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artist: Musan Dera
"Lovely Koto and flute melodies kicking into that wonderful mid-section around 2:12"
artist: Klaatu (CT)
title: China Wall
Background music for walking the Great Wall of China
title: Lotus Flower
The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. Untouched b
Green tea starts as a fairly traditional composition for Shakuhachi and Taiko drum samples but played in the K
artist: Puspa Dewi
title: Curik Curik
A more traditional interpretation of a Balinese Folk song on the album. Beautiful vocal arrangement with simpl
artist: Pinoytality
title: Magkasuyo
Pinoytality: Chorus: Tuphe // Eztong Talikkod // Jays // Ghozt // B-562 Productionz // Kung Gusto nyo tong so
artist: jaydepizzle
Spitting: 1st: jaydepizzle, maika 2nd: aceside, inflazian 3rd: prince ryuma, andrea 4th : zikk, talentadah 5th
artist: surikoo2078
A rehearsal cover song by Maa Vue "Tsav Ntawv" before the event. Sorry, messed up a bit on some words and beat
title: Bulan
Feat. Wendell Taladua
artist: The K.o.R
Just a more defined version... I still prefer the older one.
Tulog Na Madraztah Sandamukal Records 2004-Present Author: TULOG NA Madraztah feat. Makadyoza, Khoolet and Dr
artist: youngjointz
Youngjointz nicotin,mark,wizzy,japino,pintahdoz,mc chorus kurt maldita
AgaZzi Cojuangco & Green 7 Band - Dahil Sa Iyo (Because Of You)
artist: Ayu Laksmi
Based on the Buddhist mantra of the Buddha Avalokitesvara - the all seeing Buddha of compassion. Featured back
artist: jros3
title: IKAW
me on the chorus. marko is the first verse. other verses i dont
artist: SUNDALOZ
Para sa lahat ng mga nagkaibigan.. tandaan niyo.. Balang Araw !! :) Verse 1 - Kulet Verse 2 - Bustarr Verse 3
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Beats Planet
Instrumentals :: Dirty South
*EPIC MOVIE BEAT* Tell Ya Story to This Epic Hollywood banga. Buy & Download W/ no tags at Prod By DJ Naydee
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D E Farmer
New Age
"Buttermints and Coffee"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
JD Hodges (Justin Dale Music)
New Age
"Knight Skies of Pi"
I wrote this piece about adventure, excitement and magic in a land far away.
Bill Wren
World General
""Winter Solstice: Between Heaven And Earth""
These are tracks 1 & 2 off the new concept album "Journey Around The Sun A Mayan Odyssey" The album takes you on a journey with music building up to the culmination of the Winter of 2012. For more details see
The Cadillac Bill Show Signs With Planet Blue Pictures And Concerthou: Concerthouse Music, Blue Pie Productions and Planet Blue Pictures are pleased to announce the signing of The Cadillac Bill Show to a worldwide distribution agreement. This half hour cult classic style show has the motto, "No News, No Sports, No Weather- all the time". Cadillac Bill is a veteran Recording Artist from Canada who has been touring as Cadillac Bill and The Creeping Bent in North America for the last 20 years. He has had radio airplay and video spins on Much Music and done many interviews for the press. The band has shared the s...
Paul Ieson
Damn Halloween Party: I find my self fo the last 3 years, participating in halloween partys. I am Pagan I don't belive in halloween partys. I personaly ( not to offend ) find them distastfull. But never the less I have been some how stuck in them. This year the theam is the old west. And the part putting it together has even wrote a short script and wants every one to play parts. A shoot out at the end an every one dies of corse. I thought this halloween scarry sh** was for kids. I'm 44 damnit lol. Any way I will end up doing this an most likel getting drunk this year. Not I don't normaly drink so I should be t...
CONVICTS TAKE ON CONGRESS: On July 31, 2014, female-fronted, heavy metal band, Corprit Convict, is taking the message of their debut album, Come Clean, directly to the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building. The message? Remove money from politics. The band will be performing songs from the album, such as "3 Ring", "Applicator" and "Left for Dead", serving, themselves, as protest anthems and calling for change in our country. "Campaign financing has become the single, biggest problem plaguing our country's political landscape today. But it's also the least discussed problem,...
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