My Song You Are My Fairy Tale Prince Ranks No 2: I only uploaded my song "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince" yesterday onto Soundclick and my new album with the same title.I am overwhelmed that my song made it onto Rank 2 in the Soundclick Alternative Chart and Rank 1 on the Hot Charts Movers.It is a wonderful feeling.I started to sing publicly in March this year,have never sung into a microphone,have as yet no clue about the music industry and produced so far 7 albums this year.I am mainly a persecuted Philosopher living in exile but that is anoth...    
The Inspiration Behind The Versions Of "Santa Baby" Remakes... Hint, : http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=180106 Sultry Jazz Pop singer, actress, Nobel Nominated Cynthia Basinet whose iconic version of "Santa Baby", that has often been mistaken for Marilyn Monroe; although Marilyn never sang the song, has been the inspiration behind the versions of "Santa Baby" recorded to date since 2000, whether well-known or not. Cynthia's one off of Eartha Kitt's renowned Holiday Tune is a true homage to the famous Cat Woman herself also a lyrical gift to a very special pers...    
another project completed: Since I'm not a math wizz and plenty of it was needed just for the roof angle cuts. Compound miters were needed and since I don't have all these special power tools, I ended up eyeballing it and doing it by hand the old fashion way. This one is a copy of my son's house which took me a few weeks to complete. My final project for Christmas is well under way, however getting it completed for the holiday is going to be very close.    
Song is ready!Look to Video above!: A spaceship save me from the setting earth!genre style Dark Metal.A song by the Album"Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Mix Vol.12" The album will be released ca.June.2015 and is then to buy back at all the major music portals. These want only music to hear something else for people!!!!!! Richi.h.artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany    
One Eyed. Events in the manuscript: One Eyed. Events in the manuscript "Someday, " said one-Eyed, " I described the Chicks.The next day I returned to the manuscript, but there was already winter, the Chicks have grown and left for warmer climes. I had to describe Rowan under the snow. Remember, I have described the bells, but they turned out horrible colors, and not like. "Dark blue, dark blue," I said, but all in vain. I was upset and changed the bells violets. "Purple violets!" "I said, and in the manuscript imme...    
Palm Oil Is Yet another Healthy Oil!: Given that food makers inside the U.S. need to label their trans-fat content material, a few of them are switching to more healthy oils like palm and coconut. I'm delighted to determine this transform for that much better! I hope much more grocery shop merchandise proceed this craze. Without doubt, there are going to be ignorant people who will cry out that palm oil is definitely an unhealthy saturated excess fat. Like coconut oil, palm oil is mislabeled as unhealthy for a lot also lengthy, when...    
Adjust your daily life style to lose bodyweight : These lida daidaihua are excellent and might be put on at all times, they're so wonderful I would like a lot of to get rid of some excess weight and began using this lida daidaihua lida diet pills http://www.lidadietstore.com/ slimming comfortable gel. I am so happy I did. Appropriate just after I started to take it I discovered a big difference, also fantastic price for a solution that actually works! The key causes of weight problems for contemporary men and women. one Physiology Men and wom...    
RENATA LEUFFEN:Album "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince" On Soundclick: Hi Everyone I am Renata Leuffen,Philosopher,Singer and Songwriter and Educator,and I work and sing for a new humane and modern society in which people are happy.I have just uploaded my new album with love songs "You Are My Fairy Tale Prince" into the soundclick store. Check it out and visit my profile on soundclick and say hello. Best wishes and regards, Renata    
MusicDish*China Top 10 Songs Gives Insight Into Chinese Online Fans: http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179758 In 2014, MusicDish*China (????) featured over 150 songs from Western indie musicians to Chinese music platform Ximalaya since July as part of its Song Blast promotional service. Covering genres from pop, R&B, jazz, electronic and rock, many songs have generated thousands of plays on the Chinese platform, with the most listened surpassing 30,000. So what appeals to Chinese online listeners? Pop and EDM Find Favor With Chinese Online Fans We listed ...    
the interview?: the movie sony made called the interview is a movie that nobody has even seen yet. and I for one support their right to make a movie about what ever they want freedom of speech and freedom of expression all that stuff we take for granted here in the united states. that said. I do question the wisdom of it I mean it is supposed to be a funny movie about the us sending a couple of goofs to kill the leader of a foreign country. a movie about a specific country and a specific guy. so anyway now the...    
