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FAQs About Screen Printing Services: Screen printing services provide impressive product selections. They range from sports apparel to gym bags. The projects generated in these companies fulfill these requirements for professional and high school sports teams. The following are FAQs about print shop software and how management software improves these businesses. How Do Companies Track Their Orders? Through management software, they track all orders in real time. The interface provides them with the feature to review each individu...    
Line6 Helix: The Most Powerful Guitar Processor Ever? Guitar players, the game has changed The Line 6 Helix multi-effects floorboard processor reaches far beyond anything you've ever experienced. It can be a great addition to your rig, a streamlined controller for your existing system, or an incredible-sounding guitar interface for recording in the studio it can even replace your entire effects setup! Equipped with Line 6's new HX modeling engine, Helix will let you hear brand-new models of modern and vinta...    
my vote: well my mail in ballot came and I voted and sent it in I looked at the thing for a long time and I couldn't do it I threw my vote away on some independent candidate the woman one I think. I just could not bring myself in good conscious to make my mark for either one of the main candidates I don't like either one of them. a crooked woman or a crazy man who just might lead us into world war three both looney's in my book just decided to throw my vote away leave it to the other looney's who nominat...    
Why I would not want to live in the 1960s. : I wouldn't want to live in the 1960s in America. As much as I love The Beatles and the music from that decade. I said it many times before that women, LGBT people and minorities were treated like crap back in those days. Plus, there was no video games and there was only three channels on TV back then! I know this might sound stupid and conceited, but I would have never gotten anywhere in music in the 60's based on my ethnic background or style of music even. Patrick Lew Band would have become an...    
Hand Claps For The Boy Band TGB's New Music Video: Have you ever seen a 10-year-old, natural-born R&B musician who can perform the thrills out of you? If the answer is YES, then you must have already seen The Gore Boyz's music video "TGB HANDCLAP (Superman Like Cam)". This R&B trio is made up by the pre-teen/teenage Gore brothers: Herman ages 15, Edwin ages 13, and Sean Michael ages 10. What they are able to offer in this music video is both years of performing experience that is beyond their age, and the bursts of musical enthusiasm that come f...    
i just dunno maybe a game show?: o k I am not sure how to go about this um are we a game show? am I a actor a player of a part of some gigantic production the election the world, business, poor people all parts of some weird max headroom fantasy all for some kind of ratings. sure has a weird feel to it kinda sleazy and far less than I would have imagined it to be. all of human kind reduced to some sort of game show our leaders chosen by the media moguls and the debates for ratings instead of substance. just plain disappointing ...    
Controversial Artist NEO 10Y Kills Donald Trump In Shocking Concept F: Controversial music and visual artist NEO 10Y today released a three-part concept film depicting the death of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Link to view and embed: The six minute documentary style film "NEO 10Y vs. NIHIL: The Kid That Killed Trump (A Concept Film)" shows the story of a drug forlorn Times Square Mickey Mouse impersonator convincing Donald Trump to end his life. The film contains an explicit rape scene between Trump and Mickey Mouse and a long...    
Diamonds In The Night: new abstract on soundcloud:    
Patrick Lew Concert Chronology: PATRICK LEW BAND CONCERT CHRONOLOGY Date / Venue / Location Oct 07, 2016 Red Hat in Concord, CA Oct 02, 2016 The Honey Hive Gallery in San Francisco, CA May 18, 2016 The Stork Club in Oakland, CA May 10, 2016 The Blizzard of Sound in San Francisco, CA Jan 11, 2016 The Blizzard of Sound in San Francisco, CA Oct 28, 2015 Music Touch at Shops At Tanforan in San Bruno, CA Aug 14, 2015 Cafe International in San Francisco, CA Sep 13, 2013 Mama Art Cafe in San Francisco, CA Feb 04, 2012 Dolore...    
Jordan Green signs with Bongo Boy Records: At 18-years-old, Jordan Green is already an accomplished songwriter and musician. Born and raised in Northern, NJ, Jordan has a unique style with a sound best described as upbeat roots rock with a country feel. He has a knack for writing a catchy chorus and his melodies are perfectly crafted to highlight his clever lyrics. Recently a fan commented on a local radio show that Jordan is "everything that's right about music," lofty praise for an artist of any age. Jordan's original songs consistent...    
Eric Heisman and the Formation
a new song, and how it got done :): back in the studio, making songs for our Swamp Biscuits project. I started out on drums, had an idea of a heartbeat and went with that. Dave had recently purchased a PDP kit and my ears aren't accustomed to a kit, so i set the sticks down and started playing with my hands. Meanwhile, Dave sat behind some gizmo and recorded a track on his omnisphere. Then I asked to put a lead on it, and Dave grabbed the bass, his shiny new Squire j, and in spots where i didn't solo-i improvised some adlib lyrics...    
