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artist: Jim Stotts
dropping out with adverse consequences 1/st//takes tough love and firm words more or less 4 some
Unusual Sources interviews Stan Raper from the UFCW. Stan describes the conditions faced by migrant agricultur
artist: Jim Stotts
pa the self-made man of the earth: made it look like fun while working N the dirt
We discuss the attack on Gaza with the newly-elected presidents of McMaster campus organizations, and what peo
artist: Jim Stotts
progress N D making; with a bit of re-arranging so's U don't forget(catchy/ uh?)
artist: Jim Stotts
true; and N the news(& how I looked up to him);still do and once as a kid
Ehab Lotayef reports on the dire situation in Gaza, and also the status of Gaza's Ark, which has been affected
Doug interviews Father Christopher Hartley who describes horrendous living conditions of Haitian workers on Do
Doug interviews Dr. Reverend Mervin Russell on the horrendous conditions faced by Haitian cane cutters in the
artist: Jim Stotts
trips and pics/ changes N months or days
artist: Jim Stotts
when out with strange airs/ like N pairs
artist: Jim Stotts
when cars drive themselves/ on the way they say/ not yet
James gives us a regional update, discussing the possibility of regional transit networks, and more. Transit d
artist: Jim Stotts
like the stock market/ lean not so green/ gotta go with the cash flow no mo
artist: Jim Stotts
as I speak/ coming UR way live/UR amateur forecaster
I can't write it except for what I just voice recorded - AIDS devastated so many lives, and yet, it was then t
I can't talk write it except for what I just voice recorded - AIDS devastated so many lives, and yet, it was t
artist: Jim Stotts
Insulation jest one of the variables that affects R environment/ an isolated component that manifested it's pr
Students voted overwhelmingly to join the BDS movement at a recent McMaster Students Union assembly. Two organ
David Heap, after commemorating his father, describes the sabotage of Gaza's Ark, and the efforts by activists
Mother Agnes-Mariam risks her life daily, negotiating between two warring sides in Syria. Now, you can learn a
Doug interviews Tyler Levitan of Independent Jewish Voices to discuss the upcoming Max Blumenthal book tour, a
artist: Jim Stotts
true, me at the dentist/4 sure let's shore it up(that loose tooth) beats a pull when came 2 that push
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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Funk
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9-11 a day we'll never forget: When it comes to the courage of women and men Our firefighters show it over and over again. Their bravery and caring must be a gift from heaven, Like it was on 9-11-01. They did what they had to do, They tried to save people just like me and you. But things didn’t work out too well, They were busy trying to save people when the buildings fell. Bravery and courage aren’t something you “get,” Its already part of these men and women we will never forget. Plans for a memorial have begun, But in our hearts we will remember each one. In my dreams, I wish I could give them all a kiss, An...
Blog for your reading pleasure prt 2: then shouldn’t it be wrong to act homo? But what really drove me nuts about that thread is that [Male Administrator] was having fun with it. Btw, “No One Else” by Kurt Carr is playing now. Let me tell you what [Male Administrator] said. He said “I asked (the person who posted the original thread) out a few months ago before I got married and he totally turned me down.” What the devil? I don’t care who you are, that’s nasty. This world is coming to an end. Gay’s getting married, people killing people, gas prices are high, Britney Spears is allowed to see her kids, I mean what’s next? Larry The ...
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