TIMMY NEWS: 12.16.14: Hola!!!! New track and video will be called MAD. The track is completed but the video is still in production. Watch for it soon...... Finally got the video card replaced in my iMac. I did it all by myself...saved myself about $600.00. I am VERY proud!!!! Hope the NEW YEAR is safe and creative for you!!!! Stay warm boys and girls!!!!    
INTRODUCTION: What's going on soundclick users! It's BOBBY BONKERS c.e.o of "CLEF CHEF PRODUCTION" here to greet and introduce myself. I'm from Chicago's North-Side a.k.a "DA POLE" I've been doing music now for a little over sixteen years starting off as a dj evolving into a lyricist and much more. I have a versatile approach to track production with an eclectic ear for different genres. Stay tuned.......    
yep i done it: yes you are right I sure do take a lot of liberties with the stuff I find laying around on the internet. files loops samples by the hundreds I try to not use things that are copy righted but some times it's hard to tell. I hope I do not get into too much trouble with anybody over it. but really if you have ever listened to my stuff it's all pretty crummy anyway and not intended to make any kind of profit from. and if you hear something that belongs to you just let me know my delete button is al...    
RayvanHovenBeatz Official
New Tracks this Month!!: We're workin hard @Trackrecordz ProductionsStudio to provide you some real High Quality Music Worldwide. If you prefer a Specific Song, don't be affraid to contact us at. Rayvanhovenbeatz@yahoo.com Or follow us on Twitter@Rayvanhoven Thank you, Rayvanhovenbeatz    
Premortal Breath -THEY....are Coming To Get You!!!: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=180044 Straight in the face of society! True believers know it well: So many fine pronouncements. So rarely fine deeds. Mankind truly seems lost on morally levels. PREMORTAL BREATH don't want to be a part of these shameful emotional decay. The special HEAVY METAL output of these wholeheartedly condemning accusers from Germany should concern! Their debut album "They" isn't made for simple minds.    
the new flugelhorn: is coming along very nicely and am moving forwards with it better than I expected. After acquiring a new mouthpiece for it, my range increased from F# 3 to C5 (middle C being C4) to the F#5...5th line on the staff. I just need to get up to the first ledger line A and I'll be satisfied as that seems to be the range for decent tone on the flugel. I have experienced a few difficulties while practicing which isn't anything new for me. The biggest problem however is drainage. My sinuses seem to go i...    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
JOY TO THE WORLD another song with JOn and Sonicism: Alright Im hooked on Jeremy Troyer aka Sonicism s wonderful music.. and this song JOY TO THE WORLD is no exception.......I love this song so much so Im surprising Jeremy with my lyrical prose and vocals and harmonies.....ITS come out pretty epic I think and with Jons exceptional drums on this.....I tell you if ever a song could change a person ... THIS one will...ITs bless_ed.    
"Certain not-drawn": "Certain not-drawn" (like tales) There were "certain not-drawn". Some have no nose, others ears, and very many were without heads. It is difficult to guess the animals they were, or men. Were certain not-drawn" on the one hand, it is hard for them to move, but they insisted on jumping on this one leg: "Forward, forward!". Were certain not-drawn" with multiple handles, but without hind legs. They also did not get discouraged. Ran "a certain not-drawn" without pants, because... In General, the ey...    
The Engines of Life and If the Climate Goes Down...: As I was madly writing EoL in an all nighter fury I subsequently learned my brother Randy had died...We often worked on music thru the night and I feel he may have been lingering over me, pushing me on...Life is a precious thing and every moment is worthy of our best...as it may be our last. We must connect more deeply with the "Engines of Life" that make it all possible. The draft is up and ready for listening... As is another new song, "If the Climate Goes Down!", which is very in your face...    
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first name:Rick
user name:rick1ryan
age: 50 years old
hometown: Hendersonville, TN, USA
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Rick Ryan is the consummate entertainer, performing at Weddings, Receptions, Parties, Corporate Events, Clubs and Restaurants. He tailors each show to exactly fit your needs and will go the extra mile to be certain your guests have a great time. Working as a Solo Artist, He combines live vocals, guitar, and piano with computer-based backing tracks. The result is a realistic, full-band sound that you have to experience to believe. Rick's style, enthusiasm and professionalism assure you of a great event, every time.
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