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Instrumentals :: Smooth
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Im NOT BLONDE ~! : I hope everyone understands, that I am in NO WAY, a blonde ! Many times, I love to play dress up, take pictures and see what happens and prehaps I can use them somewhere that will connect with any type of music. This ladies and gentlemen is callled PROMO SHOTS, as like many MODELS of today, used on magazine covers, albums, etc.. Its called good P.R. (public relations) to connect with one's Public and maybe all of this is worth the effort.. So please DO NOT THINK I am a BLONDE, or WHITE. I am an Amer-Asian, with N.A background.. ! If you want to see what I really look at, go to my Janie DaVila...
charles gichane
Filling up your newsfeed, like weed in a loose leaf: They say love is one soul sharing two bodies, And jobs are just goals that we’ve turned into hobbies So I drive on life’s journey in my godly Bugatti Emitting thought waves with the power of tsunamis My mind is a jungle, welcome to Jumanji I flow like a funnel and get high like a bungee All about my bread, I’m hunting for lunch meat You ain’t making sense, you sound like a drunk tweet Filling up your newsfeed, like weed in a loose leaf Read and get higher than a kick from young Bruce Lee My greed is like fire, it burns but makes me the cool me My word is the grinder breaking dow...
Basic Tenets : I guess, I got forced into a corner, and as I always say nothing is an accident,and meant to be.. So this may the time I have to start doing something aside the musical enchantation.. So why not.. This High Priestess, has been waiting long enough on that throne of wisdom.. its time to Awaken the Dead.. ( which means the Heart in Spirit and teach the mind to start thinking on its own) Here are some Basic Tenets of Wicca. 1. Know Yourself 2. Know your Craft 3. Learn. 4. Apply knowledge with wisdom. 5. Achieve balance. 6. Keep your words in good order. 7. Keep your thoug...
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