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title: School Girl
Bob Keenan,with folk guitar and Joe LaManna on bass pictured.
artist: Evan Paul
title: THE PARTY
I wrote this way back in the 70's when I first saw Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke. I recorded it in 2004. Fina
artist: Cosmos II
About a lover who arrives mysteriously and then vanishes
artist: Dennis Paul
Social networking Rockin theme song, for all us FaceBook and MySpacers (just to name a few) ... it's a One-Of-
Delicious, wet notes pour from Gary's SG Custom, The Black Assassin.
artist: Doomtrain
Classic Rock, FREE download, a journey thru a weary mind !
Original version of this song. Ken MacLeish, bass ... George Tate, backing vocals ... GPH, lead and backing vo
Written back in the late 70s be J.G. Lewis and Steve Rae.. Copyrighted 1976 Match Records/RSProductions
artist: Bellegante
A New Version & A Bit Better.......
Rock 'I Can Do It' Anthem
title: Interfere
Matthew Scott--Harpsichord, piano, synthesizers, lyrics; Andy Dofner--Trained vocal; John Pfeifer--Cynical voc
artist: Haven (USA)
title: Hold On
Out of sight but never out of heart, "Hold On" chronicles the journey of two soulmates brought together to ful
artist: Jossh
title: ComingAlive
Plain unpolished rock tune
title: Revolution
My views about what's going on today.
title: Oh, Veronica
Charlie Tucker's original tune, (Whoa) Oh,Veronica; performed by Clutch Draggin' & the Lug Nuts. Yep, that's C
Peter MacIntyre Vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
'It's a great rocker, This is a remixed version.
artist: PURE xxx
title: Fairy Tale
just listen
artist: Zythum
Dr Idiot & The Stupid Machine - from Purple Iron Hat album
title: Last Day
Better version of "Next Day" Had a wicked cold when I sang it, and there's no solos in the middle yet. Work
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more kitties: more kitties we got a million kitties i am not sure where they all came from but today i found five baby kittens under a berry bush in the front yard they were calling for their mother who was nowhere in sight i waited an hour or so and no mommy kitty could be found so i took the kitties into the house so the noon day sun would'nt kill them gonna be 110 today about an hour after i took te kitties inside i saw the momma cat looking for her babies she is a Ferrel cat i reckon well any way i thought she should be with her babies i said kitty kitty and she came close enough to grab so i did! it w...
decaying orbit
Ifurin: Decaying Orbit has almost finished Recording their third full length album they have titled 'Ifurin'. The 17 song album has taken around 7 months to record. The album will be released by Decaying Enterprises and Their is no official release date set at this time. The process for recording this album was a crazy one to say the least, we wanted a darker sound that was still hard enough to be Decaying Orbit. Over all I think the album holds up well to it's predacessor 'Noizez From The Morgue' - the main differences being that the sound is darker and smoother, although it still has it's moment...
jeffrey michael miller
Shadows Edge !!: Found a band on here I just heard for the first time when I was browsing and listening to some metal. Shadows Edge is the name of the group and they rock pretty hard..!! Check em out if you get a chance...!!
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