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joey wrote this poem and it was published joey really felt this way!!: It’s about the hypocrisy the bureaucracy, dishonesty and the body politic. It’s their decisions about our judiciary and our commercial industry. Not so hard to see the manipulation of our society, through governmental indecision, its commissions to investigate for their missions, us the free. They appoint our Judiciary for law enforcement, who give endorsement to their “incarceratmental” behavior. Even as we labor, endeavor and never come to achieve our aspirations’. It’s them who placate our judiciary to participate in the enforcement of their agenda, while they pretend to defend the in...
christmas recipe yr round: Christmas Recipe Take a heap of child-like wonder That opens up our eyes To the unexpected gifts in life— Each day a sweet surprise. Mix in fond appreciation For the people whom we know; Like festive Christmas candles, Each one has a special glow. Add some giggles and some laughter, A dash of Christmas food, (Amazing how a piece of pie Improves our attitude!) Stir it all with human kindness; Wrap it up in love and peace, Decorate with optimism, and Our joy will never cease. If we use this healthy recipe, We know we will remember To be in the Christmas sp...
Giants do die, the bigger they are they harder they fall... : Hide the puppies it's Cruella! Hey everybody, hope y'all had a good week, I know I did. Before I get this blog started, there's a song that really describes the way I feel right now. You can check it out here at Now for the soon to be famous, maybe, blogging. So this past Sunday night we had a youth service at the church, but this wasn't your traditional youth service. It was more of a one night revival. If you watched the link I posted earlier, then you got what the hold night was about. if you didn't watch the video, the prea...
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