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Electronic world fusion composition. If you like Enigma, you will enjoy this chillout piece. It's one of the m
artist: Klaatu (CT)
As many know, "Bollywood" is the name given to the place where most of the films in the Republic of India are
artist: Trick T Olly
In cerebration of the 400 year anniversary of publication "The muses gardin for delights or fifth booke of aye
artist: Ascenzion
Violin & Soprano Sax
artist: tzackeek
title: Oriental
music inspired by the Med Evals and modern ethnic Jazz
artist: AXIS MUNDI
title: INDRA'S NET
Channeled on the 2003 Mars Approach as we merged into Indra's Holographic Cosmic Net.
title: Myst
Mystical Shadow Warrior
This is a newer version with lots of flute and more vocals. I'm still working out the kinks... volume and EQ s
artist: DaLer
Music Composed And Performed By Damian Lertora
features the illustrious international man of mystery Joe Filipow on guitar and vocals.
artist: QB2 ART GRUP
title: Shundari
Tema principal y que da titulo al CD Shundari
Very abstract remix of Native's song Choices for Monthlyrelease/Neuroscience Records remix contest.
artist: JALEBI
An authentic spiritual master teaches by personal example. They lead their disciples through the maze of mater
title: Whatif?
A fun party song with Dave Price on Drums, Mike Milillo on Sax and Mark Bracken on bass released the weekend b
artist: Nini
collabed with simon witt. Mar 2006 please visit for more infomation
artist: DJ KASER
title: Night Vision
Lose Yourself In the Night Life
MIDNIGHT SOJOURN is an east west World New Age Rock Fusion instrumental. A (2)part movement inspired from the
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Jigga Bounce
Instrumentals :: Beats General
BEATZ FOR YOUR HITZ: TRAP, HIP-HOP, EDM, POP, DANCEHALL, REGGAETON. SALE: 1 Beat $19,95 | 2 for $29,95 | Free Tagged Downloads For Listening Use Only. For Instant Download Use The Myflashstore Player | JBBEATS.COM
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D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Italy's The Medullary Paralysis Live In Hong Kong June 30, 2012: It's gonna be dark, bleak, desperate, intense and far-out. It also just so happens that it's gonna sound bloody great and gonna be tonnes of fun. What's this you ask? The Medullary Paralysis are coming to HK all the way from Italy once again, and they're making a stop with the Underground. With their deep, dark yet handsome music they'll carry you willingly into the 90s mixed with the 80s. To help them with their agenda, we have Vrank, the Manson-inspired heavy rockers, and the "Future-music" electronica of Blak. It's gonna be lots of great music, and supplemented by lots of beer a...
Jared Salvatore Announces Release Of Sophomore Album Compass Out: "Helplessly Wasted," the first single from Compass Out has essences of Jason Mraz and Robin Thicke, a combination of pop/rock, fueled by Salvatore's expressive vocals and driven with a tight groove beneath layered background vocals. Stand-out track "Learned My Lesson" is reminiscent of the funkier side of John Mayer or Gavin Degraw and was included on the recent compilation Grooving Forward: Volume 1. All proceeds from the compilation will be donated to The SAMFund for Young Adult survivors of Cancer and The Andrea Coller Memorial Award. Like many natural troubadours, Salvatore doesn't reme...
Panda Transport Releases Plush Mechanique, Including "Transmission" : Panda Transport is set to make a big splash in the US this fall, releasing "Plush Mechanique", their latest LP with a new distribution deal with IODA. With the single "Transmission" already featured on Grey's Anatomy, it's just a matter of time before Panda Transport rises to prominence. After seeing success in Europe with multiple hit songs, glowing reviews and prominent placements on television, Panda Transport is pushing into the American market with "Plush Mechanique" and a new EP, "Monorail", to be released this fall. "Wondrous music!!!!!! They were so good, so sweet, so darn good! I'm...
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