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Professor (Emeritus) Atif Kubursi is as excited as the rest of us that our protests, and the diplomacy at the
Brendan reads out the upcoming events for the week of September 18, 2013: a Sodastream boycott campaign with t
"Open my eyes" is the official fourth single taken from the forthcoming album "Step to Adult" due October 14!
Doug and Brendan comment on the rapid drive in the U.S. to escalate the war in Syria and the mounting oppositi
The proposed 'Line 9' pipeline reversal has been forced on residents to the point where it might as well have
Dave Lindorff [This Can't Be Happening] joins us to discuss critical issues in the Western world as our civil
artist: Vincent Nano
rec_eindhoven_bastards 02_Nov_2010_14_19_30
artist: Joe Hill
The inspiring legend of a great Patriot.
Kursheed Ahmed explains the event to commemorate the victims of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki here in
James Smith and Trevor Jenkins join Doug to reflect on the Burlington Forum on Transit and other issues.
Tom Cooper, the director of the Hamilton Roundtable on Poverty, explains the campaign to restore the link
Im Broke b*** Vol 2 (2011) Mixtape engineered by Dom P of Perignon Productions is the sequel to I'm Broke b***
The Devil Hates Me Mixtape #loelyfe #feezyent #killuminati #perignonpro #snaregang #globalrapture #howboutdat
Peerless consumer and citizen-rights advocate Ralph Nader warned about every single disaster America is facing
Jonathon Bullick discusses his new documentary on David Noble, a world-class critic of automation and the proc
We like to think that the danger of nuclear war has receded, but nuclear weapons are still a problem. Doug int
Doug and James discuss the upcoming Transit Town Hall meeting, and Mohawk College sustainability activist Trev
title: 9-11 call
beaten nearly to death by the police and then their attempted railroading of my life by trumped up charges nea
Yves Engler catches us up on his latest articles. Canada is picking fights all around the world, and it just c
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Melissa Boneau
Hello Old Friends and New Friends!: Haven't been here much since last summer, I've had so much going on! Anyway, I am back now and hopefully will have some time to invest in my musical interests. Looking forward to exploring all the new creative works here and maybe making some new contributions myself. God bless, Melissa
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NUBIAN: I am Nubian, Just look at my face, No need to be ashamed of your proud rich race, Take a look at my nose, It's shaped like a rose, Look at my lips, they ain't no tale from the crypts, The ears are like radio waves, picking up on knowledge I heard back in the days, The eyes are the door to the soul, Watch mystery////my-story as my beauty unfold, Now everyone across the land, Boys, girls, women, and also man Listen to the sound of the original plan, Now our destiny, was to live in peace, and not in the image of the Canaanite beast, We must give praise to the one above, Because it...
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