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artist: Obrian
This is how your next Obrian track could sound!! Lets go...shout out to Cioni for smashin this beat!
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Produced by Scarecrow Beats. Check out https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/relationship-chronicles/id772048669 f
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Nice Guy - Window Pane (Prod. By LebanonDonM&D)
R&B song about a Woman whom is being abused by her man. It is written from the perspective of the guy on the
artist: G-Town Sound
Smooth southern love ballad.
artist: Hanna LUV
NEW TRACK: Lyrics/melody for female parts by Lipsy/Bro, others are by B-Mize. Music by Ansane. Visit www.so
artist: Evan Paul
This ballad is multi genre with mostly acoustical instruments. But it's the vocal performance of Taylor Jordan
title: Believe
A classic slow jam acoustic guitar joint for people that believe in love and those that have been hurt by it a
title: 4 walls
Another P Dub fan favorite
title: Need You
Tyte shiet but kinda sad in a way
artist: JCaspersen
New song by @RnB_ThugN and @JCaspersenBeats
artist: SammyDivine
title: There she Go
Beat produced by Beats-R-Us
artist: Masha
title: 25 Reasons
It is when You are in Love and You explain to Your Man the way and the reasons You Love Him./
title: It's Alright
Just-Ice & Pay Per View
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ALLROUNDA Productions
Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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Smooth R&B
"If I Fall.mp3"
The things we spend so much time and money on end up failing while the things we knew would fail turn out to be our salvation. Maybe we should pay more attention to the BSide of life...you know...the things we take for granted, the things were no..
Metamorphosis (Until I get my wings): Just when I thought I had my wings and was ready to fly. My God reminded me to wait. My response was, wait? You are kidding right? I've been waiting for too long in this cocoon and I'm ready to be free. See, I got to the point in my life after numerous accounts of trying to depend on people and friends that were never there. I got to that point where there was absolutely no one but the Father himself in heaven who reached out to me at my lowest and darkest hour. He saved me, he protected me. He cared. I was ready to spread my wings and fly before it was time. The time spent in my cocoon was n...
killuminati: what a bast down!? klluminati till my last breath! my simple life is twisted and complicated in to my feature for better or for worse. i don't really know but only the Lord. here is the truth i know. any offers, won't brake me i rather die broke remain with only the name Q i ain't selling my soul. the new World order ain't got sh** to do with me. i fallow the rules. (I AM ETHIOPIAN) don't let my Image deceive you my people might not understand me, or some how understate me and sometimes treat me smaller. but that hasn't stop me from believing on my own rules in this life. hat...
I have been changed: We are born to die, because of Eve then Adam's rebellion. This information is never comforting but a reality. Each individual that comes to understanding should take value in every moment of their physical life. You see I understand. There is a birth every 8 seconds and a death every 12 seconds. That can be YOU, or me in that 12 seconds. Out of the estimated 6,818,714,954 number of people alive on this planet, beyond this life there are two choices in which we will live again. That is living eternally joyful and pain free or eternally tormented and condemned. What choice are you making? How...
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