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artist: MyndsEye
A World/New Age/Jazzy/Progressive track in a series of collabs. with guitarist John Fiore. Upbeat instrumental
single from the new CD Paths X.
title: Sun Set
A little peace for the aural senses. Photo by Stephanie Seeman.
title: Passion
"Love or passion? With not to love with passion instead?" Dedicated to my darling Priscilla Hernández (www.yid
Spanish guitar intro, and rithm, bass, piano, strings and oboe playing whit medievals melodies./Intro de guita
I wrote this piece about adventure, fellowship and magic in a land far away.
title: Raindrops
Drift into a soft warmth while watching the rain outside and reading a book by the fireplace.
artist: Ray Watson
title: Why
A contemplative, soul-searching ballad. Ethereal stillness, peace and rest. Original and poignant lyrics. 'Why
artist: Andy Orozco
The first movement into an amazing trilogy of music written by Andy Orozco and Stoogy! This is the entrance th
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Time and space it called Aviance 1. Come visit it with me where there is no time. Nos space. Just Aviance 1 fr
title: OM me
OM = 432HZ
artist: Nahum
A piano. A clarinet. A Dialogue on melancholy. Un piano. Un clarinete. Un dialogo sobre la melancolia
This a more contemplative version of the tune originally recorded for the Chant collection. Featuring my Recor
live recording from the first Hopes and Dreams concert
A little bedtime story about a pink dog that flies through the night in a pink ufo. It's a curious dog in the
A funky little groove written and performed entirely by !hype - with a Naughty By Nature sounding groove but N
artist: Trick T Olly
The music is progressive with a few interesting chords. The lyrics are well worked and head toward poetry.
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Shoot The Loop
HipHop, R N B, New Age, Reggae instrumentals. All customizable to your need. Shoot The Loop Productions Check it out! Contact us at
D E Farmer
World General
"Breathe in and Believe"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
AndrewVictoria Music Duo: Triple Threat & Triple Treat!:

Show like American Idol, Xfactor and Karaoke Battle USA are proving there's a wealth of fabulous undiscovered singers and musicians out there. But how many of them write their own material, work the stage like they were born to it, and can sell originals to audiences who line up after a show for an autograph on a simple home-produced acoustic CD?

That's the magic of singer/songwriter duo, AndrewVictoria who have been stacking up the honors for their songwriting since February 2011 when they won "Songwriter of the Month" at SONGWR...

MusicDish*China Brings Rock Band Pale To Chinese Social Media :

The media was abuzz last week with news of Radiohead's entry into China's social media universe on the very popular Twitter-like site weibo. But they are not the only band making the plunge into Chinese SMS. Houston-based rock band Pale recently started building their brand in China through MusicDish*China.

"As a result of the Chinese government blocking most western social media sites, often referred to as the Great Firewall, western bands have absolutely no presence in China, no way to build a fanbase in the world's largest music market,...

Light and Dark: Current mood: pensive Current weather: clear Current listening: none (I may put something on soon) Yeah, I'm late again. So so me. Again. There's not much blood in this stone. Beltane (or Bealtaine if you prefer) and Samhain are the two times of the year when the veil is thinnest. The northern hemisphere is now passing through the Beltane phase, when the connection to other worlds affirms life, as the world passes toward and into summer. The light is reaching its peak, and the the transiti...
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