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the devil made me do it1: what I do! I make the art work. all the photos and album covers I write the words I mix the music I do everything except play the instruments I even do that sometimes. all these tunes are mine except the cover songs. I use adobe audition and robot voices you know the ones that answer phones for companies. they are hard next to impossible to make sing. seems singing is really hard for a mechanical voice. I do this stuff alone in my room after everybody has gone away during the wee hours of the mo...    
new axe: I've been kicking the idea of purchasing a flugelhorn for quite sometime now. It's on its way as I ordered it yesterday and am looking forwards to having it in my hands by the end of next week. Hopefully playing it will make it easier on the fingers since unlike the guitar or keyboards I'll be using only 3 on one hand and 1 on the other.    
Noble Rippa
No light or dark : There is no good or bad, light or dark, wrong or is all an illusion created by the human mind...much like time... We complicate things much more than they need to be. The best choice to make in every situation in life is to choose the path that makes you happiest. In the end we were all brainwashed, so no one truly knows what they believe. The only answer we have to that is our emotions. Everyone always talks about YOLO, yet instead of spending that 1 life doing what makes them happy ...    
Noble Rippa
Smoke away life: You know what I don't get...people get mad at drug dealers cause they sell drugs to people who CHOOSE to buy those drugs, yet nobody gets mad at cigarette smokers who kill people with 2nd hand smoke that CHOOSE NOT TO SMOKE. They don't have a choice in dealing with health issues & dying from someone else's bad choice, yet nobody says crap about cigarettes. You don't see people making movements to make cigarettes illegal. what kind of crap is that. If it is not a big deal for someone to unwilling...    
mr stoned harlem
This is the life of StonerMusic (LBSM.): Hello fellow smokers and StonerMusic fans! Please keep checking back often to see updates of a day in the life of all of the members of SM. and LBSM. Thanks once again for all your continued support. This is only the beginning for us! #SmokeUp    
Dominate And Govern Are Synonymous Terms: The term "dominate" is synonymous with the term "govern". But you never hear administrations use the term "dominate", they always use the term "govern". I wonder what people would think if they did use the word "dominate"? Would people begin to get the picture then? I wonder if "governors" and "administrators" toss the term around amongst themselves? Maybe to us they "govern" but amongst themselves they "dominate"? What kind of character would wish to "govern" (or "dominate") people anyway? Does...    
Phoenix Hip Hop Star Changes Name For New Release: A New Name, New style and New Album By Phoenix MC Penny The Great (PHOENIX, AZ) What's in a name? Apparently, everything. The rap artist formerly known as MC Pennywise, of the famed AZ hip-hop collective WRITERS GUILD ( is preparing to release his 2nd album with a whole new name and outlook. The name 'Pennywise' was given to me during my time in the streets,' Penny The Great says. No disrespect to the band Pennywise, ...    
RayvanHovenBeatz Official
Rayvanhovenbeatz Weekly Highlights DropBox!!: Welcome Our Weekly Highlights DropBox will provide you Updates & News about what will happen inside our Label Management, also we're here to make Special Offers for Our Exclusive Members!! Regards, Trackrecordz Productions.Inc    
Cold sun: Cold sun (a poem in prose) Dry bouquets Talk about last autumn. Maple leaves faded, As for black-and-white movie. Blue sky And the cold sun. And a cold heart. Past, future. Silence on both sides. In the present - The rustle of leaves under your feet.    
sbobet play every day: sbobet authorized provider of the online casino as official. This is not the agent of any He took me to all of the benefits that you could get a plan fully. Together as long as the service with immediate attention, however, may offer clues into the phone, I went to that. Throat was signed to a 24-hour symphonic sbobet online termination of my service, she served 24 hours, then, is to serve you the all the gang. Who might be able to come to play at any time to suspend the party's ties with the me...    
Life Is So Much Better “Under The Sun”; New Music Video By Invisible : Ever feel lethargic? Maybe youre feeling a little blue? You find you have no motivation as you mope around your house searching your empty refrigerator for food, going back to your couch, flipping through the channels on your TV wishing you had something better to do? It feels so cold and empty inside, and its not just the house. Well theres a remedy for feeling low down, and thats going outside and enjoying life under the sun! In a world where we are...    
An Unusual Music Journey In Today Messy Busy Music World: October 31 marks third anniversary of releasing Silentaria's first studio album; "The Beginning of the End". With 2 successful released music albums and two singles, former online entrepreneur; Rixa White is a living example to prove that there are different ways to success in music world while entrepreneurship skills are vital to get discovered in crazy busy messy world of music. As an ...    
Hours Of The Night (Official Music Video): Watch my new Music Video Like and Share!    
Government Ingenuity: Intentionally subject animals to dangerous situations, punish individuals when animals incur injury from those dangerous situations. Government cares about the animals and wants to protect them, so they subject them to dangerous situations! Just doing their jobs. Protect the kings and queens! Guard that palace! Don't let any taxpayers on the property they pay for! pal-ace (noun) official residence of sovereign: a g...    
