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Big Fat surprise for food-ist: super slim capsules: Eat! Eat! Eat! Anyways stay thin. Yes, the Super Slim pills are making it work. The most surprising news to the food-ist. Eat, Eat and Eat but stay thin, anyways. No diet plans and No workouts. Yes, its true with the super slim pomegranate pills. Though, these pills are in the market for years now, only in the recent times it has gained a huge popularity for the changes bought in them. The studies and researches on these drugs are showing that these weight loss supplements are modestly re...    
Lose pounds the easy way: Green Lean body capsule: World is in diet-mania and losing pounds is the immediate need for everyone. green lean body capsules are working miraculously. The world now swirls in the obesity axis. Nearly 2 out of 3 kindergarten children are obese and remain obese as they grow up. The effect of obesity is significant across people in many regions. While, obesity roots to various diseases and health issues, 80% of the over-sized people are not ready to jump into the moiling diet schedules and exercises. Inactivity rather ...    
Part Time Music - Kryptic: It's 2014 and the Australia Hip Hop landscape is a brave new world. Enter Kryptic. The young Melbourne MC has been active on the scene for several years now, having carved a name for himself opening for Aussie Hip Hop heavyweights like Seth Sentry, The Funkoars, Chance Waters and Mind Over Matter, just to name a few. Whetting appetites with three mixtapes, Kryptic has paid his dues; he's sharpened his sword and is now ready to release his debut full...    
Fruta planta reduce weight tips for perfect shape of your body: What's truly inside weight loss pills and capsules and why they are our record-breaking top pick? Weight loss pills are known for their acrid and taste. They have more squeeze and they can uniformly extinguish our body to lose weight as any other product can do Weight loss pills are one of the assortments that contains s much of ingredients that transform vitamin C and fiber for the body. reduce weight capsules help you in your day by day feast can help an extraordinary and quick profit into y...    
Slimming receipts for workplace lady : 1, Black soybean milk Materials: black beans sixty grams, five hundred ml of h2o. Exercise: 1, black beans washed, soaked with h2o right away. 2, the soaking h2o drained, and then the black beans into the bean propeller plane in minced. 3, used a bag filter out the dregs, heating milk to boil. 2, fruit yogurt Materials: Oranges 1, yogurt (sugar) three hundred ml. Exercise: the oranges pressed into juice, yogurt is usually combined. Superior in a position to assist the abdomen will get rid of squ...    
Change of Season: Current mood: pensive Current weather: warm, cloudy Current listening: Hecate's Wheel Samhain comes to the Northern Hemisphere, and with it the prospect of the winter cycle. For many if not most people, the dark cycle is a time of moody withdrawal. For me, it is a time of reprieve. Summer is for the outward expression of energy. Winter draws inward, and so can bring out the best in people, in terms of finding and expressing inner wisdom. Samhain is also one of two times when the veil i...    
2 Original Beat Tapes prod x Q. WiLL Available Now! : to download the NEW original Beat Tapes, hand-crafted & produced by Q. WiLL of T.H.E.E. E.L.I.T.E.    
Now Available R&B Instrumental Beat Tape Guns,Roses,Diamonds : to download the first R&B Instrumental Beat Tape Installment produced by Q. WiLL. This tape consist of production designed for every type of R&B artists! The feel of this tape is INCREDIBLE!    
Now Available Instrumental Beat Tape "BEATZ & SNEAKZ vol. 1 : to download the hottest Beat Tape of the Fall produced entirely by Q. WiLL of T.H.E.E. E.L.I.T.E.This Beat Tape is entirely all "TURN UP" Beats! 808's, Pounding Kicks, Bone-Crunching Snares, & Insane Melodies!    
The power of the word: Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, The word of God is living and active in the life of the believer. The spirit of Gods word empowers one with ability to achieve Gods purpose. It is the creative word of God that gives all things their definition and meaning. John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: The words that I speck unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. The word of God is what frees the believ...    
LiLi Roquelin Is On The 57th GRAMMY Awards Ballot: Award-winning Singer-Songwriter LiLi Roquelin was approved on the Final list of the 57th Grammy Awards' Ballot with the following Entries: Best Arrangement, Instruments/Vocals "Thank You" (Acoustic) Best Pop Solo Performance: "Like A Feather" Record of The Year: "Thank You" Song of the Year: "Beautiful Sun" Best Rock Performance: "The Only One" Best Rock Song: "The Only One" Best Music Video: "The Only One" One of the best things about LiLi Ro...    
who would have thunk it?: the spectacular display of fire works costing well over 300 million bucks. and seen by millions on the national news was caused by a scrap junk yard Russian refurbished rocket engine built in the 1960's way to go guy's . man I want to say well it's not rocket science so bad but it was. american ingenuity run amok what the hell are you going to say to the insurance company. something like well we bolted a bunch of used Russian and a bunch of Chinese and other parts we found hither and thither t...    
