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who is oscar?: well o k then now the news has got me wondering again "possibly a dangerous activity for me" just who is this oscar dude and why do we give a crap about those little fake gold bowling trophy's he gives out by the bucket load. it aint like way back in ago time we elected a grandwazoo of movies? a mystic wizard to look into his crystal ball and pronounce the best movie i can tell from the movies he always picks that he is lilly white and prejudiced not only against people of color but also ...
HALFWAY TO HELL: HALFWAY TO HELL © Gardiner/Peatman 2016 All rights reserved Author: Gardiner/Peatman Since religious writings first began there have been almost 3000 Gods, of course they are all misguided fiction except the God that YOU believe in! HALFWAY TO HELL DRESSED IN BLACK THEY SEND THE MESSAGE CLEAR FOR ALL THE WORLD TO KNOW THE COMING FEAR THE NEED TO KILL WITHOUT A CAUSE THE NEED TO SPEAK WITHOUT APPLAUSE MISGUIDED IN THEIR HATE FOR LIFE PARADISE ALL WRAPPED IN STRIFE TO TURN ...
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