Heavy Hitter: I just wanted to say if any body wants a free feature on there song I'm that guy that destroys track. Hit me up on    
The Fall Of Humanity pt1: Originally written 7-14-2010 The human race has lost almost all innate abilities. We have also become a rather arrogant, ignorant, spoiled and weak race at the same time... for a reason. This is a very brief explanation of this, and doesn't even really scratch the surface. The modern day "average" human being cannot even compete with the earlier human races. In our current society we almost always rely (whether directly or indirectly) on someone else to do things for us, even if we are employe...    
The Fall Of Humanity pt2: ... The main point to understand here is that every time a new invention or object is created for our "convenience" or vanity, we are actually losing some of our innate, individual, natural abilities, which moreover is basically a loss of self-empowerment and freedom. When becoming dependent on new materials or technology, we are accepting a new way to accomplish tasks, whether necessary or not. Subsequently the original technique for completing a certain task is usually discontinued. So in thi...    
The Fall Of Humanity pt3: ... Weak: The human race may think it is quite strong in modern times, but as individuals, we are pretty weak. No longer do many people actually take care of themselves. Most people will claim "I have a job therefore I am self reliant." This is not so. In order to have that job you must have a boss. In order to have that boss you must have a business or company. In order to have that business or company there must first exist a product or service. In order to sell that product or service you mu...    
Life Of A Thug Release: Be active participants documentary Gizzle Top Notch Entertainment iTunes Release    
the jazz apokalypse
Stigmata Warning?: 1/31/2012 8:49:00 AM PostedDate 2/2/2012 3:47:00 AM Body Hey, fans and friends it's been a while since my last thread. Because, I feel it's been getting REAL WEIRD up in here. Not just on MYSPACE, but all internet sites that I visit have been feeling the pressure of the governments and corporate PTB desire to MONITOR EVERYTHING. My big thing has been to LURK and keep my head down (so to speak) and concentrate on my next album GEMINEYE. While working on some photos I noticed a st...    
James Hand Releases New Country-Gospel Album Stormclouds In Heaven: Veteran singer/songwriter James "Slim" Hand's newest and sixth album, Stormclouds In Heaven, is now available for your listening pleasure. Arguably the most authentic voice in country music today, James Hand is back with an inspirational, patriotic, and heartfelt collection of original tunes blending that great southern gospel sound with some country bluegrass for an album that fits in as well at the honky tonk as it does in a Sunday morning servic...    
the jazz apokalypse
911 Offical Story is NOW DEAD!: 10/10/2011 5:54:00 AM PostedDate 10/10/2011 5:10:00 AM Body I am soo greatful for the end of the lies and psy-op disinformation concerning the events of 9/11/2001. Now everyone can see for themselves that the events were not some inside job by our government. Now I have PROOF that it was a MANAGED JOB by the military (that supposedly "STANDED DOWN"). In earlier blog post I referenced the use of lasers being used to vaporise flight 77 at the Pentagon and flight 93 at Shanksville Pa. Bu...    
the jazz apokalypse
Chemtrail vs, Contrail Debate: 5/2/2011 6:30:00 AM PostedDate 5/7/2011 2:35:00 AM Body I have been on the internet conspiracy websites often and have posted my two cents on a lot of current issues. I am kind of embarassed about my lack of interest in the controversy surrounding the relevance of the discussion of geoengineering taking place right above our heads. So I decided one day to take a look while walking one morning and bring my camera. Look at the picts. This is showing some lense flare off to the upper right (no t...    
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first name:ton'e
user name:2mf
age: 34 years old
hometown: shreveport, la, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: since day one when i heard the firt note MUSIC making it listening to it!!
favorite bands: Believe it or not the ones you hear on soundclick .i can't name names because of favoritism but you know who you are..
favorite movies: mainstream but also a lot of the independent so shouts out to the indies do your thing!!!
favorite TV shows: Not a big fan of the one eyed demon very limited television due to programing
favorite books: so many great authours i cant begin to name them but my personal favorite the bible.i recommend a good read
favorite magazines: the indies i'm a big fan of any one who does their own thing
the hardest working individual in the underground movement.founded in 1996 S.O.S. Recordz has seen many a great talent come through its doors.artist with great potentalhave been developed here.However it takes more than great talent to survive in this bussiness.It takes drive heart and a vast amount of ambition to suceed.there are a lot of artist out here with great ambition but not the will to succed.C.E.O. artist promoter as you can see i wear a lot of hat but i will go the distance to help an artist to succed .However i must see that same drive and ambition inside that for those in the struggle never surrender .For all of those enter the industry remember the race is not given to the swift but he that endures the race.right about now the reocrd industry are afraid thatr right afraid of you and I.the in dividual with a computer the playing field has been leveled .you no longer need them you can make a great sounding demo in the comfort of your own home.upload your music track sales promote your music all over the world.with the stroke of a key or the click of a mouse button your only a heartbeat away from being a star.Making big money in the comfort of your own homes .the record companies know that .look at all the star that have come from the internet.with those thoughts in mind .remember the time has come for you and i to call our own shots be tyhe man or woman in the big fancy leather be owners of our own companies.Remember we are the future
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