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artist: Trick T Olly
The music is progressive with a few interesting chords. The lyrics are well worked and head toward poetry.
A mixed demo track from the album AMBIETHERNUM released January 15th 2008, a compilation of the best ambient -
artist: Javier Galea
title: Magnolia
artist: Violent
(c) Violent Album: Across The Inner Circle
artist: Russ Nixon
For the birth of my nephew... who is now 6. Enjoy your journey, Aaron
artist: Lisa
Lots of LiSA spoken word and ethereal harmonies over KMP rich music and TWM sax. Music by KMP and sax by Rober
artist: Carles Reig
title: Healing
Vocals Sirisat. Inspired by the Mantra 'Ra Ma Da Sa'
artist: David Bazo
Moments that last forever / Momentos que quedan para siempre.
title: Sun Set
A little peace for the aural senses.
Lord's Prayer beautifully orchestrated in English, Spanish, Cherokee Indian, and Hebrew. Background instrument
artist: New Atlantis
title: Rumi's Song
Intertwining flutes carry this song written in honor of the poet Rumi. From the Amulet album.
title: Alas (Wings)
NEW REMIXED VERSION. Like smoke rising upright.Like wind flying without chains, attracting circles of love fr
Romantic Journey into ethereal realm that has the other-worldly quality of music of S.Brightman, Lisa Gerrard
live recording from the first Hopes and Dreams concert
An early (1992) Space/New Age attempt on the Korg 01R/W and Roland D-70. Songs like this one are dear to me b
Positive affirmations played on enlightening bells - feel just like in a heaven!
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JD Hodges (Justin Dale Music)
New Age
"Knight Skies of Pi"
I wrote this piece about adventure, excitement and magic in a land far away.
D E Farmer
New Age
"Buttermints and Coffee"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
Nils-Ole Finbak
New Age
"City Moon"
Melodic music from Norway!
jony black
power of truth by jony black: THE POWER OF TRUTH by Jony Black on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 11:23am it is unbelievable how we dream big with a selfish life style and mind set...the life of me and my has become a human culture which has led to discrimination, segregation, intimidation, manipulation, domination.with extreme poverty and division. such lawlessness has led the world from a civilization of prosperity to a crisis. the mind of north Korean leaders. which chose to put a million plus population in to narrow thinking ruling them like a man rules his home., cutting off such wonderful humans from the res...
Matt Brouwer Releases Repackaged "Where's Our Revolution" CD: Black Shoe Records/Indie Extreme recording artist, Matt Brouwer has signed a distribution deal to repackage and distribute his most recent album "Where's Our Revolution" through Universal Music Christian Group/Fontana Distribution. The deal includes international digital and mobile distribution as well as CBA and mainstream retail distribution. The release date for the Delux Edition of the CD, called Brouwer's "best work to date", is set for August 25, 2009. The package will feature bonus songs, including Matt's 2006 Billboard hit I Shall Believe, plus free downloads including the I Shall Beli...
Hiroshi Takatani
Surprised!!: 2007 nov 8 My Music "Antique Lamp Light" got # 39 in Jazz (highest position was 39) # 1 in subgenre Lounge (highest position was 1) I'm veeeery surprised...and I THANK ALL PEOPLE who listened to my music and supported me. All the best... and thank you again and again.
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