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Music in the 21st Century: You may want to create a career in the entertainment industry and you don't know how to. If your like most people today you'll jump on the internet and start googling away searching for the websites and companies that have will have you filling out endless forms just keeping track of the usernames and passwords can be overwhelming let alone loading up your music. Placing your music on every new hip slick and cool site that promises to make you famous is the fastest way to losing your way and ge...
Mr Grant
There's No Better Place Than Home: Thank you to EVERYONE that's listened to this song. This song's title has gripped me over the last few months and has been the catalyst for a "new attitude" in me. I've found it really apparent that the most rewarding things in life have NOTHING to do with money, fame, notoriety or anything like that. The most precious things in life have to do with family and loved ones. When we are close to our last breathes, we will NOT be looking to see how much money we made, or how many people likes ou...
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