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Smooth rock with soul; a journey, an enduring of a long process until a great end has been reached. Come follo
artist: Dwibbit
title: Wind Chimes
mastered with headphones.
artist: Rasmuth
An intelligent rocker that lusciously embraces the Rasmuth vibe!
artist: Victor Snow
You Cannot Save Us - Written and recorded by Victor Snow.
artist: Evan Paul
A vocal love song in a backdrop of social injustice. A story of a poor couple trying to make ends meet and dre
artist: Kim Riemer
A ballady type song, I added some lyrics and a vocal to the previous instrumental version.
artist: Oestrogenix
One we have been working on for a while, still coming together.
artist: Alex Kriukov
A gentle finger picked acoustic melody adding atmospheric electric guitar lines and fast strumming, culminatin
artist: Bub Roberts
"Bub Roberts alla chitarra solista e' davvero un alter ego di Mark Knopfler"!!! (Say what, I don't think so)
artist: Bulb
title: Lullaby
Wrote this at a very late hour, it has a really chill vibe to it, i want to expand on this for sure! Also did
Heavily influenced by the style of The Doors.
artist: EMSEO
Written By: Al Batchelor and Joe Pagano Recorded in early 90's on 4-track cassette Lead Vocals: Al Batchelor
Ode to the School girls with perfect hair and RED lips
artist: 70x7
title: COLD RAIN
Written as a 9/11 tribute, this song celebrates the lives of those who died on September 11, 2001 at the World
artist: Grip-rox
easy and pop-folky ....
artist: Mark Kaufman
title: Eldorado
An apocalyptic journey into the heart of weirdness.
artist: Mae
From the album, "Destination: Beautiful," in stores now on Tooth & Nail Records
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Haven (USA)
Rock General
"Proud Soldiers"
If you like a strong female vocalist fronting your rock then this band will appeal to you. Not heavy metal, not hard rock, this band brings a fresh new face to the world of melodic rock.
JBE Pickups (aka Joe Barden) Soapbars P90:
DL Free
OHM: ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!: MARCH is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the "On Half Mast" release. I WANT TO THANK LISTENERS FOR RETURNING SO MANY OF the SONGS TO THE SOUNDCLICK CHARTS! Faithful, Children's Children, Is Our Love, And Move Up and Perfect Match Black were all on my debut CD. Visit for download sites. 03-18-08 SOUNDCLICK CHARTS INFO Faithful # 1,387 in Blues (highest position was 605). Total songs: 27,165 / # 648 in Blues Rock (highest position was 211). Total songs: 9,459 Children's Children # 2,661 in World (highest position was 1,464). Total songs: 64,644 / # 452 in New Age (highest posi...
BRIAN'S RECENT TOUR CAPTIVATES FANS AND CRITICS ALIKE: Many fans and critics are still praising Brian's recent shows as his best performances to date. Performing the complete Pet Sounds album as well as his biggest hits, Brian and his band, brought houses down in California, London and the east coast for a riveting set of performances. As an added bonus, Al Jardine performed on many of the dates, making the shows even more special.
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