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The testimony of an 8 year old girl who encountered Jesus Christ. Jannet Balderas Canela
artist: 70x7
A short prayer written to encourage and edify a follower of Christ...
artist: Tom Tripp
True Story about a Little orphan boy's search for the true meaning of love and a home circa 1930's
title: 2nd attempt
not a sermon, something personal meant for personal use
Linda Vale Martin has many writing styles including some religious poetry, of which 'Faith - The Beauty Within
artist: Lory Bianco
Christ the long awaited fullfillment of prophecy has come to Israel. Behold God is with us! Rejoice! Emmanuel
My song lyrics are quite poetical so here is another "Song to Poem". I've orally interpreted "He Is Coming" to
Introduction to Job?s life, Satan appears before God. Job?s losses. Job?s suffering.
artist: Kandi Monet'
This is the Title of the Up and Comming Debut Album.
A sermon based on Jonah 1:4-9 titled God in Storms. This sermon was preached at Mullin First Baptist Church o
artist: Jim Stotts
another way to look at that quest U R on(so forth); etc. etc.
artist: Fusionbear
Can a Christian lose his salvation? No!
artist: Susan Bailey
part two of Becoming a Beautiful Godly Woman, a talk given at a half day women's retreat at St. Theresa's in H
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truce allen
New Song/ Private Proud: This is Truce Allen's most recent song,dedicated to the troops and families of.A Very strong song with a message of hope.
London: Sixteen years after the second world war I walked proudly down your streets, Which used to be desecrated And covered with fiery sheets, The blitz, the bombs, the siren sounds, People taking refuge in the undergrounds, Children evacuated to the countryside Like cubs taken away from their pride, Families severed, suffered, died Houses burned and bodies fried, Listed buildings torn apart Like they were built on sand, The angry giant of war passed by And smote the city with his hand. It would've broken Sir Christopher's heart If he was still around today, To see his wonderful works...
GALILEOSCOPE: . 20.000 Galileoscope kits (telescope w/ instructions dvd) began to be distributed in July 2010 in Brazilians schools. The soundtrack chosen for the DVD was ... ASTRONOMUSIC !! The telescope: Brazilian president receives the first Galileoscope kit: [go there]     [12 comments]
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