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Atlanta Rapper *L.O.* Drops New Debut Album - The Good, The Bad, And : http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179473 Atlanta rapper/performer (Cortney Isaiah French) LITES OUT better known as L.O., has officially stepped into the big game with an album that is going to be crashing over the radio waves in no time. With his recent development and co-founding of Atlanta urban music label LAVISH HUSTLE FAMILY, he is showing everyone out there that he's coming up fast and big. Big in the sense that everyone is going to be hearing all of the countless hours he's put away...    
Richi.h.on igroove.ch : New!In future you can buy Albums or Songs also on igroove.ch! Look to the Single Song! I see you. Punk Rock-- When you want buy the Song click here Only Special People needs other Music! Richi.h. artist singer writer composer Bremen Germany    
Sebastian Maxwell
Alpha max supplement: This supplement comes in the supplements style as well as there are 40 supplements inside every bottle of wine connected with Alpha MAX Additionally. That you are led for getting 1 capsule every day previous to hitting the hay. http://buyalphamax.com/    
Traditional zi xiu tang bee pollen : Bee pollen pills cases are viewed as the most obvious weight reduction pills in China accessible. It is safe to say that it is a wonder such a large number of in the area are so little? Utilizing numerous diverse sorts of honey bee dust, the zi xiu tang bee pollen capsule containers are a piece of a three section framework that serves to scrub the framework and give numerous wellbeing profits including More vitality and skin flexibility, PMS help ,Increased sex drive, Higher tolerance...    
Natural botanical slimming gel - Ayurvedic decisions to urge A Flat B: A large varies of people face the matter of avoirdupois presently due to their unhealthy intake habits and lack of any physical activities. Such folks square measure a unit constantly in seeks for diverse natural mediums for shedding off the extra pounds from the body. Natural weight loss pills square measure one altogether the foremost hottest decisions by the rotund people thus on a neighborhood of with their surplus body fat. Beneath the natural botanical slimming gel decisions, varied prescr...    
The Beatitudes : The Beatitudes are a summary of teachings which Jesus continually gave to his disciples. Jesus demonstrated the Beatitudes by the character portrayed in his own life. He showed the world a living faith, fill with virtue and love. Matthew 5:3 poor in spirit means that one has found sufficiency to be in the grace of God. The man who is poor in spirit will not boast of his talents or attainments, because he knows he has nothing that he did not receive from God. He is willing to confess his em...    
tis the season: yep for me it's been the pay the taxes pay the planning commission and pay everybody else season. for the past few years we run out of money at this time the property taxes come due dec 10 and we spent all the money on trying to get them to divide the property into two pieces so this thanksgiving it don't look like we are going to get any turkey at all unless we get invited to one of our relatives dinner. first time in thirty years I aint got enough dough to buy a turkey hell I aint got enough m...    
Flyy KM
Klark Kent: Just quit. Thats what I have told myself time and time again. This cant be for you, you just are not strong enough and you are wasting your time. With my new cd, sometimes it seems so surreal the pressures of trying to remain grounded and proceed with grace when it seems also battling for the same spot in your mind you have this negative idle that is constantly telling you that you are just not enough. So, I guess through it all I appreciate the fact that I woke up and realized that over 17,000 ...    
Winter fire: Winter fire (symbolic) ...Only winter fire is never quenched. In cold days under the flying snow, During the thaw, when we see green grass. Long dark night, a white cloud in the morning Shining winter fire, ice flame. Cool flame is resentment. Ordinary resentment, almost imperceptible, Imaginary nonsense, big disappointment... And here in the winter, the fire broke out.    
New video - Rongorongo: There's a video to help explain the counting rules for "Rongorongo" available here: http://youtu.be/UTtkLSWM6yk    
The NotePad Vol.1: The NotePad is CubaJae's first mixtape. A sure hit for the world too relate too. You can follow me on twitter @cubajae25 instagram @cubajae25 .    
Noble Rippa
What Matters?: I was sitting here thinking about somethingWhy do we get stressed? Why are we afraid? Why do we say bad things about each other & spend so much time concentrated on race, skin, hair, clothes, etc.? I mean in the end when we die none of this means anything & death is inevitable. I just feel like a lot of things I believed in/felt really dont mean a thing to me unless there is some way I can live foreverso why even care? Im not saying people should kill themselves or that life isnt worth caring a...    
International Sensation Finds Artistic Freedom and Gives Hope to Yout: Myanmar's #1 Pop artist is now making her presence known in the United States. Ah Moon (Lung Sitt Ja Moon) grew up in the terribly poor and conflicted Burma. She found her spirit to survive in singing, playing piano, violin and acting at an early age. Through the years of brutal military rule, to now a (somewhat) democratic society, she never stopped pursuing her dream to become an international artist. Her first project, the Me N Ma Girls, attracted scores of international press stories, and ...    
DEJ LOAF GET DISSED! LUZT "TRY ME" (DISS/REMIX): Luzt "Try Me" (Diss/Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quhF28zJvsE Dej Loaf new street single caught alot of attention and also alot of remixes. Lil Durk, Ty Dolla $ign, Remy Ma, Wiz Khalifa, and Montanta of 300. Luzt, a 24-year-old from Maryland has different plans for "Try Me" on Dej Loaf beat. Disses and remixes the hot song. Luzt shows love to the Maryland and DC. Luzt also has created all types of genres of music, from Pop, Rap, R&B, to even Rock. Check out one of her pop songs c...    
