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Dream Believe Do Repeat! Nothing more accurately describes his philosophy. Born in December 1982. Tomasz Teka Kucharski! Multi platinum producer, composer, songwriter, entrepreneur!
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The things we spend so much time and money on end up failing while the things we knew would fail turn out to be our salvation. Maybe we should pay more attention to the BSide of know...the things we take for granted, the things were no..
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Uncle Lewie is one of the hardest working and most professional musicians you will ever meet. This hard hitting bass player, who also plays percussions and does a little keyboard programming, plays a wide variety of music genres. Check him out!
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Forgiving family: It was hard enough to forgive that ex that broke your heart. It's even harder to forgive family for the things they continually do to you. it was said that we should write a letter detailing all these stuff. We dont have to send it to them, we can just put it aside and then pick up on it to see how we feel about them afterwards. Its also a good way to see whether or not we're doing what our parents were doing to our children. We, then, have a better chance of Raising our children bette...
You are who you surround yourself with: It's not just you requires to be a happy person, it's the people you CHOOSE to be around you. Happiness is your set of attitude. You choose items, activities, and events that brings you joy. Even when you're hitting a bump on the road, you're happy that it's happening because you know that it just makes you a better person after. That's one part. In order to be well-rounded, your surroundings and your environment, especially the people in it, you'll have to make sure also has your set...
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