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Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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In memory of a dear friend Joey Blackman.: Moment Of Happiness If happiness only lies In a place we don't exist And only future days Are one's we miss If satisfaction never comes And dreams are unattained Then you sacrificed your happiness And only you're to blame The moment that we're living Should be lived with no regret Don't let reaching for the future Have you to obsessed Find happiness ,While you have your health, I always told you. The evidence from pleasing others is You may not please yourself. Joey I've known you 21 yrs since we worked together @ C.C.M and I so sorry you couldn't find you...
TWO in ONE ??: Its not easy being in TWO places at the same time, but when the Will is there, and Magick is alive anything is possible.. I first started out doing Magick Music and when I got signed, I was left in a Choatic state of mind. Do I uphold the mainstream, or do I continue to do my Magick Music? Well it took a few years to decide and I was doing two types of music.. geez ~! Finally I realized I could do both, by actually changing a few things and I know I might have confused you, but I DID IT !! I gave the World.. Janie DaVila and "The Supreme" gave me back my Gift of Magick.. ! So I am here to ...
Melissa Boneau
Happy Holidays 2010!:

counter entry November 27, 2010 Hello Friends, here we are almost Christmas again. I've spent most of 2010 trying to turn my world uprightside again. Nearly there but have had too many distractions along the way...(continued on my band pages)...

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