Lester Wayne Dobos
Reverse Christian 666
World Fusion
Please pray for the fall of the Perversion of delusions, for TRUTH trumps all lies. In Science we study as one. God Bless, and InshaAllah not all Satanists are atheist
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"One good thing about music.. when it hits.. you feel no pain." - Bob Marley
title: Danger There
Spooky first take demo
A song I wrote to celebrate 200 years of the abolishment of the slave trade
Nothing like sitting in the sand on a beautiful beach. Special thanks to Tammy Swindell for final mastering.
title: Heart
Mellow shows his versatility on this song
artist: Aymant
title: Sara
Sara is my Daughter, I made this song for her when she went to high school
artist: Pentultima
Blend Marley with a bit of rap and some serious pop and you have what the essence of this song is. www.hitsong
artist: Klaatu (CT)
This is a reggae?, mmm ... more or less,.. but I Like it!!!
title: Careful
Produced by Christopher "Cabba" Tyrell
reggae type song promoting a world of love and compassion
Concious Ugandan roots reggae (one drop) in English/Patois and Runyoro (language of the Banyoro peolpe of west
title: Is This Love
Initial mix of track recorded Nov 2005 with producer Grant Evelyn
artist: K-Gi
title: In My Shoes
The wide gulf between the "haves" and the "have nots" continues to grow amid the illusion & slight-of-hand cal
artist: chiozo
title: Free
Reggae Song to a hip hop beat. Very beautiful and inspiring.
artist: Casper (CAN)
artist: Europica
Chillout reggae with a haunting trumpet sound.
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The iProducers
Instrumentals :: Beats General
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BARz (MeekMill/YoungM.A)
East Coast
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Julien Drolon Harness The Power Of Music For Peace :

The power of music to change a heart, a mind, a soul - has been proven many times over. From the Beatles' song "Imagine" to Michael Jackson's "We Are The World," musicians have endeavored to present their messages through music. Julien Drolon, a Frenchman, singer, songwriter, and man of of peace, has taken up that cause as well. Doing everything from writing songs about peace to participating in festivals whose cause is peace, Drolon is a man on a mission.

If you've ever daydreamed of taking a tropical vacation, sipping a fruity drin...

The Great & Carlton Fisk Launch West Coast Tour In Seattle: Hanz On Music artists Hannibal The Great and Carlton Fisk will join Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man for a west coast tour .The tour kicks off in Seattle, WA on Tuesday, February 26, 2013. Hannibal the Great and Carlton Fisk are affiliates of the legendary Wu Tang Clan collective. Hannibal toured with Wu Tang on the Rock the Bells tour and the Wu Tang 8 Diagram tour. He was featured on the Raekwon presents IceWater: Polluted Water LP and released his first solo studio album Out of the Chefs kitchen on Raekwon's Ice Water label. Out of the Chef's Kitchen & Hanz on Music EP 2013 are available f...
Foreshadow Launches Official Web Site: Tampa, FL- Tampa based metal band Foreshadow has launched their official website. Fans will be able to instantly connect with the band, and be able to keep track of all the latest news. Aaron Robinson, guitarist for the band says, "We are happy to be able to bring this level of interaction to our fans, and to have a home for everything Foreshadow." You can check out the official web site at http://www.foreshadow76.com....
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