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Cease And Desist Trophy Hunting, Lest Someone Make A Trophy Out Of YOU. Got That? We Love You Cecil The Lion.
Doug Brown and Petter Hutton explore the implications of the HSR move towards the Presto Card system.
The history of the USA from our perspective.
Black Krishna, Matt and Niko Blaxxx on CKLN - PJD - Art and Change - Part 2 - 30-Aug-06
artist: Jim Stotts
me at a mall watching a big ole PU truck trying 2 park N between the white lines//easier said than done back u
artist: Minuvash
Happy Birthday to the Sun is written by Hafiz Shirazi to greet the Sun that is born a new today that is DayMaa
artist: 333maxwell
911 calls of altercation in background between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. This audio was compressed
artist: 1MC
by Mumia Abu-Jamal
artist: Rody Sousa
Cancion de alto contenido espiritual, tan solo siete (7) estrofas con preguntas tan simples, pero a la vez
title: Guerra
Kinda explanation about how war comes into our homes, by creating technologies that we use everyday Uma crí
artist: jerm man
"Die for Oil, Sucker", is a Jello Biafra spoken word from the first Gulf War. I put it to music in 2004.
artist: Capn' Woody
If you think we are living in the land of the free listen and then decide~
Instrumentals :: Gangsta
*(Free D/L on* Live Guitar! Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal! Contact: for exclusive rights. 70 BPM Collaboration with SinVstyle
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theresa loder
Beach Access 1 poetry and sounds of the gulf shore: Many travel far and near Just to come and sit In silence as we ponder How we are all a part of it Refresh your mind and soul/ reset your body rhythm as the conch echoes, waves crash and shore birds glide Mixed and mastered at Boggess Music and Sound by Gary Boggess
A Late White Christmas: Hi fam I hope you all enjoyed the snow as much as I did here in Atlanta. Go figure! Hope al of your dreams are coming true this year. Still working hard and must update my site soon. New things for the New Year. Comment back, I enjoy reading tham. Love Blackbeauty1
LOVE 2 M3: Can't be described, it can only be felt. It's that sudden feeling of goose bumps. That sudden chill that consumes you It's that lost of breathe. It's that ache in your heart With that sudden feeling of emptiness, when there not near. It's that fast beat that fills your chest With the sweaty palms, that is moist to their touch. It's that jittery feeling that you yourself can't explain And the feeling of joy when you hear their name Love to me…. Is that anxiousness you feel when they are near And that safety in your hea...
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