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Instrumentals with Hooks
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artist: Obrian
This is how your next Obrian track could sound!! Lets go...shout out to Cioni for smashin this beat!
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#MyType is a very sensual r&b record sung by Nola's R&b artist Kris Baptiste produced by OBrian Music & Scarec
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artist: Bang Musik
"We've told you before that Tink is a double threat. She can rap and she can sing, and she can do both better
artist: Fedarro
My tribute to a legend...Happy Bday MJ Facebook: Fedarro |IG: FedarroSings | Twitter: @1Fedarro| snapchat: Fe
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artist: APT6
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Lil Lito - "All She Need" produced by Milenium Music Grown Folk Business (The Mixtape 2012)
Produced for Frankie J - Promo use only **Not For Licensing
R&B song about a Woman whom is being abused by her man. It is written from the perspective of the guy on the
artist: Hanna LUV
NEW TRACK: Lyrics/melody for female parts by Lipsy/Bro, others are by B-Mize. Music by Ansane. Visit
artist: Fide
Destini - Heart At War (Produced by Fide mixed by dBmixing) 2013 @Destini_Music
Nice Guy - Window Pane (Prod. By LebanonDonM&D)
artist: Evan Paul
This ballad is multi genre with mostly acoustical instruments. But it's the vocal performance of Taylor Jordan
artist: Fred Nice
Maja Look - I Do Produced By Fred Nice Follow Maja Look on twitter @MajaLook662
artist: DJ Shaw-t
Free song over my beat "Vantage Point" available on Performed by Vinny D Ft. Doe Boy and Todd
artist: BMC Boyz
BMC BOYZ-U Can't Get Enough
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ALLROUNDA Productions
Instrumentals :: New School
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Downtown Music
What A Time To Be Alive *SALE 50% OFF*
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Smooth R&B
"If I Fall.mp3"
The things we spend so much time and money on end up failing while the things we knew would fail turn out to be our salvation. Maybe we should pay more attention to the BSide of know...the things we take for granted, the things were no..
SoundClick Staff
Easter Egg Hunt 2008: Egg No.1: Here we go: we hid virtual Easter egg number 1 somewhere on SoundClick. The first one to find it will win $50.00! To claim your prize, you must be the first person to post here where exactly you've found the egg. The best way to do this is to copy the URL address (that's the "" address in your browser). From time to time we post additional hints for egg #1 right here, so check back often. Okay, the first hint (drum roll...): the first egg is hidden somewhere on a page where you can play music. So this could be a music page of a band, a user station page, cha...
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Easter egg hunt 2008: Has it been a year already? That means SoundClick's annual Easter egg hunt is here again! Woohoo... For those who missed it last year: we'll hide a virtual Easter egg (similar to the one you see here) on any SoundClick page. From time to time we'll post some hints right here to steer you in the right direction. The first one who finds the Easter egg wins real money! This year we'll hide 5 Easter eggs for $50.00 each! The hunt starts Monday at 10am EST! This is gonna be fun, guys. Happy Easter
Cosmic Funk-OSMOSIS
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