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artist: 70x7
A short prayer written to encourage and edify a follower of Christ...
artist: Tom Tripp
True Story about a Little orphan boy's search for the true meaning of love and a home circa 1930's
Words: Vic Zarley Music: Josh Woodward entitled "Trouble Maker" found at
title: 2nd attempt
not a sermon, something personal meant for personal use
artist: August Mosco
My personal testimony abou my walk with Jesus.
artist: Serubbabel
title: Kapitel 1
Selig, wer diese prophetischen Worte vorliest und wer sie hört und wer sich an das hält, was geschrieben ist;
artist: Jim Stotts
nature is perfect(Einstein eat U R heart out)/ Amadeus knew that much( & how a song is worth more than a pictu
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for the Thirteenth Week of Pentecost 8-23-15 John 6:56-69 "the flesh is useless" Rev. David Rike. Org
Uma projecao criativa do que desejamos para nos e para a Terra
Meet a few of Gods friends! The prophets who were willing and who God used to deliver His Message! People ju
artist: Susan Bailey
part three of Becoming a Beautiful Godly Woman, a talk given at a half day women's retreat at St. Theresa's in
1 Samuel 17 (and a little of 18) 4-10-2011
Linda Vale Martin has many writing styles including some religious poetry, of which 'Faith - The Beauty Within
title: GI-1
Importance Of Involvment
Our celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Redeemer
Introduction to Job?s life, Satan appears before God. Job?s losses. Job?s suffering.
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Instrumentals :: Gangsta
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Old School
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New Podcast for ya!!: I recorded this as my dad was sleeping, and I end it as dad woke up and got out of his room. I talk about the book I'm reading currently, Dean and Me (A Love Story) by Jerry Lewis, and I talk about the Miami Heat struggles. The new video that I talked about can be found here:
Can monotheism be proven?: The word “monotheism” comes from two words, “mono” meaning “single” and “theism” meaning “belief in God.” Specifically, monotheism is the belief in one true God who is the only creator, sustainer, and judge of all creation. Monotheism differs from “henotheism,” which is the belief in multiple gods with one supreme God over all. It is also opposed to polytheism, which is the belief in the existence of more than one god. There are many arguments for monotheism, including those from special revelation (scripture), natural revelation (philosophy), as well as historical anthropology. These ...
Melissa Boneau
Summertime 2011: Thanks for all the comments and updates! I don't have any new contributions to upload yet, I have been working on some song projects this year, but it will be some time before I'm posting new stuff. I will try to listen and comment on my friends' music while I'm updating my profile. Happy Summer All!
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