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what the heck: I suppose you could call me the prodigal soundclick user, as after 5 years of absence, I have returned.    
fergusson?: I am not even sure how to spell it. I am not black I am not a cop. I am a hillbilly. so with that said I endeavor to give my uneducated opinion my thoughts on the matter is what the hell was the grand jury thinking. the officer that shot the black dude to death is a pussy just like the black dude told him. "i saw the guy interviewed by George snuffelupagus". that said seems the black dude had a tude and. bullied the cop punched him grabbed for his gun. at least that is what the cop say's. what...    
The snow flies on a glade: The snow flies on a glade The snow flies on a glade, Where summer grew The burdock and chamomile. If the sun comes out, Everywhere light up gems. And that's all. Comes the dark night With his eyes closed. He says, That morning will never come. Never.    
Eventide Announces H9 Max: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179512 Today, Eventide unveiled the ultimate addition to the acclaimed H9 Harmonizer stompbox line: H9 MAX. Available now, the H9 MAX comes pre-loaded with all the effects from each of Eventides acclaimed TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space stompboxes, including the new Looper, plus all H9 exclusive algorithms in perpetuity at no additional cost. H9 MAX comes bundled with 45 effect algorithms and over 500 factory presets. H9 MAX is chock full of Eve...    
Indie Anthems Singer-songwriters Enrapture Listeners’ Hearts: On Indie Anthems Vol. 9, singer-songwriters prevail as they share some of the more moving and emotional music on the album, all of which both seize and relax the engaged listener. Singer-songwriters are a genre of artists that never really leave music lovers favorites lists, as they incite powerful emotions with music that is light on the ears but strong on the heart strings. Featured on Indie Anthems Vol. 9, three singer-songwriter groups, Kai Killion, Marty OReilly and Ursina, join other ind...    
Darrell Cole's "Swahili" Fights Negative African Stereotypes: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179487 American record label Block Starz Music, blockstarztv.com, in conjunction with WeArDo Clothing, is introducing a new artist from Sierra Leone in 2015 named DARRELL COLE. "Oscar Micheaux: The Czar of Black Hollywood" writer/director Bayer Mack is executive producer of Sierra Leone artist DARRELL COLE's new music single and video "SWAHILI", which forcefully combats the negative stereotypes young Africans deal with at home and abroad. DARRELL COLE, wh...    
Innovative Indie Anthems Electronic Artists Obliterate Fixed Genres: Released at CMJ Music Marathon in October, Indie Anthems Vol. 9 features three electronic artists that shatter the mold and push for what will be the latest sounds in the electronic genre. Whod have thought that three independent, unsigned artists could shake the very foundations of electronic music and give the genre a makeover it wasnt at all expecting? Featured on Indie Anthems Vol. 9, these three artists, Trinity Ward, Savant and SirensCeol, join other indie artists on the 16-track digital...    
To celebrate Noël À l’Africaine (Christmas In Africa's way)!: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179462 Herleo Muntu announces the release of a new single for the holidays. In studio for a new album in 2015, Herleo Muntu launches Noel lAfricaine. A digital title for the holiday season. Festive and joyful, Noel lAfricaine is ideal for family gatherings year-end. Written and performed by the artist, Muntu Herleo offers us a song with Hip-Pop World accents, as he likes to say. He invites us this year, through his song, to travel and celebrate Christ...    
New Compatibles2 Album release December 2014: The new Compatibles2 Album named Sounds from the Mancave, will be released early December 2014 on iTunes and Bandcamp. The album has been recorded during one year starting January 2014. It contains 11 brand new and diverse tracks of electronic, ambient, some jazz and guitar music. The album is entirely composed, played, produced and recorded by Compatibles2 / Hans Noort using Korg M3, iPad4 and vintage electric guitar. The music is a fresh mix of old and new electronic styles with experimen...    
Noughts and Exes to Release Album Globally: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179459 Noughts and Exes is set to release their self-titled album to the US & Global Markets on December 1st. "Noughts and Exes" will be available through CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes with a special Cyber Monday launch. Noughts and Exes is the critically acclaimed indie folk rock band out of Hong Kong that TIME Magazine named one of the "Top 5 Bands to Watch" in 2011. Noughts and Exes is the brain child of Joshua Wong, who first started the band in its original...    
My 5 beats, also the 1st i've uploaded: www.meloribeats.com I've just started to upload beats to this website, i've been producing for 4 years already now and thought now its the right time to start uploading them online. So please take time to check out 5 New beats i've just uploaded, I'm really satisfied with the way they sound. Follow me on twitter - https://twitter.com/meloribeats Like me on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/meloribeats    
looking to link up with artists for a mixtape: Hit me if you are ready to be heard and played over a radio station that show you love over the wave, im a artist who is looking to link up with others to make it happen..harlem stand up,i sign my self entertainment. .    
