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a walk in the forest pt two: In just a few more steps we could see the edge and just to the left was a trail taking you down to the river. There were warning signs everywhere. As my son began following the trail, I yelled out stop, are you f'in crazy? Take a closer look at what you're getting yourself and us into. That's some dangerous sh** in lighted conditions let alone trying to get down there in the dark using a small lantern. What the hell are you trying to do? I asked him. He then looked at me and the young couple and...
Mr Grant
Rain in California: So much for hot and sunny! Rains have FINALLY come to Southern California and in a BIG way! Just as fires had started to break out in the south land, the weather righted itself by raining. Nothing like a rainy day though. It has a sound and feel all it's own. Makes listening to music more intimate and since most of us might stay close to home during this time, it's a great time to get (re) acquainted with old albums, CD's or whatever medium your favorite music is on.
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