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artist: 70x7
A short prayer written to encourage and edify a follower of Christ...
artist: Tom Tripp
True Story about a Little orphan boy's search for the true meaning of love and a home circa 1930's
Linda Vale Martin has many writing styles including some religious poetry, of which 'Faith - The Beauty Within
A fresh, new poem. Words are by Vic Zarley, music, Bane Djakovic from, entitled, "Afternoon."
title: 2nd attempt
not a sermon, something personal meant for personal use
The testimony of an 8 year old girl who encountered Jesus Christ. Jannet Balderas Canela
artist: Jim Stotts
me feeling blessed with pa's bible & cassettes(yet;worn & tattered a bit)
This was actually a little duet created seven years ago for my daughter who was at that time 3 years old singi
artist: Kandi Monet'
This is the Title of the Up and Comming Debut Album.
A tribute to Mothers and Grandmothers.
artist: UINE-T
Featuring Peoplez Martinez, Johnny Boy, Sick Rick, Victory In Progress as well as JB Blue
This is the completion of the message 'Lose Control!'. We will learn 'how' to give God the control in our live
Listen To These Words! A Touching,Uplifting Sermon By The Rev. Kev Montgomery!
artist: trinitychoir
Sermon for the Second Week of Easter 4-12-15 - John 20:19-31 "Peace be with you" - Rev Roger Prehn. Organ - Br
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*(Free D/L on* Live Instruments! Contact: for exclusive rights. 80 BPM Collaboration with Mike Miracle. Hook by Fudge
Groupie Luv (w) Hook By @YaBoyNakuu
Instrumentals with Hooks
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IN MY DREAM: I had a about this girl… In my dream this girl was so full of life She had a smile that could light up a room. This girl could laugh, this girl could cry, this girl could love. Love hard…. So hard……. She just wanted to be loved. . She was so determined to live her life like nothing was wrong. Her life was a sad sad song Her life gave people hope She gave people new meaning. She struggled so much to be the person we all know and love today. Through all her quarrels she gained her respect She tried to fight every battle, except her own. She d...
In memory of a dear friend Joey Blackman.: Moment Of Happiness If happiness only lies In a place we don't exist And only future days Are one's we miss If satisfaction never comes And dreams are unattained Then you sacrificed your happiness And only you're to blame The moment that we're living Should be lived with no regret Don't let reaching for the future Have you to obsessed Find happiness ,While you have your health, I always told you. The evidence from pleasing others is You may not please yourself. Joey I've known you 21 yrs since we worked together @ C.C.M and I so sorry you couldn't find you...
charles gichane
TOP 3 NBA FINAL PERFORMANCES. for the rest: ohn Hollinger Top 50 Finals Single Game Performances - 1. Michael Jordan, Bulls: 1997 Finals, Game 5 38 Points, 5 Assist, 7 Rebounds, 3 Steals and One Block Based solely on production, this game ranks high, but not at the top -- even after adjusting for pace and opponent, 15 other Finals games outrank it, including six by Jordan. But in terms of impact and obstacles, "The Flu Game" is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. For starters, this was the deciding game of the series. Tied at two games apiece heading into Game 5, the win in Utah's hostile Delta Center essentially clinched...
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