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One of my first melodies. I was covered it in multiple occasions: set of instruments, slow vowel ... etc. Bu
artist: Poitin
Nominated for Celtic Music Radio Award 2009. Storming trad Irish with a belting bodhran and manic live energy.
artist: Darby O'Gill
A humorous traditional Irish song based on an older ballad, 'Our Goodman' (Child Ballad #274), sometimes calle
artist: firesong
Cade's Lullaby set to Irish blessing in 3/4 time...with lyrics by Buddy Sutton... August 10, 2007
artist: Gan Ainm
title: A-Rovin´
A sea shanty, a working song sung by the sailors in order to synchronize their labour. A three part a cappell
artist: mark1000
Gospel song in Ulster Scots dialect !
Mellifluous slip jig we learned from The Bothy Band
artist: JavaMusiK
Solo piano arrangement of a favorite hymn.
Traditional Irish - Low G whistle, guitar, and synth pad. Title translates to: For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Na
artist: David Bazo
A song with a mediaval celtic feel, recorded using exclusively guitar and recorder / Una cancion con sonido mu
artist: Paula Lynch
My not-so-traditional version of the Irish traditional. You know it - play it! I had way too much fun with t
A song for the Coconut Blues Club (CBC) Annual Celtic Irish Song Challenge on 3/15/14 @ 9PM/UK - SoundClick.
This was written as a tribute to the Irish Rovers. It uses the titles of several songs they have recorded duri
artist: The Tools
Cbc 3/12 Irish challenge
artist: Tony Bardon
"The Lake Isle of Innisfree" is Ireland's most popular poem. It is a privilege for me to be able to be able t
artist: DAVE BLISS
Sampler of Celtic Tigers, Live ,St Patricks Day 2009.
artist: Mik Kro
Old Irish Ballad composed by Sigerson Clifford about hunting the wren in Kerry many many years ago.
artist: Irish Stout
title: Botany Bay
A song about an Irishman who immigrates to Australia
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D E Farmer
New Age
"Buttermints and Coffee"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
JD Hodges (Justin Dale Music)
New Age
"Knight Skies of Pi"
I wrote this piece about adventure, excitement and magic in a land far away.
Bill Wren
World General
""Winter Solstice: Between Heaven And Earth""
These are tracks 1 & 2 off the new concept album "Journey Around The Sun A Mayan Odyssey" The album takes you on a journey with music building up to the culmination of the Winter of 2012. For more details see
The Fantom Of HipHop Has Arrived.: The Fantom of HipHop has arrived. The Fantom, who infamously also goes by J.Scar, is a Haitian-American rapper, songwriter, record producer, director, writer, and actor from Brooklyn, NY. Best known for his notoriously soulful lyrics and persuasive anthems, The Fantom is preparing for the release of his debut EP, ‘Don’t Judge Me’ fully produced by one of New Jersey’s hottest producer’s, Fresh of Fresh Productionz, in fall of 2014. Born Jean Lodescar, Jr., in Brooklyn to Haitian parents and raised in Queens, J. Scar has always used lyrics to tell...
Tony Adamo - "This Time It's Real" :

If you’ve ever been in love, you know the feeling you get when that special someone comes along and everything within you shouts, “This is it!! This is the one!!” Well, Tony Adamo has captured the sentiments of that with a remake of Tower of Power’s hit “This Time It’s Real,” and he hit the nail right on the head. The strong Tower of Power horn section does an outstanding job and a funky sax solo makes the song even more enjoyable. This track is definitely a groove and will entice the listener into reminiscing about the emotions you have when the right person is in your life. ...

"Amazing Grace" Is Renewed In Soulful Holiday Rendition:


San Francisco, CA - December 23, 2009 - The well-known classic "Amazing Grace" experienced a holiday makeover by visionary musicians Ann Licater and Jeff Oster. The San Francisco-based musicians collaborated to create a completely new rendition of one of the world's best-known songs. Unclassifiable as either Jazz, World, Christian or New Age music exactly, the track is finding a wide audience during its Holiday 2009 release as a 99-cent digital download exclusively on CDBaby (

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