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Andrzej dobry43m przykladem projektu: Afrnd34rzeju jestes jak zdrowie, ile cie trzeba cenic ten tylko sie dowie, kto cos podpowie zakreconego.34    
Encouragement (entry #78).: Peace, I just want to encourage my brothers and sisters out there to stay focused and think positive! Sometimes it gets lonely and you may feel like you have no one. Just remember that your Creator is always watching over you and your situation is important to him. Labelnomics.    
New merch item in stock! (entry #77).: Peace, I just designed an official #TeamLabelnomics jersey. Make sure you visit the Best Of Labelnomics online merch shop for the latest Labelnomics gear. http://www.galloree.com/Artworks-official-teamlabelnomics-jersey--133429.php Thanks alot!    
#WayBackWednesday (entry #76).: Peace world, I hope everyones day is going well and you all are happy and in good health. This week's #WayBackWednesday isn't a photo or video, but a brief story. Ever since i can remember my parents always pushed me to participate in positive extracurricular activities in our community. I can recall back in the early 1990's, maybe 1991 or 1992 when my parents had to work late and my sister and I had to attend the after school program at the community center in the building 303 Vernon Ave. ...    
Four Essays Two Tracks: Guy McPherson featured four essays at Nature Bats Last: The Artificial, Materialistic Disposal of Humanity http://guymcpherson.com/2015/09/the-artificial-materialistic-disposal-of-humanity Portrait http://guymcpherson.com/2015/10/portrait Too Big to Fly http://guymcpherson.com/2015/11/too-big-to-fly The Big Bang: Humanitys Darling http://guymcpherson.com/2017/05/the-big-bang-humanitys-darling Uploaded two tracks from early 00s: jeremy peril - Selfoliation http://soundcloud.com/user-809...    
Clickers Club
Clickers Ticklers Player: We've been singing along to all those Summer Sizzler songs this month, and very hot they were too! Now it's time for another player. From Sunday July 2nd to Saturday July 15th we are going to have a Clickers Ticklers Player. Any 2 songs of your choice - any style, genre, instrumentals, songs with vocals, poetry to music, old, new, borrowed, blue...your choice! Clickers Club Members may submit 2 of their songs (collaborations count as a separate artist) from now up until Thursday 13th July. Pl...    
New merch item in stock/ Day #29 at #1! (entry #75).: Peace Soundclickers, I'm excited to announce that Creator is still #1 on the religious and talk charts! 4 weeks and counting! Thanks to everyone for the streams, downloads, page views, etc.. I'm very appreciative of the support! Also, I just designed a Best Of Labelnomics #1 Creator snap back for you all! I can customize your item if you'd like as well! So make sure you visit the Best Of Labelnomics online merch shop for your official Labelnomics gear! http://www.galloree.com/Artworks-1-best-...    
New Project launched June 2017, 'Norm Alperson': 'Norm Alperson' is the latest side project of Jazz Artist, Michael Lee Thomas. As a vehicle for unreleased material from his massive song catalog, the project features Soft, but Adventurous, New Age-Jazz, Instrumental music. A Multi-Genre approach that has influences of light Smooth Jazz and expansive Soundtrack textures. Awash in Piano, Strings, Woodwinds and Keyboard layering, 'Norm Alperson' songs also showcase appetizing Rhythmic foundations of Drums. Bass and Guitar. Originating from Texas ...    
New merch item in stock! (entry #74).: Peace Soundclickers, Thanks for visiting this page and sharing the music! I designed the official Labelnomics snap back hat for Summer 2017! Make sure you visit the Best Of Labelnomics online merch shop and take a look! Thanks again, Labelnomics.    
A Slice of Americana: Michael Duran and myself offering up an Americana collaboration on the player up above and hoping you dig it. :D    
New merch item in stock/ Day #28 at #1! (entry #73).: Peace world, Thanks again for making Creator #1 on the talk/religious charts! 4 weeks at #1 is a miracle! I'm grateful to all of my english and reading teachers for making me read aloud in class and recite speeches. I'm glad all of those nights studying and practicing for spelling bees paid off! Thank you to SoundClick.com, BMI and Galloree.com for the merch shop. I designed a Creator #1 for 4 weeks snapback and I can customize a trucker hat or snapback for you if you would like one or more. ...    
UK Conservative Party: Just how much longer do we have to endure this absolutely awful Government that has now stitched up a deal with the Irish Democratic Unionist Party to stay in power? A Government that in 2010 was bad enough although held back through Liberal Party coalition. But since they have been in absolute power the poor have got poorer, the rich blatantly got richer, the health service and Police stretched to the limit, Iraq and Afghanistan vets treated like sub human dirt, Now, at the English taxpayers' e...    
RAPMAGIC DELEON - I'M MEXICAN 2017 HIT SINGLE: Just finished recording my radio hit with VYBE BEATZ. I'M MEXICAN. Recorded at SPITSHINE STUDIOS AUSTIN,TEXAS 2017. We definitely made a huge impact with the LATINO PEOPLE. Hispanic, Mexicans. The culture of a diverse nation building a concrete foundation with KNUCKLE FUNK RECORDS.    
New merch item in stock! (entry #72).: Ladies and gentleman, make sure you stop by the Best Of Labelnomics online store for your official Best Of Labelnomics gear! Thanks alot!    