Churchill-Nash Records Releases Karl W. Davis & The Sweetpeas "IT'S H: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179478 Karl W. Davis and The Sweetpeas latest release, It's High Time (2014 Churchill-Nash Records), is now garnering high critical acclaim in the U.S. and France, and marks a new chapter in the career of this fire-and-brimstone gospel/blues powerhouse. Karl W. Davis was born in Folkston, Georgia, a small rural community situated at the crossroads of Savannah and Macon with deep gospel and blues traditions. After joining the African Methodist Church at the ...    
Atlanta Rapper *L.O.* Drops New Debut Album - The Good, The Bad, And : http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=179473 Atlanta rapper/performer (Cortney Isaiah French) LITES OUT better known as L.O., has officially stepped into the big game with an album that is going to be crashing over the radio waves in no time. With his recent development and co-founding of Atlanta urban music label LAVISH HUSTLE FAMILY, he is showing everyone out there that he's coming up fast and big. Big in the sense that everyone is going to be hearing all of the countless hours he's put away...    
The Beatitudes : The Beatitudes are a summary of teachings which Jesus continually gave to his disciples. Jesus demonstrated the Beatitudes by the character portrayed in his own life. He showed the world a living faith, fill with virtue and love. Matthew 5:3 poor in spirit means that one has found sufficiency to be in the grace of God. The man who is poor in spirit will not boast of his talents or attainments, because he knows he has nothing that he did not receive from God. He is willing to confess his em...    
tis the season: yep for me it's been the pay the taxes pay the planning commission and pay everybody else season. for the past few years we run out of money at this time the property taxes come due dec 10 and we spent all the money on trying to get them to divide the property into two pieces so this thanksgiving it don't look like we are going to get any turkey at all unless we get invited to one of our relatives dinner. first time in thirty years I aint got enough dough to buy a turkey hell I aint got enough m...    
Flyy KM
Klark Kent: Just quit. Thats what I have told myself time and time again. This cant be for you, you just are not strong enough and you are wasting your time. With my new cd, sometimes it seems so surreal the pressures of trying to remain grounded and proceed with grace when it seems also battling for the same spot in your mind you have this negative idle that is constantly telling you that you are just not enough. So, I guess through it all I appreciate the fact that I woke up and realized that over 17,000 ...    
Winter fire: Winter fire (symbolic) ...Only winter fire is never quenched. In cold days under the flying snow, During the thaw, when we see green grass. Long dark night, a white cloud in the morning Shining winter fire, ice flame. Cool flame is resentment. Ordinary resentment, almost imperceptible, Imaginary nonsense, big disappointment... And here in the winter, the fire broke out.    
New video - Rongorongo: There's a video to help explain the counting rules for "Rongorongo" available here: http://youtu.be/UTtkLSWM6yk    
The NotePad Vol.1: The NotePad is CubaJae's first mixtape. A sure hit for the world too relate too. You can follow me on twitter @cubajae25 instagram @cubajae25 .    
Noble Rippa
What Matters?: I was sitting here thinking about somethingWhy do we get stressed? Why are we afraid? Why do we say bad things about each other & spend so much time concentrated on race, skin, hair, clothes, etc.? I mean in the end when we die none of this means anything & death is inevitable. I just feel like a lot of things I believed in/felt really dont mean a thing to me unless there is some way I can live foreverso why even care? Im not saying people should kill themselves or that life isnt worth caring a...    
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first name:Chris
user name:MindState Records
age: 28 years old
hometown: Detroit, mi, USA
my page:
click here
hobbies: music production, drawing, airbrushing, computers, fast cars, exotic cars, sexxxy women, bass, party
favorite movies: Batman, Zeitgeist, Esoteric Agenda, What the bleep do we know?, heat, GoodFellas,
favorite TV shows: The Office, MegaStructures, Beyond2010, How Its Made, Wife Swap, anything teaching, breaking apart
favorite books: Misery, It, Seven, 1984
favorite magazines: Computer Music, EQ, Electronic Musician, MIX,
Check it out. It is me. Chris Mac and better known as Mac Nifty in the entertainment world coming to your from 8 Mile and Woodward Michigan. Everything you see and hear or maybe even taste! Is all me. I do not use a middle man for anything. Self owned and fully independant. Printing, recording, writing, drawing, video, sitework, whatever and whenever its here and out there. It is from me truley. So that could go for if you hate my f*** ing guts or you are cool with me. If you sh** on this music or you put the sh** up high on some podium with accent lighting. Does not matter. It is me. I am that one man do everything type of person. That and greedy. haha. But i keep it real with you always. No bull sh** , no scam, no solicitation or gimmick. I am a Producer, rapper, audio engineer and more! All the songs you hear. Guess what? Straight up real and made like your grandma made pie. From scratch!. Samples accumulated, sounds created, vocals mastered. Whatever it is. It is 100% Nifty baby.
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