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artist: Klaatu (CT)
A caravan crossing the desert, and the ghosts of ancient travelers accompanying them on their long journey acr
artist: Musan Dera
title: Camel Dance
For the Ancient Egyptian Challenge of December 2013. "You captured the rhythm of the land so amazingly."
All music hand played in on keyboard ,and all vocals sung and spoken by Countess Lekzee. All roads lead back t
Evoking a viewing of the Euphrates in the early hours.
artist: Maurizio
title: Grand Bazaar
World music or Old World Music. A touch of Indian and Arabic on a six and twelve string guitar.
title: KILI KILI
Muhammad Abdul at Rajiv Soleiman lang. Wag kayong maniniwala sa haka haka Amoy Arabo Chapter 4
artist: Joey Allen
Driving rhythm with lead vocal and strong backups and features tenor sax.
This is a C o p t i c hymn that I am working on with members of my church. It is part of one song that will
artist: Doc Jazz
Arabic song calling for unity, tolerance and acceptance of diversity. A song against sectarian strife.
son extrait de la compile " WELCOME TO BERKANE " prochainement disponible
artist: Zaid Tayyem
title: al hesar
al 7esar- ya imna
artist: Mikejazz
Arabian style tune for the CBC Challenge
artist: ETHNIPOP
Oriental hip-hop in lingua italiana - read translation words in English -
artist: 010-Wise
title: Sahabi
arabic culture music
title: Free Iran!
Oh. You thought that last one kicked ass? Wait. Until you hear this. ~L
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D E Farmer
New Age
"Buttermints and Coffee"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
JD Hodges (Justin Dale Music)
New Age
"Knight Skies of Pi"
I wrote this piece about adventure, excitement and magic in a land far away.
Bill Wren
World General
""Winter Solstice: Between Heaven And Earth""
These are tracks 1 & 2 off the new concept album "Journey Around The Sun A Mayan Odyssey" The album takes you on a journey with music building up to the culmination of the Winter of 2012. For more details see
ON SOME SERIOUS SWERP: Chicago's Swerp Records Announces Launch: Swerp Records announced today their official launch lineup and collective release date of May 22nd, in an advance video at Much like a indie-rock Odd Future, the artists of Swerp Records share members, musical virtuosity, collaborative shows, and a warped sense of humor. The label, featuring a collection of seven of Chicago's finest underground artists, represents the first formal releases from any of these groups. "I had never heard of any of these bands before but after listening to their soundcloud sampler reel I knew there was something special going on here. There...
THE NEW BLACK SEVEN CREATE A NEW VINTAGE WITH THEIR LATEST TRACK: Former Rock and Roll Journeymen Turn Their Sights Towards the Past as they Blend the Raucous Nature of Country with the Melody of Classic Rock with the Release of their Latest Single "Fine Wine (Midwest U.S.A. - September 2014) – The New Black Seven are the Heartland: loud, honest, pure and full of energy but also tempered by a heavy sense of melody and introspection. Their firebrand country is saddled in the roots of the 60’s and 70’s longhaired country revolution as well as the tunefulness of today’s modern dynamic. From top-down highway songs...
The Wedding: I dreamed that a man came to me and others standing by and said, “we are going to a wedding and the only way that we are going to get there is through the River” and then he disappeared, Everything happened so quickly, before we knew it he came back, at that moment I started worrying about my suit getting wet in the water. As I stood there wondering about things I saw two men standing very elegantly in their suits also beside a big black car. They both had a fire rocket on their backs, and a much bigger one on the back of their car, the two men stood looking at me as if they wanted me to come ...
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