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artist: Evan Paul
This is my first collaboration with one of the most talented ladies I have ever met. Working with Lana J Alber
Nueva colaboración con Andrea Gerak a la voz, Nusratfateh al duduk, Edgar Molina a las percusiones, y Cambridg
title: Little Wing
Little Wing, J. Hendrix, Artista J. B. Muro Maqueta grabada en diecto por estudiosmusic
artist: Ed Drury
Sensuous song by Lisa ( and KMP ( with me on Didj, two of my fa
artist: Neon Egypt
A fresh morning - New movement, new life!
This exotic song has reached the #1 chart postion several times on our old site. It will sweep your mind away
title: Joy
03/2008 - This piece is inspired by West African music. An attempt to leave the taste of a live performance in
Collaboration between Syngularity and myself. Title by Maxine Young. This was a piece of work folks... I hope
artist: MoShang
title: Dragonbeat
A joyous song that captures the spirit and vitality of Chinese festivals.
artist: Ian Naismith
Arabic percussion, zany guitar, throb bass
artist: Pinecats
Does the Raven dream? Is Life our soul's dream?
artist: Emerald Rose
A journey through Welsh myth - Arianrhod, queen of illumination
artist: Hungry Lucy
upbeat, inspiring song about people coming together
artist: John DeBoer
title: Eagles Cry
"Eagles Cry". Not a tear do they shed from their eye but there voices clearly say. "We are free and shall alwa
Electronic world fusion composition. If you like Enigma, you will enjoy this chillout piece. It's one of the m
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Funk
*NO SAMPLES | LIVE INSTRUMENTS* Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal! $24.99 for the non-exclusive Lease! Contact: for exclusive rights.
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Beltaine/Samhain: Okay, I'm a little late for this one in most timezones. So sue me. Spring has long since sprung here, and summer is coming. Life is flourishing, and the May Queen rules. It's about life, and growth. In the other hemisphere, where the seasons are opposed, it is time for Samhain, the time to acknowledge death and passing. Growth, and decay. Life, and death. This is why Beltaine and Samhain are considered the most important sabbats of European Pagan traditions. All life has its growth, and its passing, but, even as all things pass, there is always the promise of renewal. The renewal pha...
iWantJam Launches Beta Site and Invites Bands To Setup Profile: iWantJam announced the launch of the beta version of their live music streaming portal at Singers, musicians and bands are invited to register and set up their artist profile where they can share their music, events and build an audience for their online concerts. While bands focus on driving bigger audiences to their shows, there is an even larger fanbase left out because they are not able to attend. iWantJam enables bands and musicians to tap into this neglected pool by allowing them to be an integral part of any live event, anywhere is the world. Fans no longer h...
Ariadawna Willowsweet
Drumnjon and TOny Reyes and I have new tune.....its up on my page....: a brand new song with TOny Reye and Drumnjon....I wrote the lyrics....and am singing all vocals and harmonies ....there are no backup singers its all me!TOny is playing his wonderful guitar and bass exceptionally vibrant.....and Jon is playing the crap out of those drums.....JOn is playing a mean didgeridoo......THE NAME OF THE SONG IS SANDS OF TIME....It is always a pleasure working with you both......JOn you add a special touch to the songs and Tony I always love playing or writing lyrics and singing to your originals........We rock immensely......Im so proud of the three of us ....
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