*NEW* Paper Chase (W/HOOK Feat Nakuu)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Nikko of Eden Myrrh
TIMELESS : Well, what can I say. I'm really feeling glad, accomplished, and excited today. Its been along hard road since 2002. I've wished that the music & this set could have been released 3-4yrs ago. Now looking back, it just wasn't the right time. Too many things needed to be cleared-up personally. So here we are today. So many things lining up in a positive light. Its a feeling hard to describe. All I know is that its going to stay that way. Heres a rundown on the meaning of 'Timeless'. Todd & myse...
Richi.h.throughout the seventies!: Richi.h. making music since his youth and held various Bands as a guitarist or singer.He has performed in Clubs and Youth centers and a lot of fun.Today Richi.h.works with different styles and music genres are not so easy to categorize.But it moves predominantly in the range Punk Rock Gothic Heavy Alternative Ballad Songwriter.Currently there are 11 CDs and Music Video 4 DVDs.This is the current state!
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