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Professor (Emeritus) Atif Kubursi is as excited as the rest of us that our protests, and the diplomacy at the
Brendan reads out the upcoming events for the week of September 18, 2013: a Sodastream boycott campaign with t
"Open my eyes" is the official fourth single taken from the forthcoming album "Step to Adult" due October 14!
artist: Jim Stotts
Don't Let Your Senior Power Go Sour.
Doug and Brendan comment on the rapid drive in the U.S. to escalate the war in Syria and the mounting oppositi
artist: Jim Stotts
heck of a tech; I spect/ made N D blade
The proposed 'Line 9' pipeline reversal has been forced on residents to the point where it might as well have
artist: Jim Stotts
true when comes 2 care keepers few
Dave Lindorff [This Can't Be Happening] joins us to discuss critical issues in the Western world as our civil
artist: Vincent Nano
rec_eindhoven_bastards 02_Nov_2010_14_19_30
artist: Jim Stotts
take a break have a burger, at D company picnic; see ya there
artist: Jim Stotts
ma, pa, and us kids there a grabbing R favorite chair
artist: Joe Hill
The inspiring legend of a great Patriot.
artist: Jim Stotts
like musical chairs(shared)
artist: Jim Stotts
comes to retirement; travel while you can--so to speak
Kursheed Ahmed explains the event to commemorate the victims of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki here in
James Smith and Trevor Jenkins join Doug to reflect on the Burlington Forum on Transit and other issues.
Tom Cooper, the director of the Hamilton Roundtable on Poverty, explains the campaign to restore the link
Im Broke b*** Vol 2 (2011) Mixtape engineered by Dom P of Perignon Productions is the sequel to I'm Broke b***
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"Hello": Hello Soundclick Family I am delighted to be a part of this great site. I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully , establish some new positive relationships. I welcome your comments. My page is still under construction, so bear with me. I aspire to be a model and welcome any job opportunities!!! So hit me up at, Peace
Is Obama’s faith affecting your vote? : I know off the bat that this blog is going to tick some of you off. Some of you are going to cry and moan, but not tell me. Some of you are going to agree with what I'm going to say, but not tell me. And some of you already have exited the blog. Either way, this is all my opinion. I was chatting with my good friend PraiZe and this blog idea came to mind. So, with all that said, let's start the debate. Big Dusty, the floor is yours. Is it important what Obama's faith is? I guess to a point it is, but shouldn't it be his own business? Now people went in an uproar because of his name, but come...
something I posted on Myspace. I hope you enjoy...: (You Brought Me by J. Moss)<--this is songs that I'm listening to I'm starting to realize that the only friend on campus that I have, besides the Lord, is my CD Player. So Monday-Thursday, I hang out with my 2 friends, Jesus and my CD Player. One major problem that I have is when an opprunity shows up for me to start a conversation, I don't take advantage. Sometimes my mouth open to say something but nothing but bad breath comes out. So basically this is a habit I want to break. One praise report though. I stopped looking at women with dirty thoughts. I learned out to control my though...
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