Punk Supergroup The Mutants Announce Shows In Las Vegas And Californi: Killer Tracks recording artist The Mutants are returning to the United States for shows in Nevada and Southern California. The punk rock supergroup featuring Chris Constantinou (Adam Ant, Sinead O'Connor, The Wolfmen), Paul Frazer (Black Futures) and Rat Scabies (The Damned) will kick off the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival on Thursday, May 25th at the Fremont Country Club in Las Vegas in a bill that also includes garage rock pioneers The Sonics. On May 27th, The Mutants will be at Pappy a...    
Day #27 at #1 on the Soundclick religious charts! (entry #70).: Peace, soundclickers! Today is here and yesterday is gone. i'm very grateful to be #1 and the religious and talk charts again! So many great things are happening and i'm glad that real art and poetry is still being embraced by the 21st century. Since this is Black Music Month I must honor the legendary and unsung pioneers of blues, folk, rhythm & blues and rock & roll music! Thanks for paving the way for us!    
New merch item in stock! (entry #69). : The official S.A.T.T.S.S. Radio trucker cap in now available at the Best Of Labelnomics online merch shop! http://galloree.com/Shops/Best-Of-Labelnomics-Online-Merch-Shop--7685/index.php #BestOfLabelnomics #Labelnomics #SATTSSRADIO #Merch #Caps #Hats    
Day #26 at #1 on the SoundClick religious charts! (entry #68).: Peace, thank you to Soundclick.com for evrything! Once again, I must salute the good brother Ken Don (Dz Knock Out) for providing a place for me to be able to record these tracks, Especially Creator, which orginally started off as a barbershop talk interlude. However, when the artist I was supposed to be collaborating with didn't want to show up to the session, we still pushed ahead. I'm glad we didn't do the barbershop intro, because of we did then we wouldn't have recorded Creator, which came...    
Dont stop the music (No more rain pt.2) (entry #67).: What most people don't know is that before my relationship with my dads family turned "sour", I tried to be cool with them. I showed up to my grandmothers 75th birthday party with my guest, ready to perform. My "cousin" made me and my guest change into our evening wear (since we arn't arrived in our t-shirts/jeans for what was supposed to be a rehearsal). My "cousin" and his wife-at-the-time argued for a few minutes about the matter. She didn't agree with the decision but since he was the "hos...    
Surviving a childhood of abuse, mind control and torture pt.1: Aside from being physically abused. I wasn't allowed to have much fun as a child. One event continues to bother me even now. During my senior year in junior high school my grades started to slip. I was enrolled in multiple after school programs, so I didn't have much time to study like I should. One the weekends we had to visit my dad and stepmom's house for the weekly visitations but they were hell as well. My stepmother was mean to me especially. She was a rude, nasty and vicious person back ...    
He Abolous
New Track out now!!: Just uploaded a new track done recently : DHAKAR - an electronic dance music track, the style is house music mixed with oriental instruments and flutes, uplifting dance music    
a craft project: I often get bored quickly and find my-self needing some kind of a project to occupy my brain. For the last 4 wks I've been working on a craft project which has kept me busy mentally more than physically. Ive often been asked why? Why bother building custom, elaborate bird-houses when birds could care less what they look like? Someone interested in acquiring a bird house could easily go to the store and buy one for a few bucks or if they were handy, making one is fairly easy, with the right tools...    
Child abuse survivor! (entry #65).: Many of us are familiar with the Michael Jackson story. Not just the story of his musical journey,but his childhood. I can relate to the King of Pop because growing uo I was abused severely! Ever since I can remember I was a witness to abuse as a child.I was beat on, punched, slapped,cussed at and forced to do harsh labor at the hands of my dad. I can recall being really young when my dad would take out his anger on me. I used to live in fear of his harsh punishments and brutality, especially t...    
Chosen by God/Overlooked by man (entry #64).: Peace world, allow me to share a story with you. As some of you may know, I was trained in martial arts as a child. From the ages of 7-14 I trained rigorously under my father who is a Sensei. Like many children that age, I didn't get to pick my activities. Martial arts was more than an activity for us. We lived that lifestyle and adapted to the culture. Since my dad was my karate teacher when I would train with him he was extra hard one me. I didn't grasp the moves as fast as my sister and my ...    
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first name:Karleigh
user name:gyrl1da
age: 35 years old
hometown: los angeles, CA, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: music, movies, writing, reading, sleeping, partying, smoking out, sippin cristal or belvedere, talkin 2 my peeps online
favorite bands: Amel Larrieux, Nikka Costa, Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, No Doubt, Sublime, Damian Marley
favorite movies: How High, Queen of the Damned, Matrix, Batman Begins, Clueless, Triple X (the one with Ice Cube), 300
favorite TV shows: Days of our Lives, Unsolved Mysteries, Weeds, Rome, History Channel , Sex and the City, Entourage, The Tudors
favorite books: Queen of the Damned (Anne Rice), Foundation (Isaac Asimov), Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, & Kushiel's Avatar (Jacqueline Carey)
favorite magazines: W, Vibe, Lucky
I am just Karleigh... I hang with my loved 1's, record my songs in the studio, and work... plus i do a gang of other sh** that I don't feel like typing out... MY ALBUM IS FOR SALE ONLINE!!! GET IT @ http://www.lulu.com/gyrl1da
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