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title: Alcazar
Pequeno fragmento
title: magnolia
relaxing chill ambient new age track perfect for meditation or just chill with a glass of wine
Track from the new album "Time" (comming in december 2011)
title: Snow
(September 11, 2014)
This composition is dedicated to a dear friend who was diagnosed with ALS.
artist: MyndsEye
A World/New Age/Jazzy/Progressive track in a series of collabs. with guitarist John Fiore. Upbeat instrumental
artist: Evan Paul
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" This song has the ambience of the sea and the seagulls. It starts off in 5/4 time an
Totally lost in the middle of the mescal-laden desert. Trips of the mind, searching for ancestral plains to la
Check out Don Papion on Youtube: - Produced by: BLITZ BEATS -
artist: Ed Drury
title: Kurreah
From the play Ugliest Duckling performed by Tears of Joy Theatre, opens April 8th 2011.
title: one wave
ahh, but if I describe it, I change it. This time let's leave it as it is.
A meeting of 24 artists around the world.
artist: LaoZi
Just a little sentimental piece, based on the theme I had in my head for a long time.
artist: Javier Galea
title: Magnolia
Awesomely beautiful and ambient piece depicting a thunderstorm with gorgeous vocals.
Inspirational relaxing flute music.
title: Winter Story
Winter Story is the theme song of my debut album and the foundation of my other music compositions, in which e
The instrumental version of the song, "Love Hold Our Tomorrow". See "the story behind the song" for more infor
artist: Ray Watson
title: Why
A contemplative, soul-searching ballad. Ethereal stillness, peace and rest. Original and poignant lyrics. 'Why
title: Magic Wood
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D E Farmer
New Age
"Buttermints and Coffee"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
JD Hodges (Justin Dale Music)
New Age
"Fabled Waltz"
Contrasting major minor verses, and bright stirring choruses.
Nils-Ole Finbak
New Age
"City Moon"
Melodic music from Norway!
Mark Griffiths
New Age
"A Wreath of Stars"
kosmische musik
Artist Draws Inspiration From Fans: Artist Finds Inspiration in Her Friends, Family, and Fans. Atlanta Teen singer/songwriter Katie Belle Akin is a featured artist on Teen Nation Anti-Bully Tour, currently touring Detroit as a Headliner, she toured for 6 weeks in 2013 performing in Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas and is slated for an additional 12 weeks in 2014. 2014 tour stops will include Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Katie is also featured on "MaddTalent Blitz Tour" and "Teens TurntUP" shows. Akin recent...
Columbus Day: Ah, Columbus Day. The 517th anniversary of the arrival of a genocidal tyrant. Celebrating half a millennium of genocide, plunder, theft, swindling and oppression. Yes, it is a sick thought, but it is true. This is one American who will not be celebrating.
Solstice: Current mood: Pensive Current weather: Clear Current listening: Inkubus Sukkubus Hokay, so another Midsummer us upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. Where does the time go? Observing the turning of the Wheel of the Year as it cycles from solstice to solstice and back has given me a perhaps all too acute sense of the passing of time. I try not to let it make me feel old, but, well, life is finite, and so I'm always reminding myself to enjoy it while I can. On the other hand, I intend (as the saying goes) to die young as late as possible. Midsummer, or Litha, or Alban Heruin, ...
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