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Introduction to Job?s life, Satan appears before God. Job?s losses. Job?s suffering.
artist: Pritt Sehmi
title: True Love
True Love is not in appearance or intellect but in keeping The Torah out of love
artist: nallal
musica catolica
artist: Lory Bianco
Christ the long awaited fullfillment of prophecy has come to Israel. Behold God is with us! Rejoice! Emmanuel
artist: 70x7
A short prayer written to encourage and edify a follower of Christ...
It is vital that we communicate the whole Gospel message. Part of that Gospel message is that Christ rose aft
Who or what are you reflecting to others in your life today? Do they see a reflection of Christ when they obse
My journey on Life's Highway.
artist: Fusionbear
Can a Christian lose his salvation? No!
Raw unedited soncept yes its a song and conscious effort of know scepter eye Bee. This is history in a speech.
Words: Vic Zarley Music: Josh Woodward entitled "Trouble Maker" found at
artist: Susan Bailey
part three of Becoming a Beautiful Godly Woman, a talk given at a half day women's retreat at St. Theresa's in
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Instrumentals :: Classical
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Dark Angel and I sing together !: I just added a special song.. The Complete Second Season, Artist: Kevin Durnham Song: Picture, and Kala Background
Don't let any man take your crown: Simon Peter who was a follower of Jesus Christ, said unto him in St. John 13:37, that he would lay down his life for his sake, yet in St. John 18:25-27 he denied that he ever knew him three times. yet Jesus said to Peter in St. John 21:15-17 that he should feed his Lambs and Sheep's, None of us are perfect in any way, and The Lord knows it. I am not perfect but these words I speak with all authority. In Revelations 3:11 it says, Behold I come quickly; Hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. Only a King or Queen wears a crown in this world, so don't be fooled, your crow...
The New Kala Sunshine Pose: Well, after having Fun yesterday on my JD page, I discovered that one of my poses was PERFECT for Kala Sunshine.. a Kiss by Mother Nature~! Absolutely.. So now this Profile fits the picture of Kala and Janie all rolled into ONE.. ~! yeah ..
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