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Counterpunch writer Professor Alan Nasser discusses how ordinary working people try to elevate themselves to a
artist: Jim Stotts
a true story while on a mini trip N less than a day up & back
artist: 333maxwell
911 calls of altercation in background between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. This audio was compressed
Experimental alternative track from Waco's underground band of bandits Premodera. Sharp production from MT3 an
The history of the USA from our perspective.
artist: 1MC
by Mumia Abu-Jamal
artist: Greg n Deb
title: SOCIETY
artist: Rody Sousa
Cancion de alto contenido espiritual, tan solo siete (7) estrofas con preguntas tan simples, pero a la vez
title: Guerra
Kinda explanation about how war comes into our homes, by creating technologies that we use everyday Uma crí
artist: jerm man
"Die for Oil, Sucker", is a Jello Biafra spoken word from the first Gulf War. I put it to music in 2004.
Lessons on The Constitution of the United States of Kiss My Ass.
Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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Song: Some 1 like You : By the Wizard of Melody, Myradin About the song For Kala....The inspiration behind the lyrics of this song. Lyrics Wondering if that perfect smile Is just meant for me The light above when it shines in your eyes Makes me feel so alive (Cast that magic) Chorus The way that I feel makes it easy to reveal what I need from you But if that chance that I had If it's ever coming back I need someone to pull me through Some 1 like U To cast magic in the air This destiny that was made for me Is not meant to be I find it hard to regain what I've lost and I'll ...
APOLLO, God of Music : A god of youth, music, prophecy, archery and healing. Twin brother of the goddess Artemis (Diana), Apollo was the son of Zeus and the Titaness, Leto, daughter of the titans, Coeues (Coeus) and Phoebe. He was popularly known as Phoebus Apollo, and therefore known as the god of light and the sun. Apollo was depicted with a perfect male body: muscular but youthful. He had always appeared beardless on statues. Apollo was the god of archery, and he carried a silver bow like his sister. Apollo often enjoyed hunting with his sister, and sometimes with his mother. He also possessed a golden s...
TWO in ONE ??: Its not easy being in TWO places at the same time, but when the Will is there, and Magick is alive anything is possible.. I first started out doing Magick Music and when I got signed, I was left in a Choatic state of mind. Do I uphold the mainstream, or do I continue to do my Magick Music? Well it took a few years to decide and I was doing two types of music.. geez ~! Finally I realized I could do both, by actually changing a few things and I know I might have confused you, but I DID IT !! I gave the World.. Janie DaVila and "The Supreme" gave me back my Gift of Magick.. ! So I am here to ...
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