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first name:Mandii
user name:omintakamuiahno
age: 27 years old
hometown: [unknown], NJ, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Watching Kdramas, Music in general
favorite bands: Waaay too many...but 1 from each category...Van Halen, Dir en Grey, 1TYM
favorite movies: U-571, Braveheart, and lots more
favorite TV shows: Touching Evil, Xman, Anything Super Junior
favorite books: All books by Chris Rice, Green River Daydreams by Liu Heng
favorite magazines: Star
I am just an average girl who loves to sing. Only difference is I love to sing in Korean and Japanese =) I don't update this thing very often, but I'll try. I am actually vocals/rapper in the group Kiseki, so you can look them up and hear alot more!
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