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Sarah Hipworth updates us on the situation of 3 War Resisters: The ongoing case of Kim Rivera, and the lesser-
artist: StepDaddyJ
IZK talking about the b*t*h as* ****as on Hastings ..
"His eyes" is the official second single taken from my forthcoming new album "Step to Adult" out on October 14
The saga of Hamilton-born Ian Wilkie's struggle to keep his family together in the face of his wife's unreason
"Turn Away" is the lead single from my forthcoming new album "Step to Adult" out on October 14, 2013!
Robert Allison, active in a variety of organizations, explains what happened on March 26 after he earlier offe
Zafar Bangash gives initial thoughts on the unfolding 'Via terror plot' in Canada.
Canadians have been getting poorer for a long time. Murray Dobbin makes the connection between the growth of c
CBG delegate Jim Manley, a former Member of Parliament who traveled aboard the Estelle in order to break the s
Doug and James are a two-man transit department. Today, they discuss the fare increase and the LRT situation.
From art to journalism, cultural production in the West has become tamed and manicured to the needs of the fin
Ted Hildebrant explains the need for a living wage, and not just a survival wage.
Salah Abdelrahman and Mozafer Rajabali explain the itinerary of Israel Apartheid Week 2013 and some of the com
title: Year 32!
What would you do with 32 minutes extra? Alan Griffiths discusses the campaign to reduce commute times in the
The United States has decided that you no longer need to see PressTV. Dave Lindorff, one of the North American
Doug and James discuss improvements in local transit, the budget, the gas tax, and more.
artist: Minuvash
Royal Iran Kasra Airships is written by Hafiz Shirazi. To revive law and justice in Iran I dream that we make
artist: Minuvash
Happy Birthday to the Sun is written by Hafiz Shirazi to greet the Sun that is born a new today that is DayMaa
Maximillian C. Forte does not let us forget about what happened in Libya - from the propaganda build-up to the
Maximillian C. Forte does not let us forget about what happened in Libya - from the propaganda build-up to the
artist: Minuvash
title: 09 Love
Love is a fascinating song written by Hafiz Shirazi more than 600 years ago in Royal Iran Shiraz. To revive la
artist: Minuvash
Three Kiss written by The Great Hafiz Shirazi more than 600 years ago in Shiraz Royal Iran. Unity is the root
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Lecrae Rebel review. Thumbs up or down?: 2 thumbs way way......UP! This CD is one of the most increbible Rap CD's I've heard in a good while. From song 1 to song 15, just straight up crazy. Is it a must buy, in my humble opinion, yes. Musically, I loved it. Originality is something I look for, especially in Christian music. A lot of Christian rappers think they have to use secular beats to get sales and to get people to listen. I disagree sir. I've always said and always believed that Christian rappers can and should use oringinal beats. If you need a producer, Great producer, and he's Christian. ...
mother said I was born wicked-page 46: Mother said I was born wicked, Life in a rhyme, Page 46 Christmas morning was now upon us And outside was white with snow, Santa Claus had long been gone At least who she was, we know. Everything seemed so joyful and still As I watched the Christmas lights flash, holding on tightly to my silver gun Wearing a plastic cowboy moustache. My brother had the smallest gun And was jealous so we started to fight, The big one’s mine I said to him Mummy put it on my bed last night. Well the chocolates kept him quiet As he filled up his tipper truck, With bounty’s, mars bars and toffees ...
theresa loder
Trading Spaces (chosen for " Embracing Our Differences " Exibit: Trading Spaces If you could be me And I could be you And we traded places For a week or two Then my perspective And your point of view Would change in ways Maybe many maybe few We'd realize Where our journey takes us It's the who what where why how That makes us But Since you are you And I am me We can only imagine What that change might be No matter where you go Or who you see You 'll always be you And I'll always be me Theresa Loder...
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