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ALLROUNDA Productions
Instrumentals :: Instrumentals with Hooks
***** Hook by Alicia Renee ***** CONTACT for hooks: aliciarenee88@gmail.com ... LEASE: $44.90 | PREMIUM: $64.90 | EXTENDED: $99.90 | PROFESSIONAL: $199.90 | EXCLUSIVE: $999.90 .:: E-Mail: info@allrounda.com / allroundabeats.com ::.
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Smooth R&B
"If I Fall.mp3"
The things we spend so much time and money on end up failing while the things we knew would fail turn out to be our salvation. Maybe we should pay more attention to the BSide of life...you know...the things we take for granted, the things were no..
the deadman walks
Thanx: Thanx to everybody who played, listened to, voted, and commented on da song Hit Da Floor it still remains everybodys' fav and da highest on da charts i've gotten is #4. it's made it in da top 100 in hip hop at #84. I encourage everyone to send feedback on da new song My Gurls Pt. 1 the Remix. one love and one God
Marcus Anthony
Will You...: Verse 1: There's no excuse, for me loving you all I know is I'm stuck, on you thinking I let go, of the feelings I had but I see in you, the truth I can't stand to look into your eyes cause your smile makes me glow so head down I contradict my heart you know my love is never far Chorus: Am I in love with you? knowing what I'm getting into better yet who loves who? I know you do, I know, you, do In love with your essence I don't want anything else cause I'd give my life for you but will you? Verse 2: How do you fall in love? If you've never fallen out and how do I l...
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