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artist: Zythum
This is an original unedited outtake of an improvisational performance. This is a very raw mix and was not int
artist: Drumnjon
A wild "take" about online events..... :) Yommy Loosman with Drumnjon
title: Music Box
Theme-Father gives daughter Music Box for her Birthday
artist: Grime Lab
title: Intro A
Intro A serves as a raw uncut acapella speaking about conflicts in a conscious mind in today's world. With no
artist: Shipititez
title: Sea sick
A metal/Ambient hip hop mash up, inspired by a sinus infection. Devastating bass solo and cynical vocals.
artist: HittSquadron
revolutionary HipHop Banger. For inquiries please contact or call 407-355-0946
Scripture narration with Harp accompaniment tuned in 528 Hz for calming, healing, soothing, peaceful listening
"Prophetic song creation" through "spontaneous worship." This is the first song for my new album, "Spontaneou
I don't usually do spoken word stuff, but when I do its stuff like this...heh *taken from some of my old 'ps
artist: Geoff Judges
A beautiful poem written by Kari Eskoka which I have set to music and completed the reading of the same.
I am eager to present you the result of my latest collaboration with my fellow musician from St. Petersburg kn
'Our Great Heroes' written by Ed Gowens and Tom Tripp. Performed by Tom Tripp and Donna Ray. Produced by Echot
artist: Legran
Cuña de Radio emitida en RADIO MONFORTE para el programa Especial Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos de Monforte de
artist: Tad Winklarz
This is the extended version of a song titled 'Shakyamuni' from the Karma Wheels C.D. by Cybermonkey. The text
title: If only
Allows U to escape the problems of the world, even if its only in your mind.
artist: MacYVP
title: ride or die
Duck,Mac n D-day
artist: Jim Stotts
also, I got 2 sit in the front row under the stage/ on top of it all
artist: Stoory Talks
Are You A Music Producer/Beat Maker Having Trouble Determining Whether To Give Out Your Beats For Free? This A
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Instrumentals :: Gangsta
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Free The Senses Annals of an Assassin XXX Love
Music Talk
He caressed his throbbing male member. He stroked the tender flesh! Get the story behind the members of the bandthe poems, LYRICS and instrumental music. Get the ebook UNCENSORED KNIGHT & DON by authors Christina J. Easley as C. Sexton.
Regular bloggers need love to, dang it!: Sound the alarm and scream, "Lunch!" How y'all been since the last blog. Hope y'all had a good Labor Day. I myself had ribs, baked macoroni-n-cheese, green beans, and bratwurst. Jealousy is an ugly face, let's get this moving... I'm currently listening to the Akitunde radio show. Well it really hasn't started yet, all I'm hearing is commercials, but either way. Ok, now the intro music is playing. Either way, last night we had a great time at choir rehearsal at the church. It was one of the better rehearsals I've been too in a while, no lie. Being at rehearsal however, I missed the start of ...
"Hello": Hello Soundclick Family I am delighted to be a part of this great site. I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully , establish some new positive relationships. I welcome your comments. My page is still under construction, so bear with me. I aspire to be a model and welcome any job opportunities!!! So hit me up at, Peace
Web of tentacles: Well I'm back, folks. It's been a while since the old Noise Gestapo has been active on this site. I am currently working on a spoken word album for Tenticular Genocide and a spoken word project called Stranger Fly. Stranger Fly is meant to be understood without the layers of noise and background that TG tracks containing poetry contain. Be sure to check back frequently for new tunes.
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