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artist: LaoZi
Just a little sentimental piece, based on the theme I had in my head for a long time.
artist: Craig Howell
Flowing sensual trancey sacred sound for meditation and attunement
Positive affirmations played on enlightening bells - feel just like in a heaven!
artist: Queenie
demo of the new song from the upcoming DREAM OF FLIGHT
artist: Lindie Lila
title: Moondance
Love, passion, moon ritual, esoteric, devotional, invoking
This is a song from our side project 'OVERLAND XPRESS'. Just wanted to let you all know that we are still work
Title track from Circle of Light album - East meets West vibrational healing.
artist: Bruce Boyd
title: Bibbulmun
From my acoustic/instrumental/Celtic album 'Rainbow Reflections'
title: In Your Eyes
Happy narration in Coda for a beautiful Eyes
artist: Russ Nixon
For the birth of my nephew... who is now 6. Enjoy your journey, Aaron
artist: Lisa
Lots of LiSA spoken word and ethereal harmonies over KMP rich music and TWM sax. Music by KMP and sax by Rober
artist: Carles Reig
title: El Mago
Vocals Sirisat. Dedicated to all Creation. 1997
artist: Jomico
title: First Light
This tune starts with faint synth effects to give space for rich string ensembles and flutes, welcoming the fi
I wrote this piece about adventure, fellowship and magic in a land far away.
artist: Alex Kriukov
title: Raindrops
A melancholy number with a beautiful Spanish guitar melody.
Romantic Journey into ethereal realm that has the other-worldly quality of music of S.Brightman, Lisa Gerrard
artist: Al Rowers
It is done in collaboration with Hazy Davey who played lead guitar and bass guitar. BTW he has his own page he
title: OM me
OM = 432HZ
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Instrumentals :: Reggae Beats
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JD Hodges (Justin Dale Music)
New Age
"Knight Skies of Pi"
I wrote this piece about adventure, excitement and magic in a land far away.
Rachel McDonald - B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E.:

Rachel McDonald - B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E.

B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E is both a tribute to McDonald's home city as well as a dance anthem. A bouncy beat and smooth bass line make this tune perfect for the club. McDonald's voice shines here with a rich depth of tone and maturity that belies her youth and the breakdown is infectious. This song makes you dance.

Oil Boom Releases Black Waxy EP :

Drawing inspiration from a generous helping of American roots music and contemporary indie rock, Oil Boom mines the past-meets-present trail blazed by groups as diverse as The Gun Club and Two Gallants. The Dallas trio, comprised of two Oklahoma refugees (Brian Whitten, Ryan Taylor) and a St. Louis expatriate (Dugan Connors), has released a new six-song EP, Black Waxy, on May 3rd, 2011. Produced, tracked and mixed by Grammy™ Award winner Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn, The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Cat Power) at Dallas’ Elmwood Recording, (the same ro...

Sumer Is Icumin In, again: Current mood: content Current weather: intermittent light rain Current listening: Michelle Mays It looks like the summer rain has arrived. I love the rain; it changes the whole outlook, the whole feel of the land around here, especially after the weeks of drought that preceed it. It's just another part of Nature's beauty.
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