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Doug and James are joined by transit advocate, Don McLean from the Hamilton 350 Committee. They discuss how th
Stephen Gowans comments on the driving forces behind Canadian foreign policy. [Part 2 of 2]
Stephen Gowans comments on the driving forces behind Canadian foreign policy.
artist: Jim Stotts
it's a fact some of R high tech does save lives//like out running a hurricane(4 one)
artist: Jim Stotts
different morals different stories; we all have them(in time we found out R's was the needles in the pine)/ th
artist: Jim Stotts
me getting paid cab fare; didn't seem quite fair(out there N life)
artist: Jim Stotts
it's true; it's the buzz(couldn't prove it by me)/ must of slept through the whole danged tremble--those frack
'You've heard a lot about Temporary Foreign Workers, now come hear from them!' Blake McCall and Caitlin Craven
artist: Jim Stotts
should have practiced what pa preached/ that's a big catch 4 a savings
We interview author Michael Springate about his new book combining the War on Terror, citizenship, and Muslim
artist: Jim Stotts
relatively speaking//here hear is a comparison
Doug and James talk about the Hamilton LRT becoming a major election issue. Also, an update on transit issues
Doug interviews Gerry Deveau, National Director for Ontario of CUPW, about preserving home delivery and other
artist: Jim Stotts
enjoy it while U can; ho ho ho snow snow snow??some birds of feathers know better(more or less)
Doug and Brendan discuss an upcoming anti-war demonstration in Toronto (October 25).
Following recent media attention on Kobane, Zafar Bangash discusses the interactions of governments and Kurdis
artist: Jim Stotts
mobile students, workers--me too//it's nice to sit behind a Hemingway type writer with a peck peck here & a pe
artist: Jim Stotts
accident waiting to happen; accidentally off course
artist: Jim Stotts
an imperfect world no matter how you see or don't see it
artist: Jim Stotts
some jump to go to work some drag;is what is;4 some a losing battle
It's not just about saving Canada Post, but it's about improving Canada Post, as CUPW national rep. Mike Palec
artist: Jim Stotts
the patriotic thing to do when soldiers back from war(WW1 & WW2)//I remember that as a kid
title: The Big Move
Doug and James are joined by Hamilton activist and transit advocate Don McLean. Areas of discussion include
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King Aureli
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theresa loder
Trading Spaces (chosen for " Embracing Our Differences " Exibit: Trading Spaces If you could be me And I could be you And we traded places For a week or two Then my perspective And your point of view Would change in ways Maybe many maybe few We'd realize Where our journey takes us It's the who what where why how That makes us But Since you are you And I am me We can only imagine What that change might be No matter where you go Or who you see You 'll always be you And I'll always be me Theresa Loder...
Blogg: Jeg har allerede flere blogger, så jeg henviser bare videre: Norsk blog: English blog:
9-11 a day we'll never forget: When it comes to the courage of women and men Our firefighters show it over and over again. Their bravery and caring must be a gift from heaven, Like it was on 9-11-01. They did what they had to do, They tried to save people just like me and you. But things didn’t work out too well, They were busy trying to save people when the buildings fell. Bravery and courage aren’t something you “get,” Its already part of these men and women we will never forget. Plans for a memorial have begun, But in our hearts we will remember each one. In my dreams, I wish I could give them all a kiss, An...
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