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Instrumentals with Hooks
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Track ten from The Disobedience Gene is the title track itself. The main vocal is from a speech that Charlton
The history of the USA from our perspective.
We interview Dr. Mads Gilbert, one of only two physicians allowed into Gaza during 'Operation Cast Lead' in 20
This "horror" track was written, directed and produced by Premodera. It chronicles the last days of a person w
artist: Infowars
Topic: Speech outside of the Bilderberg Group's recent meeting in Canada, June 2006.
artist: Jim Stotts
an experience that eventually/ between U & me & how we can all feel the past a bit of antique/ U can see
The Devil Hates Me Mixtape #loelyfe #feezyent #killuminati #perignonpro #snaregang #globalrapture #howboutdat
title: 9-11 call
beaten nearly to death by the police and then their attempted railroading of my life by trumped up charges nea
artist: Minuvash
Happy Birthday to the Sun is written by Hafiz Shirazi to greet the Sun that is born a new today that is DayMaa
artist: 333maxwell
911 calls of altercation in background between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. This audio was compressed
artist: Ari Lesser
Inspired by a quote from Pierre Joseph Proudon
artist: 1MC
by Mumia Abu-Jamal http://prisonradio.org/mumia.htm
title: Human Rights
This is us performing live at the One World Cafe in Halifax, NS (June 2006), at the end of our 1st cross count
artist: Rody Sousa
Cancion de alto contenido espiritual, tan solo siete (7) estrofas con preguntas tan simples, pero a la vez
Here you will find out what the 'Statue Of Liberty' is and the idea behind it.
A March, a metaphoric wiev of the modern times
artist: jerm man
"Die for Oil, Sucker", is a Jello Biafra spoken word from the first Gulf War. I put it to music in 2004.
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Funk
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charles gichane
Filling up your newsfeed, like weed in a loose leaf: They say love is one soul sharing two bodies, And jobs are just goals that we’ve turned into hobbies So I drive on life’s journey in my godly Bugatti Emitting thought waves with the power of tsunamis My mind is a jungle, welcome to Jumanji I flow like a funnel and get high like a bungee All about my bread, I’m hunting for lunch meat You ain’t making sense, you sound like a drunk tweet Filling up your newsfeed, like weed in a loose leaf Read and get higher than a kick from young Bruce Lee My greed is like fire, it burns but makes me the cool me My word is the grinder breaking dow...
Stranger Fly with Tentacles: I have opened a new band account for my spoken word project, Stranger Fly. You should go give it a listen http://www.soundclick.com/strangerfly facebook page is Http://www.facebook.com/strangerflypoet. Tenticular Genocide is working on a new album and a split with gifted youngster, Joel Nobody from Vitamin Seizure. Stranger Fly is compiling an album and also entering a three man dance with Corey from FERAL FANG media and Callahan from Colombian Necktie who also runs FLORIDA NOISE ORDINANCE RECORDS. Google that sh** . Get your fill of free audio before the end of the world....
Web of tentacles: Well I'm back, folks. It's been a while since the old Noise Gestapo has been active on this site. I am currently working on a spoken word album for Tenticular Genocide and a spoken word project called Stranger Fly. Stranger Fly is meant to be understood without the layers of noise and background that TG tracks containing poetry contain. Be sure to check back frequently for new tunes.
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