19th annual Millennium Music Conference is February 19-21, 2015: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179393 The 19th Annual Millennium Music Conference & Showcase will be held February 19 - 21, 2015 at the Best Western Premier - The Central Hotel & Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA MMC will feature 2 full days of music business keynotes, panels, clinics, workshops, day stage, mentoring & demo listening sessions and trade show. At night over 300 selected acts and artists will showcase at over 30 showcase venues. Music industry professionals attend as sponso...    
LOVE PLAYS A SONG: Love Plays A Song mystery novel FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Mystery novel, Love Plays A Song, catapults rock band manager, Seb Moran on the ride of his life with no seatbelt, sympathy or mercy. He goes from broken hearted, to betrayed, to unimaginable tragedy all while his bands music soars on the charts. His parents lied to him, his girlfriend left him distraught, and just when Seb Moran thought things couldnt get worse, mobsters from Youngstown, Ohio, kidnap his niece and threaten to send her ba...    
To hear it said: To hear it said (a poem in prose) In the window of the bus Trees, all in the frost, To the last branch silver plated. And especially beautiful and sad Rowan, burdened red grapes. And the grey sky, And the dry grass on vacant lots Whisper something, Opening me to the future. But the noise of the motor Not allow me to hear what was said. Closing her eyes, I feel As in the window of the bus Run, staying away, The trees in the frost.    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Drumnjon and I are on a roll........new tune up colab: Hehehe got another song with Drumnjon a colab... an old song of mine he wanted to drum to so he did some amazing magic..... a beautiful transformation came through this .....It needed his drums..........the name of the song is THE GYPSY BUTTERFLY.....I in the past did a lovely video of this song with my art and the original by myself.....Jon you did this a fine justice.... I love what you did.......    
LAST DAY ON EARTH - New Song! - Free Download!!: Hello, how are you? I hope well! I'm here because my new song is online, the name is ''Last Day On Earth''. I truly liked to write this tune, so I hope you enjoy!! The download is Free, so please do it and share! Thank You!! // Ola, como voce esta? Espero que bem! Estou aqui porque a minha musica nova em ingles ja esta online, e se chama ''Last Day On Earth'' (ltimo Dia na Terra). Eu realmente gostei de escrever essa cancao, entao espero que voces curtam! O download e livre, entao por favor baix...    
''SONHAR ATÉ CHEGAR'' - Música Nova - Free Download!!: E ai galera, tudo bem? Eu acredito que sim! Hoje eu vim deixar essa mensagem porque a minha musica nova ja esta na net e se chama ''Sonhar Ate Chegar''. Escrever letras com esse tipo de mensagem sempre foi bom demais e por isso espero que voces gostem do resultado final. O download esta liberado, entao por favor baixem. Pra finalizar: Desejo que seus sonhos se realizem o mais rapido possivel, boa sorte! // Hello everybody, how are you? Fine, I'm sure! :) I'm here to talk about my new song in por...    
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Drumnjon and I have a wonderful new song.....: Gotta new song up with Drumnjon .....We were thinking about if music has touched us all in a way that is understood by all wouldnt it be nice if we could be like the music.....UNIVERSAL....music dont hurt anybody......its a host for hearts......in fact universe means one song......well to me....if we could all live by oneness....and be like music......UNDERSTOOD BY EVERYONE....Music has a certain understanding way........if we could all be grace like music.......SO our new song is BE LIKE THE MU...    
Eventide Announces Strategic Partnership With Yamaha: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179378 Today, Eventide announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Yamaha to develop signature effects for a future update to its recently announced flagship live sound console, the RIVAGE PM10. The Eventide H3000 Live plug-in will include some of the most widely used signature Eventide effects used in the live sound industry. We have the utmost respect for Yamahas deep roots in the music equipment industry. It is an honor to work with the compan...    
Ilya Golitsyn Alpha Centauri : (chill out, house and trance mixes) Special thanks to Armin Van Buuren, Steven Helstrip, Connor Devine, Dom Kerley, Alex Powell, James Macpherson, Chris Chambers, Matt Abbott Distribution of music is Label Worx Limited Golitsyn music label all rights reserved in the United Kingdom, 2014 its my space music series    
100,000.00 prize: ((Bang)) you are dead! No seriously, this is not a joke! As you read this your government is tracking you down to silence you! The Why? illuminati want you dead and they own and control everything ,even the news, especially the news. That is why this must go viral. The illuminati want everyone dead except for themselves and if you don't have a secure bunker with armed forces guarding it, you WILL DIE! Even then, who's to say that Ebola or a thousand other things don't await for you when you surf...    
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favorite movies: Higher Learning, Paid In Full
favorite TV shows: Sports Center, Discovery
favorite books: The Holy Bible
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An artist whose work exhibits exceptional skill in multiple fashions. I produce, rap, and songwrite. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DUKLOW WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DUKLOW WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DUKLOW Luke 1:71
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