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artist: StepDaddyJ
IZK talking about the b*t*h as* ****as on Hastings ..
"His eyes" is the official second single taken from my forthcoming new album "Step to Adult" out on October 14
artist: Jim Stotts
the "American Dream" takes sweat and good ole hard work--school of hard knocks; I believe
The saga of Hamilton-born Ian Wilkie's struggle to keep his family together in the face of his wife's unreason
artist: Jim Stotts
wettest season ever---coulda been whiter
artist: Jim Stotts
a mixed bag- I've been part of all of it; a big environment
artist: Jim Stotts
A big reason why it got so big & how I got 2 B part of it /from back when I was a visiting kid--just over the
artist: Jim Stotts
I did it for 35 years(rush hr N D city)... away from it the last 5 or six years here hear(after 5 or six years
artist: Jim Stotts
Variety 4 me & pappy-that's R policy-no winter slumber with tiers of logs and scrap wood lumber.
artist: Jim Stotts
a typical day N some retired couples lives;I forgot 2 mention 2 my surprise a shop lifter that came flying by
artist: Jim Stotts
diff between me and bros; with me not all that gung-ho
"Turn Away" is the lead single from my forthcoming new album "Step to Adult" out on October 14, 2013!
artist: Jim Stotts
What's new--captives by depraved.....Takes eyes and ears 2 help these days; if not N backyards-- also N subway
artist: Jim Stotts
Life on D assembly line--hard workers & some friends of mine.Them 12 hrs a day and me part time.
Robert Allison, active in a variety of organizations, explains what happened on March 26 after he earlier offe
artist: Jim Stotts
Back when you had rural route black dial phones and party lines--like switch board operators, with a whisper o
artist: Jim Stotts
It's one thing to draw with a guy(pard); it's another to shoot him N D back & at D feet.
Zafar Bangash gives initial thoughts on the unfolding 'Via terror plot' in Canada.
Canadians have been getting poorer for a long time. Murray Dobbin makes the connection between the growth of c
CBG delegate Jim Manley, a former Member of Parliament who traveled aboard the Estelle in order to break the s
artist: Jim Stotts
on the day of the Boston Marathon tragedy; while watching CNN--got me to thinking about my daughter living on
artist: Jim Stotts
As I look around it's plain to see--some got it hard some got it easy.
artist: Jim Stotts
The point is the joints--for crying out loud.
Doug and James are a two-man transit department. Today, they discuss the fare increase and the LRT situation.
artist: Jim Stotts
an age old crutch--can't remember much; Alzheimer's and such(still a long way to the top)
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SHUT UP BEFORE Y’ALL JINX IT!! : What's good my blog readers? Trust me, I'm going to welcome the comments for this one. Alan I once again thank you in advance. Now let me get to the topic then I'll jump around like I usually do. To the Obama supporters: SHUT UP BEFORE Y'ALL JINX IT!! Look, I want Obama to win just like everybody on BET does, but good Lord, shut your mouth. Lets go back about, I don't know, 4 years ago, when it seemed like everybody in America wanted Bush out of office. What did "we" do? Put Bush back in for another 4 years. So shut up, before McCain gets in office. 4 years ago, Puff Daddy had the Vote or D...
The Day is finally here.: Guess, the promotional pics for Kala Sunshine has finally come to the end.. Its been a tough road, but in the end I am still Janie.. and that's all that matters.. I am Janie DaVila and within lies the Goddess, and as I stand before her I am Kala, Now.. I stand before you as I should.. ME. and doing Music for YOU and the Ancient Ones ! Blessed Ye Be!
Seasons Greetings To All: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! I wanted to say hello to everyone who stop by my page and please feel free to comment . I am still editing my page, so keep checking in. There is alot more of my talents I am going to share with you. I welcome all friends, so hit me up. I hope you like this Chrismas song, it's my friend, Blues Legend, Jesse James, on lead, Blackbeauty1 on backgrounds, and my daughter, Dasha McKisic Williams(www.soundclick.com/aquarianlyricist), and her friend, Shontay Sutton on the intro. Be blessed...
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