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Sin V Style
Instrumentals :: Hardcore
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dads pic: Dads picture on the wall has a never ending life His eyes are always moving as he watches all of us a promise infinity Momma framed it for all yrs before but all tears were never cried He's still with our family though we've grown up and apart there's still love, sincerity Dads looks never change as he watches over me I love that grand ole picture though he's lived more years than I have His love still embraces me Dads picture on the wall til we meet in heaven Your Daughter Amy always and forever....
close your eyes: Close Your Eyes Close your eyes, rest your head A moment of peace before you go to bed A moment of warm, a moment of calm Midnight harbour keeps you free from harm I see the moonlight reflect upon smooth silky hair Feeling so good to know that you are there Tracing the moonline shadows with the slightest of touch Never too little, never too much Just lie safe, just for a while Just turn slight, so I can see your smile Bring to an end what was from the start Feel as I warm your frozen heart Out of the chaos away from the light Blows the stars, with a sigh, out for ...
Is there an argument for the existence of God?: The question of whether there is a conclusive argument for the existence of God has been debated throughout history, with exceedingly intelligent people taking both sides of the dispute. In recent times, arguments against the possibility of God’s existence have taken on a militant spirit that accuses anyone daring to believe in God as being delusional and irrational. Karl Marx asserted that anyone believing in God must have a mental disorder that caused invalid thinking. The psychiatrist Sigmund Freud wrote that a person who believed in a Creator God was delusional and only held those beliefs ...
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