SEXY LADIES - Música Nova - New Song - Free Download!: Ola galera, a minha musica nova ''Sexy Ladies'' ja esta online, se puderem por favor Oucam ou Baixem nos Links a seguir. Espero que voces curtam! Obrigado. Hi everybody, my new song ''Sexy Ladies'' is now online, please Listen or Download in the Links below. I hope you like. Thanks!! DOWNLOAD: MEDIAFIRE: SOUNDCLOUD: SUA MSICA:    
the more blogs button: when I click the more blogs button down at the bottom of the blogs preview thingy on the side of my members page keeps telling me error 404 you're doing it wrong. but it's no I am not doing it wrong unless soundclick has a particular way I am supposed to hold my tongue while I left click the little blue text link more blogs button kinda irritates me the cutsy picture on the 404 page of some thing goofey and insinuating I do not know how to left click a link the nerve of those guy's cutsy picture...    
Indie Spoonful Offers Music Reviews: BWH Media announces the launch of Indie Spoonful. The eZine focuses to Indie Music Reviews, Interviews and News. Indie Spoonful is actively seeking artists and bands who have original material for review. Indie Spoonful provides in-depth, well-written, quality reviews for selected artists. To read some recent reviews, visit our website at According to Google Analytics, the site is already getting 400 hits a day from all over the world with fans from the U.S., Canada, UK, Aus...    
Come See Shelly Rann LIVE' November 4, 2016 - No Cover: See Shelly Rann Performing LIVE Nov 4 The Rudder 7-11pm No cover The Rudder at Anchor High Marina 126 River Rd, Hendersonville, TN 37075 (615) 348-0129 Copy and paste Link:    
New Upload Featuring. Shelly Rann 'What You Leave Behind': Hi Friends, New Upload Feat. Shelly Rann Singing on 'What You Leave Behind' The song is a co-write between TJWay & Meredith Medley a.k.a Meredith Day. I hope you enjoy Shelly's Take on it, I simply adore it myself. Let me know what you all think? Enjoy and thanks! TJWay    
''NOT BE THE SAME FOREVER'' - New Song - Música Nova - Free Download!: Now or Never Show - Cantor - Pop-Rock-Electronic Contato / Whatsapp: 17-996569295 ''NOT BE THE SAME FOREVER'' - Musica nova online, Links para Ouvir ou Baixar logo a seguir. Espero que voces gostem! ''NOT BE THE SAME FOREVER'' - My new song, please Listen or Download in the links below. I hope you like! DOWNLOAD: MEDIAFIRE: SOUNDCLOUD: S...    
Invigorate Your Life With Charity Ekeke's Uplifting Debut Album "She": Charity Ekeke is dynamic and imaginative singer and songwriter who is behind the soaring debut album "She". Designed to be an uplifting and inspirational sonic journey, Charity Ekeke uses a backdrop of contemporary pop arrangements to explore more complex themes related to the self, womanhood, our global community and the imperative for all of humanity to live honorable and fulfilling lives. This is music with a purpose designed to excite, invigorate and soothe. Across these songs, Charity is a...    
Saulito Music is proud to announce the release of 'Cielo Nocturno' by: As the eyes of the world linger on Rio de Janerio, the 2016 Olympics and the vibrant Latin music that underpinned it, Saulito Music is proud to announce the release of 'Cielo Nocturno' by guitar virtuoso Russ Hewitt. Released on the Saulito Music label the collection shimmers with the rumba flamenco rhythms and lightning guitar runs that have become trademarks of Hewitt's distinctive style. Not only that, it includes a stellar line up of musicians including percussionist Raphael Padilla (Miami ...    
Patrick Lew Band Timeline: Then and Now (Part 2): 2012 While PLB was still going strong during early 2012, Lew and Arceo would form the side project The Steel Lions and would record "rejected" musical ideas from PLB in Lew's newly built home studio in San Francisco, CA known as The Blizzard of Sound. There will be great dissension within PLB because of creative, personal and religious conflicts and differences. PLB would perform at Dolores Park on February 4, which would become the band's final public appearance until three years later. PLB mem...    
Patrick Lew Band Timeline: Then and Now (Part 1): HISTORY 2001 San Francisco, CA -- Vocalist/guitarist Patrick Lew is introduced to lead guitarist Eddie Blackburn and drummer Tommy Loi through mutual friends at Raoul Wallenberg High School. The trio began jamming in Eddie's bedroom and form the garage punk band Samurai Sorcerers. Lew later came up with the new name Patrick Lew Band as it was going to become an outlet for Lew's musical ideas with friends. 2002 Patrick Lew Band release about 50 cassette copies of their demo Live! Like a Garage...    
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Some people look at Issa and assume he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Try a wooden spoon. Though his father is an engineer and his mother is a pharmacist – prestigious professions that would guarantee them upper-middle class status in America – Issa’s parents were not born in America. They’re from Senegal -- a country smaller than South Dakota where the average citizen earns less than $2000 a year. Issa grew up in Dakar – the nation’s capital which is also unique for being the westernmost point in all of Africa. Even though his parents were considered well-to-do by Senegalese standards, they both grew up dirt poor so they encouraged Issa and his five brothers and sisters to excel in school, steering them into practical, high earning vocations like computer science and engineering. All of the kids followed the plan. Except Issa. Issa loved the arts, loved music, which didn’t exactly sit well with his parents since the only people who made a living singing in Senegal were beggars. But the vision Issa had for himself was bigger than Dakar, bigger than Senegal, bigger even than West Africa. Issa saw himself as a man of the world, making a living singing in such exotic locations as Europe and the United States. Since he was a little boy, his dream was to come to America to seek his fortune.
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