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one of the things I've noticed while working on the horn is: that as a keyboard player and guitarist my playing has been more visual rather than mental. What I mean is that in the past playing keys or guitar I've relied more on looking at the keys or frets. I've not had to think about the note I play or the several that come after, it's become automatic and play in patterns. As I play the horn, I have to think about the embouchure,pitch,fingering (reading notes) and interpretation. I'm actually using my brain a lot more along with my ears. This might be b...
new axe: I've been kicking the idea of purchasing a flugelhorn for quite sometime now. It's on its way as I ordered it yesterday and am looking forwards to having it in my hands by the end of next week. Hopefully playing it will make it easier on the fingers since unlike the guitar or keyboards I'll be using only 3 on one hand and 1 on the other.
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