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Newest Update: Well we dropped one in the metal charts. That's unfortunate. But we are still number 1 in thrash metal. That's the good news. We are at least the best thrash on soundclick now... The new song that became number 1 in metal, all of the sudden appeared or jumped up several positions to do it in one day. Suspicious isn't it? Things like that should not happen in the charts. I mean we got 65+ plays for our song in the charts today. So this new band got more? I don't believe it it was done fairly...
Newest Update: Ok... So number 1 in thrash didn't last long. I didn't expect it to. But humanity, a violent race made it into number 3 for thrash tonight... That's good... It kind of sucks we couldn't become number 1 in metal with corporate sleezebag. I am trying that with another track which is much better. That song will be kept secret. It's not even uploaded yet. But number 3 in thrash aint too bad... We'll see how we do tommorrow night. Stay tuned metalheads \m/
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