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time warp fin.: When I got to the lake, I noticed that it wasn’t that big, perhaps around 15 acres, just under the farm land behind my house, but it sure was pretty. There wasn’t a parking area or anyone around so I just parked where I felt. When I got out of my truck, there was dead silence. There was no wind rustling the leaves on the trees, not even the birds or crickets were chirping. The weeds were pretty thick all around me, I was in my shorts, so I changed into my jeans, put on my boots, a long sleeve sh...
cabin in the woods pt 2: Since there wasn’t any electricity running to the house, maybe the guy used a lantern. Perhaps it was an old hunting/fishing cabin. I don’t know, I didn’t really think that much about it. Just then the lights went off in both rooms and I expected for someone to come out the front door. I waited with curiosity but no one came out. Well maybe there was a back door and he went out that way, I thought to myself and moved on taking a few more pics. A little over a mile, and around the bend, I see the...
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