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The Notorious Gangster Poet; Get Money Mo' Money.
title: La Violeta
Poema de Enrique Gil y Carrasco (Villafranca del Bierzo 1815 - Berlin 1846) Poeta del romanticismo espanol, au
Evelyn Theologia Ludwick - 1920-2011
artist: Odub
For the Lander area locals... uses 65 route names.
Un canto a la distancia y el amor, un código de palabras para llegar alli lejos.
Perhaps you have seen him before...? The Fly-Away Horse...? ( Seventh in a series - from the Deep Down Dungeon
artist: Kriss Liss
**School Project! Ignore this if you're shopping for beats!**
title: For Rick
(9) Forevermore, (10) Connected (11) One As I (12) Magenta Skies
A collaboration with a gifted poetess, Antonia Perdu
artist: simonXAG
title: Anita
Poem read by Jonathon Harflett about a lover who died. With music by Simon Speed.
title: Censorship
An intense, powerful and inspiring performance on the hypocritical stance of todays gatekeepers. Featuring in
La cancion mas llena de amor a Puerto Rico
Won't you tell me./...where is Home right now?
My Poem for Roger Anthony, a Black disabled, Deaf man who was riding his bike and someone called police becaus
artist: Efreezee
Produced by Freezee Productions
artist: JayDoze
Adaptation of 'Through the looking glass" By Lewis C. Carol Written by J. Edward Homer and Ryan S. crone
Not really hip hop...not really spoken word....not sure what this is. I just made it, ok? pretty much a poem w
title: I Conseption
Thinking and hailing our Saviour from our oun perception
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Instrumentals :: Dirty South
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Majestic Drama
They Love It (Hook by Roze) Drake/LilWayne
Instrumentals with Hooks
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something I posted on Myspace. I hope you enjoy...: (You Brought Me by J. Moss)<--this is songs that I'm listening to I'm starting to realize that the only friend on campus that I have, besides the Lord, is my CD Player. So Monday-Thursday, I hang out with my 2 friends, Jesus and my CD Player. One major problem that I have is when an opprunity shows up for me to start a conversation, I don't take advantage. Sometimes my mouth open to say something but nothing but bad breath comes out. So basically this is a habit I want to break. One praise report though. I stopped looking at women with dirty thoughts. I learned out to control my though...
Late White Christmas: Whats up Soundclick Fam Can you believe the snow came after Christmas. Oh well better late than never. Look at my sister, she threw that big snowball right in my face. I had to laugh! I hope all of you enjoyed the snow as much as we did. I'm still grindin in my modeling and writing. Got some new mateiral and pictures comin soon. Stay tuned in. Hope all your dreams are coming true this 2008. It's the year of change. Let's change for the better!!!!!!!! Peace , Pierre McKisic...
Blog for your reading pleasure prt 1...: It’s 11:46 at night, I’m drinking coffee, and got iTunes playing. That only means one thing. I need a girlfriend, and that it’s time for another blog from yours truly. It’s been a while, been a while. How y’all doing? Hope things are going well by the time you’re reading this. By the way, “Open My Heart” by Yolanda Adams is playing now. I need to find some fingernail clippers. My latest videos have been really good in my personal opinion. The video I posted up just today had a person in tears she was laughing so hard. I’ll post the link to my youtube page at the end of the blog. The World Seri...
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