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artist: gwamba
a rant. i call it blog rock!
artist: Zythum
2006 sessions with Spiritsong
Rich Russo, King of Free Form Radio plays an brilliantly edited version of "my last Chanukah"on 12/14/14 editi
Show at Hyatt in Cambridge Boston with Black Ice Hosting it
artist: Jo Ann Gray
title: Crazy Luv
Joetry - Spoke word with an R&B twist
Inspired by an individual who has been selling roses on a corner in Atlanta,Ga. USA for many years.Giorgetto:L
72:46 Words and music by Greg R. Norton.
artist: Stoory Talks
Are You A Music Producer/Beat Maker Having Trouble Determining Whether To Give Out Your Beats For Free? This A
Combination of scripture reading with harp music background for reaffirming that God is still in control - gre
artist: Sonicism
I think I blew a fuse...
title: If only
Allows U to escape the problems of the world, even if its only in your mind.
Santa enters his workshop and finds ELFY working on a special gift....
Co-write with Nigel Potter (aka Terentek), it's an extremely dark spoken track about a good person who was dea
artist: Victor Pez
Igor Moreno me entrevista, sobre trayectoria musical. significado de mi musica,
Always tell that person how much you love them, because tomorrow isn't promised for anyone...
artist: The K.o.R
Today, the offices of the french newspaper Charlie Hebdo were assaulted by people armed with rifles. They left
From the free serialized audio book, How the World Works found at Podiobooks.com. Words: Vic Zarley, music: Ez
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Lost Tapes: Some Reel to reels were found recently and nobody knows if sound quality is any good, and the reels are 35 years old....and are: **Jerusha Band's Debut in L.A. Live @ Alondra Park, CA** 1975 **Jerusha Band Live @ Cerise*(* stay tuned. 1976
Cosmic Kinetchun: A cosmic explosion as he/she created. It was said “Let there be light as the birth of insight” became outsight. Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh in his/her great and mighty image that forms this collaboration of a collage We encounter everyday this wondrous mirage, The “Big Bang” as formulas, molecules, atoms, and genetic d.n.a. came into existence, A nucleus marinated in acid, together forming multiple facets. Which you and I experience together, apart, no matter the distance, You and I intertwined intervention as we were invented in one with the universe, As the atoms sprea...
There are rumors swirling around that Trans'Mission has broken up. They are not true but it's common knowledge the band had it's share of backstage riffs There will be changes but unknown who, what, or when will change...
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