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artist: Kriss Liss
**School Project! Ignore this if you're shopping for beats!**
Evelyn Theologia Ludwick - 1920-2011
artist: Odub
For the Lander area locals... uses 65 route names.
Perhaps you have seen him before...? The Fly-Away Horse...? ( Seventh in a series - from the Deep Down Dungeon
title: Beckoning
(1) Tumbling To The Edge (2) A Vigil Kept (3) Ocean's Edge (4)Steal Away
title: La Violeta
Poema de Enrique Gil y Carrasco (Villafranca del Bierzo 1815 - Berlin 1846) Poeta del romanticismo espanol, au
A collaboration with a gifted poetess, Antonia Perdu
after a trip to the Everglades renewed our love for cycads and orchids and many other things . . . photo by Da
artist: Miranda Judd
title: Pretending
An acapella melody of sadness
artist: TOCAYO
title: Connection
Spoken Word, funky bass
title: I Conseption
Thinking and hailing our Saviour from our oun perception
title: Censorship
An intense, powerful and inspiring performance on the hypocritical stance of todays gatekeepers. Featuring in
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theresa loder
Trading Spaces (chosen for " Embracing Our Differences " Exibit: Trading Spaces If you could be me And I could be you And we traded places For a week or two Then my perspective And your point of view Would change in ways Maybe many maybe few We'd realize Where our journey takes us It's the who what where why how That makes us But Since you are you And I am me We can only imagine What that change might be No matter where you go Or who you see You 'll always be you And I'll always be me Theresa Loder...
charles gichane
CGNews GET HIGH BE. LIGHT. STAY HUMBLE. : The 1st thing God does is say, 'Let there be Light' (Lucifer is the Light - the Sun of the Morning) All Creatures, including Man and Woman, were Slaves/Sheep/Obedient/Blind Followers of God The Fruit (teaching) that Lucifer gives the woman, 'opens her eyes' before this time, God kept them 'blind and naked' to what they really looked like. Following their God, meant they had no Self Awareness. They didn't question Authority. Lucifer, represents the Independent Thinker, Self Made Leader, The Future Progression of all Things. Just like the Sun in the Morning is the 1st thing seen com...
Kala Sunshine Magick Kiss: I recently did a song which was called " Your My Puppet". However, when I did this song, my intuition, kept telling me to take it off any music place, it was uploaded .. I now know why this particular song was calling to me, in a different way. Many times things happen for a purpose, but it can not be revealed to us, immediately, and therefore, we carry on, until the day comes; and there it is.. Right in front of you, like one big BRIGHT light !! This is what happened to me with "Your My Puppet".. I am dying to tell you what this song/Video is all about, but Im going to stir the ca...
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