Pretty Little Lady? Gig Announcement!: Catch Anna-Christina's solo acoustic set next month at Floripa 9th November 91-93 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3HZ Tube: Old Street Station FREE ENTRY! Details: Doors 7.30pm-3am | Stage time 10:35pm | 18    
I come home at dusk: I come home at dusk (a poem in prose) I come home at dusk, At dusk I walk into a room. I returned and thought, I will not come back. Here is a wall, Desk, Slightly muddy last year Nail Polish. Here is a sofa, The window, bathed in tears, The apples on the plate. I get from a bag Notes, Disks, A notebook. In the bath, like a goldfish, Splashing my hatred...    
Just a few lines from a song i have written but not recorded : Locked in this cage my mind i release They threw away the key better call the police poeticly i just might open your eyes bring the truth to life an destroy all these lies kids shooting up schools a goverment in the red people no jobs a health care system thats dead The citys they grow darker with every passing day people selling drugs on the cornor like thats the only way    
Thank You: Thank you everybody for your encouragement! This just having been a let's-try-whether-it-works-at-all thingy, the reaction has been unexpectedly positive, and honestly so, since many also frankly criticized the far less than powerful voice - yep, that is quite correct, comes from hardly even talking anymore for years. Nevertheless, now even some real musicians looked at my stuff and seemingly respect it - as I just bought my first guitar for five bucks (the previous one I found and my deares...    
Greg Demirjian Teams Up With Music Legends From Muscle Shoals, Alabam: Greg Demirjian Teams Up with Music Legends from Muscle Shoals, Alabama on his New Album Precious Wreck Also Releases Halloween Inspired Rainy Night in New York Video Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Hood, Spooner Oldham and Former Steppenwolf Band Member Larry Byrom are a few of Many Legendary Collaborators Contact: Greg Demirjian 561-805-9989 ?New York, New York, October 29, 2014: http://www...    
Halloween Sneak Peeks!!!!: Hey Guys!!!! I'm About To Do An Impromptu Ep For The Halloween Season. The First Drop Is At Midnight. The Next Is On Thursday, And The Final One Is On Friday. The Completed Ep Will Be Available On Saturday. Emcees, Check Me In Tha Lab For A Special Contest Offer. Happy Holidays!!!!!! And Of Course Let It R-O-C-K!!!!!!!!    
S T A R G R O V E S Celebrates Debut Album Release With Live Performa: The New York City based band recently celebrated this important victory at Rockwood Music Hall with a post-release concert where they performed all 11 songs on the album, plus two brand new songs: "Little Islands" and "Mechanically Round." Academy Award nominee and singer Abigail Breslin joined the band midway through the performance, adding her voice to "Westfjords" and "Within Me a Lunatic Sings," songs in which she is also featured on Stargroves n...    
Morphology/Urania's Mirror : Deep electroid transmission from 2010 by Finnish duo Morphology on German label Zyntax Motorcity.    
The conflict between me my loyalties: I've had a problem for the last few months. This has been going on ever since I stopped writing a few months ago. I've felt a certain way about my boss and his wife, that I feel obligated to keep working for them for years now. For the longest time until they prompted me to get off my duff and begin to do something with my life and I can't thank them enough for the swift kick in my ass that I so rightfully deserved and needed. I was always told by my boss that I needed to do something with my ...    
Innovative Music Tech Company FanDistro Announces Appointment Of Stev: Darien, CT FanDistro, the music industry leader in crowdsourced marketing, is proud to announce the appointment of Steve Tramposch as Managing Director - Strategic Partnerships. This is a major coup for FanDistro that will help us to continue our rapid growth, says CEO Michael Penfield. I strongly believe that crowdsourced marketing has a big part to play in the future of the music industry, and the appointment of this respected music industry veteran...    
Awesome Web Design in St. Louis: St. Louis Web Design get all of your band website needs done, from responsive mobile design to ecommerce. content management driven websites that allow you to keep your fans up to date easily.    
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WOW I just logged on after god knows how long, i honesty don't even remeber ever setting up an account here, but it says I have been a member since 2003, which 2 years before I even heard of myspace. But i am now way into mayspace & don't have time visit these other community sites so if you wanna learn more about me then go to
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