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The Unbeatables
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Who is God?: Who is God? What is God? How can we know God? Who is God? - The Fact The fact of God’s existence is so conspicuous, both through creation and through man’s conscience, that the Bible calls the atheist a “fool” (Psalm 14:1). Accordingly, the Bible never attempts to prove the existence of God; rather, it assumes His existence from the very beginning (Genesis 1:1). What the Bible does is reveal the nature, character, and work of God. Who is God? - The Definition Thinking correctly about God is of utmost importance because a false idea about God is idolatry. In Psalm 50:21, God reproves th...
Dark Angel and I sing together !: I just added a special song.. The Complete Second Season, Artist: Kevin Durnham Song: Picture, and Kala Background
MY DREAM: MY DREAM A girl with a dream is all I appear to be. Consumed to this dream, and how I yearn to succeed. Spellbound by the worldly clolut that ultimately turns me into a statistic. Penetrating for a reason, and an ultimate implication in this human race. But most significantly looking to our father, tolerantly waiting as I receive his grace. With his stamped approval, and amorous nature, I illustrate only to humanity a jovial face. A girl with a dream is all I appear to be. Fortitude is not my virtue; it's rather what I would be fond pf working on. ...
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