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Here's a song I love singing to...a native inspired song, with chant, big drums, with some techno bits... enti
Based on the memory of some recordings of guitar music from Zaire. Two 'rhythm' tracks from a table steel in C
artist: Bole
a live 11 minute extravaganza recorded at the off the tracks festival in derbyshire using an acoustic guitar,
artist: Guitar Demo
title: LL0
OTS, room mic, backing, humbucker
artist: Evan Paul
A collaboration with the very talented multi instrumentalist Ed Drury, who plays the digeridu and percusion, w
A country ballad about a waitress in a diner, who is longing for the open highway, and lamenting the missed tu
Marc sure does love them unicorns!
artist: Ed Drury
title: Gulla
From The Ugliest Duckling, see for details
artist: ETHNIPOP
title: Cherish
I have learnt to cherish every single moment spent with my loved ones and friends, as most of these beautiful
title: River
Soulful, a little sad, melodic
artist: Omkar
The first song of Maxi CD Echoes of Love ...see song description
title: Hope
Song and Video of our universal Hope
Tis' one on my favorites......For my Scottish friends, Cheers... The instruments used in this were the Blues H
This little jazz piece tries to imitate the typical love call of cockatiels. Play it to your birdies, they'll
Ennum_Ninakkai - Hindi Mallu Remix
artist: wmmusic
A lot of Musicians are feeling Lonely. Then they compose you the best Music they can make. They put al theyr f
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HD-Flat Beats
Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
99 cent lease New beat 2016
Open Wounds
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
MusicDish Review: "Single Glance" Pop artist Catherine Duc : Pop artist Catherine Duc's "Single Glance" is a lyrically and musically solid mid tempo love song that is so catchy, it's almost contagious. A fun song, "Single Glance" was produced by UK producer, Stuart Epps who has worked with renowned artists including Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison and Robbie Williams. Duc's breathy vocal style is reminiscent of Melody Gardot, and her vocal performance on this cut it perfect. It's pop with a definite country twist to it, and great hooks and breaks. The harmonies are well done, and it's a very well-produced track that has driving gui...
Hiroshi Takatani
New Music "Antique Lamp Light" uploaded.: Oct 17 2007 Well,I wrote this in 2004 and its style is close to Jazz(or almost Jazz). I've been looking for a photo of an Antique lamp that lights in a dim room,but could not find one. so instead I use a photo I took in Kecsikemet ,Hungary 2004. If someone has a great photo (or painting),please tell me! Enjoy!
indian in the machine
The Light has already won - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine): The Light has already won - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) Lots of people believe in Armageddon. Because so many have watched negative hollywood and tv programming for so long, darkness persists. The darker a planet gets, the more it is controlled. We are in a grand battle between dark and Light, and Light has already won. Watch this television program about humanoid robots, it is designed to brainwash you into accepting humanoid robots as "normal". If humanoid robots exist, then the implications for society are significant. So many ...
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