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Positive affirmations played on enlightening bells - feel just like in a heaven!
artist: Queenie
demo of the new song from the upcoming DREAM OF FLIGHT
artist: Diane
title: Olinda
Using a keyboard, I have tried to create the sound of nature. Birds, the ocean, butterflies, waterfalls.
artist: Ganimead
In loving memory of my mother.
a song portraying the dual nature of all things. I steal the leaves but I'll bring them back in spring
title: Cosmic Flame
A song created to put into expression the magnificence of a soul's connection to another, a song to sing the e
artist: Russ Nixon
For the birth of my nephew... who is now 6. Enjoy your journey, Aaron
artist: WC Minor
Peaceful instrumental music with cello, flute, french horn, oboe, and percussion.
title: Sun Set
A little peace for the aural senses.
title: Alas (Wings)
NEW REMIXED VERSION. Like smoke rising upright.Like wind flying without chains, attracting circles of love fr
Produced By A. Urbina of The Music Staff
Chilled out cosmiche music.
Beli Teka (Abang Datang), menceritakan seorang kekasih yang baru datang dari rantau dengan memendam rasa rindu
title: magnolia
relaxing chill ambient new age track perfect for meditation or just chill with a glass of wine
After a few days we began to realize that these inhabitants had not only traversed to our Solar System, but ha
title: World Tree
Track featuring the Bulgarian singer from Voices of Passion. Sounded like a Night Elf track for Warcraft
artist: Adrian M G
title: The Forest
Contemplative, archetypal piece based on the pre-Christian Romanian carol 'De la noi de peste vale' ('From us,
Memory of the sweet heart. Healing Piano Solo.
artist: Lindie Lila
title: Moondance
Love, passion, moon ritual, esoteric, devotional, invoking
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Yo-MessaGE (Digital Beatz) **5 Beats for $49.95**
New School
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Nils-Ole Finbak
New Age
"City Moon"
Melodic music from Norway!
D E Farmer
New Age
"Buttermints and Coffee"
New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, electronic music, Soundscapes and Soundtracks. All music composed by D. E. Farmer
JD Hodges (Justin Dale Music)
New Age
"Fabled Waltz"
Contrasting major minor verses, and bright stirring choruses.
Future Psychediscorama With Koko Dozo's Illegal Space Aliens: One night several years ago at an Irish pub in the East Village of New York City, the discussion of music turned to disco. It involved musicians and people over 40 years-old, people who might know what they're talking about. Several of us were, in the heyday of Studio 54 and the disco era, into punk rock. Others of us were -- me especially -- strictly jazz heads. I reminded my friend of lonely nights in college smoking out of a four-foot bong and listening to Zappa and John Coltrane and wondering how to meet girls. They were at the campus disco parties, while we were above it all. And alone, g...
mother said I was born wicked-page 7: “Don’t go to any stranger’s house to eat accept no sweets and taste no meat, but i didn’t listen to what granny said. I went out to run an errand one day to buy sugar from the corner shop, a strange old woman called out to me so I turned around and stopped, “Little boy, she said, “come rest your feet sit down and enjoy the breeze, have a piece of my home-baked bun and taste my lovely cheese, she stood behind me as I devoured her tasty bun and cheese, with hands rest on my shoulders a smile, and a will to please, was I her son in a former life? what kindness she bestowed, ...
Samhain (and Beltane) 2012: Current mood: world-weary Current weather: warm, clear Current listening: Spiral Dance Yeah, world-weary. Again. More on that anon. We have Samhain coming up in this hemisphere; this is the time when winter is definitely coming, and the world is sinking into the dark cycle. In the southern hemisphere, it is the time of Beltane, or the arrival of the summer cycle of light. Yes, I do typically acknowledge the state of the cycle in the southern realm, as regular readers of this blog have noted, I think my friends in the south will forgive me if I concentrate more than usual on the ...
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